The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World

Chapter 251 (END) - The Alien Spacecraft Took Off?

Chapter 251: The Alien Spacecraft Took Off?

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Did Tuesday have a backup plan?


It had been left behind a few days ago.

At that time, in order to monitor the network in real-time, Tuesday had already left a basic subroutine process behind.

It also encompassed the monitoring of missile launches from the United States and nearby submarines.

At this moment, Tuesday’s consciousness had already begun to shift.

Therefore, the subroutine took over all the remaining computing power of the server.

“Sir! I am a subdivision of Tuesday’s consciousness. I have detected that the Japanese submarine has launched a missile. The target is our island!”

A mechanical voice came out of Raymond’s earpiece.

“Oh, nothing to worry about!”

Raymond had expected this.

After all, Tuesday had once threatened the White House.

If the White House did not retaliate at this time, it would not be the United States.

The world’s police were not very benevolent.

After waiting for a few minutes, the subdivision sent another message.

“Sir, the United States’missiles have also entered the launch orbit. Many fighter formations have taken off.”

“Okay, inform Alice to get rid of all of them!”

“Yes, Sir!”

The subdivision immediately carried out the order.

In less than a second.

The cabin door of the droplet immediately closed automatically.

At the same time, the droplet began to take off.

At the same time, the program team’s director noticed the droplet moving.

The netizens’ speculation and the director were also constantly paying attention to it.

It was not impossible for the White House to attack Raymond.

However, after more than ten days of brainwashing, the director had completely believed in Raymond’s strength.

He did not think that Raymond was sitting still or that there was no way out.

Therefore, he began to pay close attention to the abnormality on the island.

The departure of the alien spaceship did not miss his eye.

He immediately split the screen of Raymond’s live broadcast.

The departure of the alien spaceship was something that needed to be seen by all the netizens.

[Motherf*cker! Why is this alien spaceship taking off?!]

[I think this spaceship took off most likely to resolve the issue of the missiles and fighter jets!]

[Hehe! Do you think the aliens would be so kind?! The spaceship’s AI probably acted out of self-preservation!]

[Do you think it’s possible that the Thunder God has already taken control of this spaceship and sent it to deal with the missiles?!]

[He is indeed amazing, but to control the alien’s spaceship in such a short period of time would be too much for even him!]

[No! Oh! Oh! Do you really believe that these missiles and fighter jets are there to deal with Thunder God? Is the White House that stupid? Thunder God is the beacon of our civilization!]

[Whatever beacon of human civilization you are, you are threatening my safety, I will definitely end you! I guess that’s what the White House thinks!]

[Stop speculating, I think the United States is just posturing! We in Korea wouldn’t do such a stupid thing, and the United States definitely wouldn’t do it! ]!]


At this moment, in Jelly Media’s live broadcast room.

Seeing so much information, Nelson immediately began to think carefully.

No one else should know that Raymond once left the island.

After all, the information in Area 53 was still classified.

However, since Raymond could leave the island, it meant that Tuesday had already threatened the United States.

The United States’ intentions were very clear. It was because they could not control Tuesday.

Therefore, the United States chose to kill Raymond and the others.

“Everyone, in my opinion, I think the missiles and fighter jets launched by the United States are headed for the island where Raymond is!

“As for whether Raymond can defend against it or not!

“I can also tell you clearly that it can be done!

“Moreover, I can also say that the island where Raymond is will not be harmed at all!”

“Okay, I’m done!”

After saying that, Nelson sat down.

When he left Area 53, Nelson knew that Raymond had a droplet.

Later on, he learned from Patrick that Raymond already had control over the water droplet.

Such a spaceship actually had its own weapons.

It was simply too easy to deal with human missiles.

Even if the weapons on the spaceships were faulty…

The sheer durability of the armor could handle it.

Many netizens heaved a sigh of relief.

Unknowingly, Raymond had affected everyone’s nerves.

His safety affected everyone’s emotions.

Although these netizens were cold and cruel…

But at that crucial moment, empathy returned to them.

[He was wrong on the first line!]

[I agree with the Professor’s thoughts! Thunder God is so smart, how could he not take precautions!]

[Thunder God is smart, but he doesn’t know that he’s in a program now!]

[it’s exactly what I thought before. Thunder God already knows about the program team!]

[So, the United States wants to kill him directly because he’s too dangerous?]





Although they had already discovered the energy cube.

However, they still had no way of interfacing with it.

After all, things like the energy cube could not be cracked by physical means.

The importance of an energy cube could be classified as the highest level in China.

An energy cube could provide everyone in China with energy for 1,000 years.

Su Chen wanted very much to use this clean energy source.

Moreover, once this was done, Su Chen’s status would rise rapidly.

Thus, Su Chen didn’t wish for Raymond to lose his position.

After all, he still hadn’t figured out how to crack the energy cube in his hands!

“F*ck the White House, how can they do such a thing!”

Joseph was extremely furious!

In Joseph’s eyes, Raymond was already infinitely close to the level of a god.

After all, Raymond was amazing.

Joseph had no choice but to admit defeat.

However, they soon saw a turn for the better.

“Hey! Why is the alien’s spaceship on Raymond island taking off? Could it be…”

Su Chen asked, “Could Raymond be deliberately testing the alien’s spaceship’s ability?”

“Testing?” Joseph smiled. “I think so! He won’t test it himself until he’s in the pilot’s seat itself!”

The departure of the spaceship was soon transmitted to the conference room of the White House.

Some people were already regretting it!

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