The Enchanting Empress Dowager Is Really Poisonous

Chapter 1 Part1

t.i.tle : 蛇蝎太后之夫君妖娆

( The Enchanting Empress Dowager is Really Poisonous)

(Mask of the Empress Dowager)

Author : 我非主角 ( Wo Fei Zhu Jue)

Translator : Cubbyfox

Editor : Waiting



Feng Yu Dynasty, Weiyang Palace!

Gorgeous gilt palace, glazed tile, red lacquer, carved pillars, tall and st.u.r.dy, gorgeous and majestic.

Suddenly, someone screaming from the cold place: “Ah! Help! The Empress dowager is alive!”

The guard at the door heard this but they did not move at all just standing in there like a piece of wood,

A few moments ago, a man with bright Golden clothes rushed in, all the servant bowed: “Long life for the emperor!”

The emperor didn’t look at them, but rushed in, and soon there was a roar, followed by a very loud slap.


“Your highness!”

The Weiyang Palace inner palace was smashed everywhere.

The tall and handsome emperor embraced a pitiful woman (Lei Wei), and Give a hard slap to The woman (Leng Jingshua) , and the gorgeous palace becomes silent an instant.

The woman (Leng Jingshua) fell on the ground and she not moving. The emperor very Angry when he see the woman (Leng Jingshua) in the ground. The disdain in his eyes was very deep “Leng Jinghua! Doing this will only make me more disgusted with you! Advise you to restraint yourself otherwise i will not be merciful to you!”

“Your Majesty…” The woman (Lei Wei) who was in his arms was tremble, and the look like a frightened deer immediately made the emperor feel very distressed. He coldly swept the eyes of the house and left the woman (Leng Jingshua).!



As soon as the emperor left, the old eunuch who was squatting on the side hurriedly rushed over and help the woman on the ground. Only then did he see a pool of blood on the ground, and her face was covered with blood, and the pale face. His face Instantly pale: “Come on! call the imperial doctor, Call the Imperial doctor!”

Immediately someone rushed out, the old eunuch, looked at the pitiful Empress Dowager, his heart keep drumming. He use his hands to test her breath. In an instant, the whole person was stiff, and panic, He talk limply: “The Empress Dowager…has died…”

“What?” A group of maid see him with disbelief. But, They feels the sadness, the sound of crying and mourning all over palace!

Leng Jingshua finally got a little conscious, what she heard was the sound of mourning, she sneer in her heart, is she really going to the heaven? But the pain in the forehead and cheeks told her very clearly that she was still alive, opened her eyes, and smacked in the air: “Cry for what? Why I haven’t died yet?”

Everyone stop crying and silent for a moment. Looking at the Empress Dowager still live and sound , everyone suddenly broke into happiness. They very excited and said “Great! The Empress Dowager is fine!”

“Great! NiangNiang is fine!”

Empress Dowager? Niangniang? Also what with this clothes. Leng Jingshua eyes are twitch, isn’t this dress worn by actors while dancing at a palace party?

She just wanted to ask, But, suddenly a eunuch, with pale face, scarlet lips, two tear marks on his face, thick fat powder instantly come in front of her: ” Empress Dowager!”

A trembling mouth, feels cold and suddenly her head felt dizzy, and then the gorgeous lady fainted, she do not know because it was disgusted or because of excessive blood loss!

a scarlet mouth, Leng Jiu suddenly felt a whirl coldness, Then the gorgeous beautiful lady fainting.

she doesn’t know if it’s because it’s disgusting or because of losing a lot of blood.!

On a luxurious and extraordinarily large bed, her face was pale and still lying in bed. Her Sharp eyes swept over a row of palace eunuchs in front of the bed

“Do you know who I am?”

“The Empress Dowager!”

“Where is this?”

“Weiyang Palace!”


“Feng Yu Dynasty!”

Feng Yu Dynasty? Leng Jiu almost bite her tongue, Although she does not read history, it seems that there is no such dynasty in history?

She clearly remembers that she was inside the cruise ship to meet someone, But Suddenly something happens, The whole ship exploded, Even her bones were crushed, and buried in the ocean.

That means she is should be dead. And Now she is Transmigrated. The eye of the phoenix, the infinite style, She has always been a good person, Since born again here, Then turn on her own world here!

There are a hundred gardens behind Weiyang Palace. It is filled with countless precious flowers. There are special people to train, all the year round, Beautiful. Leng Jiu – she likes it here in an instant.

At the moment, in the garden, A magnificent chaise longue was placed in the empty courtyard, a bright red figure leaning on it. Her Hands support her sleepy head, she has a clear face, a demon-like face, The skin is white and rosy, and the facial features are exquisite and elegant. And because the phoenix’s eyes and red lips are like smiling, there is a tempting atmospheres.

A very silky hair hanging to the ground, have beautiful and graceful curves. The breeze blows, the gauze floats, Faint skin, The face of seductive and pure coexistence, Encourage, Inspiring!

The ladies on the side secretly looked at the people on the chaise longue. She can’t help but marvel at the heart, the original face of Empress Dowager can be so beautiful!

Lu Gonggong (Eunuch) came and saw that the person in the chaise longue was satisfied. He always knew that his queen was the most beautiful, but the emperor would not appreciate it. If there is a way to make the emperor see this, Humph, He will realize he is stupid and regret it, right?

A Eunuch, took a blanket and covered her, and whispered, “NiangNiang! Li Wei come to See you!”

Leng Jiu slowly open her eyes, Under long lashes, there is a beautiful clear gla.s.s pupil that is incomparable, winked, there seemed to be a flash of light. The Eunuch don't dare to look straight; seeing Lu Gonggong's face in front of her, her eyes can’t stand and twitch : “Didn’t I say you were three feet away from me next time?”

Lu Gonggong's old face covered with fat powder showed a feeling of grievance, but he still retreated three times: "Can the Empress Dowager see Li Wei?"

Leng Yan rested her head on the pillow and Give him a blank eye “Li Wei? Who is she?”

"It's the Empress Dowager, you lost your memory. a woman who is ready to punish one day. But later was saved by the emperor , Also He hit you with a slap, It hurts you to lose your memory!" Said that Lu Gonggong (Eunuch) was angry, as if he was being beaten like her.

Leng Jiu said with her red lips : “So, i should see her”

“That slaves will take her in, let the Empress Dowager deal with her!”

Leng Jiu raised her hand and forehead, and moved hair covering his forehead, a little wound was revealed, although the doctor said after falling incidentally that this would not leave a scar, but it has not disappeared yet. Very ugly, this face was smashed by someone, since reborn until now, She is most satisfied with this face, but unfortunately there is such a thing. do you see how bad it is?

Hearing the sound behind her, she lowered her hair.

“Chen qie Greet The Empress Dowager!”

Leng Jiu lazy leaning on “Come to me!”

After a while, then a 17-year-old woman came over and bowed respectfully to her.

Leng Jiu and looked at her up and down. Then said, “You are the most favorite woman of Long Hao?”Please, Visit me and leave a comment to Cubbyfox[Dot]site.


-The Empress Dowager = Leng Jingsua = Leng Jiu

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