The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: The Whisper Of The Demons

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Lord Yongye? Truth to be told, the name came from a joke-like declaration.

TL: Yongye means eternal night

“The Holy Light is inextinguishable just like the sun, its radiance will forever shine upon the masses? Since I have already been abandoned by the Holy Light, then let me drown the world in an eternal night.

Betrayed by the Holy Church I was loyal to and losing my family and my kingdom, I cursed the Holy Light that I believed in. I promised to bring about a new order to the continent and sweep the corrupted kings into the annals of history.

“Since you all decided to do turn your backs on our alliances for the benefit your kingdoms, betraying my kingdom and my citizens, then in return, I shall destroy your kingdoms.”

Fine, I know I sound very chuuni, but don’t everyone have a dark history that they hope to erase?

A chuuni is scary, but a chuuni Transcender who have the backing of a golden system is even more scary.

The Evil Lich System grants me point based on how significant my actions are in causing a divergence in cause and effect of the world. Playing pranks don’t have much of an effect on the world, thus the rewards are limited. But, if I decided to bring about death and destruction, I would be granted endless points and these points would allow me to grow stronger to create more calamities.

What else can bring more death and destruction than a battle for the world?

Fine, a war. A war that destroys everything.

Just like how the epics on the surface records, the nameless Undead Lord summons his unyielding army of undead. The black wings of the Blood Tribe cover the rays of the sun on the horizon and eternal night descends upon the world.

In the endless night, the undead dances on the battlefield and the frenzied Black Knights start a competition on hunting human heads. When a tinge of white starts appearing on the horizon, the sea of skeletons has already arrived on the shore and the long night of blood fest has arrived.

On the battlefield, following the creeping of death, my strength and army expands like a rolling snowball and eventually, I became the only SemiGod Undead Emperor in recent times.

Undead Emperor — Lord Yongye, became the nightmare of the living.

Under the Undead Calamity, four great empires with a millennium of history behind them ended and 3 communal countries and 6 kingdoms were swept into the pile of rubbish in history.

No one was able to comprehend how Lord Yongye got stronger throughout the battles, how he gained sufficient magic power to control his great 10 million army and how he gained sufficient strength to command his 10 Undead Lords.

Finally, the sea of unless undead swallowed everything. After Lord Yongye’s army destroyed the alliance army organized by the Holy Church, everyone thought that the age of the living was coming to an end and the age of the undead was about to arrive.

Then, a sudden news spread across the entire world, causing a frenzy of joy among everyone.

Lord Yongye was assassinated, the Undead Army has collapsed!

‘The Red Lotus Hero’ Adam.Han became famous overnight.

The entire Eich continent sung praises of this name, the elderly raised their cups to pray that this heroic name remained permanently etched in history while the middle-aged sung praises of his heroic epic. The young and the children saw him as their future goal and idol.

A calculation after the incident, if it wasn’t from the hero who seemed to have walked out from a fairy tale, Adam.Han, and his crew slaying Lord Yongye, the entire continent’s population would very well be 30% of what it is.

At this very moment, the legendary hero seemed like a kid who was fooled, his face full of anger.

“Hey, I am already dying so you should just tell the truth. That incident, did you go easy on us? Why was the defense team so empty? Why were the royal guards Red Hunting Hounds thousands of miles away? Why was there not a single Lord-level Undead around you? Why did you who have attained the powers of SemiGod lose to a bunch of Legend like us?”

TL: Undead Lords are Myth-rank, just 1 rank below SemiGod.

I hesitate from a moment then, decides against saying the truth.

“Well, don’t you know reviving after death would cause one to lose a portion of their memories? I have already forgotten those stuff.”

In reality, after destroying a few of the kingdoms who turned their back on us and incidentally, destroy the main church of Holy Light who betrayed my motherland, the West Mist Communal Country, my anger has subsided quite a deal. At least, I was more rational.

Slightly envisioning what was going to happen, if the Yongye army continues to push forward, what would be left is only endless death and destruction.

At that moment, it was already hard for me to halt the movement…

As my subordinate Undead Lords were enthusiastically talking about building a country and how to convert the entire Eich continent into a haven for the undead, the Yongye army which comprises a few hundred Undead Lords wasn’t something I could stop alone.

Thus… As the leader of the alliance, I naturally had to pass away. On top of that, I left a will saying that only those who found the emblem of my kingdom, Eternal Night Scepter of Authority, can become the symbol of the next Undead Emperor.

“God weapon, Eternal Night Scepter of Authority, the symbol of the King of the Undead. This is said to be a personal possession that Yongye keeps safely with him. It is said that the great secrets of the Emperor are concealed within but to date, the scepter has yet to appear on the stage of history.” Illustrations of God Equipment by Tower of Ten Thousand Magic, that’s how they introduced the Eternal Night Scepter of Authority.

Of course, as I died too hurriedly, I didn’t manage to voice out what exactly is the Eternal Night Scepter of Authority and thus, the Undead Lord started suspecting each other for possessing it… Who said that undead don’t have desires? Strength and authority are worshiped by all intelligent beings.

Well, I won’t elaborate too much about what happens after. An outburst of internal conflicts led to the end of the Undead Calamity and the current Country of Undead, Xiluo Empire, over half of its 12 greatest Undead Lords are old acquaintances of the alliance army.

“Hehe, there is even a legend that says that whoever who obtains the Eternal Night Scepter of Authority will become the next Undead Emperor. But what a pity, the legend is destined to be a lie because… Eternal Night Scepter of Authority doesn’t exist!”

Yes, even the title, Lord Yongye, originates from a joke, so how is it possible for there to be such a bizarre God Equipment in the world, everyone was fooled by me.

After succeeding in my revenge, I had no more goals. After changing another body, I would be a reborn man.

Initially, I intended to start all over after reviving, accumulate my strength and wait for the supposed “game events” to unfold while awaiting the return of my dumb younger brother.

However, the only thing that was unplanned was that the Saint Margaret managed to see through my ploy. She knew that it was hard for a Lich to be totally killed and thus, she sealed by horcrux, restraining me.

Sulfur Mountain City was originally a plot of barren land that they decided to live in but after a few refugees came, this became the start of the city we knew.

In the underground world where danger lurks, the protection of the strong is more important than anything else. At the least, they wouldn’t end up the prey of slave merchants or the food of wild beasts.

As expected, Adam that fellow was warm-hearted in helping others while Margaret willing did anything Adam was agreeable to. As for Little Red, she was happy upon finding a new toy, which was me, and decided to help out as well.

Eventually, more and more refugees came seeking protecting and slowly, Sulfur Mountain Village took shape and after hundreds of years, the small village before has evolved into the renowned city of paradise.

Thus, the 3 bored and idle fellows became known as the three heads of the city. Adam became the lucky charm City Lord, Margaret was forced to govern the Internal Affairs while Little Red still continues her sleep, occasionally waking up to cause everyone some trouble.

After watching enough of them fumbling around, the equally idle me, using my knowledge from both worlds, created a set of governing and law system which sustained until present date.

Watching the Lich in front of him who was playing with his finger bones, Adam gave a deep sigh.

Following the mainstream view of Eich continent, the Holy Light and Law that belongs under the Order and the Death and Destruction that belongs under the Chaos should be like oil and water. The moment one was born of a certain race, his faction was already decided.

“When we heard that you wanted to become the Supreme Judge and take charge of the law and order, we all thought you were joking. I didn’t expect that you would really succeed. For Sulfur City’s famous judicial system that is praised as the masterpiece of the Order faction to be created by a Lich who was the embodiment of chaos and death, even if we advertise this, I doubt anyone would believe it.”

The Lich in front of Adam’s eyes was even more incomprehensible.

If we say that he was a good person, he single-handedly created countless tragedies as the evil incarnation of chaos, the undying Lich. If we say that he was a bad person, then in this hundred years of living together, he surprisingly didn’t do any astonishing evil deeds and instead, he was the one upholding justice and striking down on the evil.

For the Blood Tribe and the Elves who are blessed with longevity, they tend to live with a slow tempo while giant Dragons and Undead are even more known to have no concept of time. Normal races with short lifespan cherish their short time and busy themselves and after reaching the 50 mark, their spiritual tiredness and pain makes them sluggish and idle.

Humans are social creature, leaving the group would only make one an eccentric loner.

Someone once did a calculation, no matter how kind and upright a mage was before turning into a Lich, after hundreds of years of leaving the community, in the eyes of outsiders, the corruption by black magic would make one turn eccentric and evil.

Even an undying warrior like Adam has finally reached a day where he felt sick of living but the Lich in front of his eyes, unlike his other brethren who were solemn, he lives energetically and creates new trouble every day.

“Weirdo… Truthfully, I really admire you at times.”


“…Incantation of Law and Law Incantationer, your Codex of Origin could provide the strong an opportunity to job advance as a Justice Knight, Law Incantationer or Judgementor. This means that the Origin of Order have approved of your energy of Law. As the creator of an energy of Order that is equal to the Holy Light, you should have had a glimpse of beyond the boundary.”

Hearing that, I was stunned. I seem to have underestimated the man in front of me. As expected of someone who climbed his way step by step to become a SemiGod warrior. He seemed to also have felt the boundary, the one that belongs to the realm of gods.

My eyes swim to the side as nonsense floated to the tip of my tongue but seeing how Adam’s lifespan was reaching its end, after hesitating for a slight moment, I decided to tell him the truth in account of our relationship for countless years.

“Hoho, death grants me endless power and the Undead are born lacking something, causing Undead to never be able to step foot into that realm. After reviving once again, I can probably reach that realm.”

“Is that worth it? Death takes away your body, power… and also your memory. How much of your past will you remember? Will you still remember the days we went adventuring?”

“Evelyn, Karwenz, Father…” Numerous faces floated across my mind but these face which were etched onto my brain was mostly incomplete…

However, I won’t regret it. At the least, I have already avenged them. As for memory or whatsoever, it is sufficient as long as we live in the present. If we keep remembering the past, we will only grow weak. It is pointless.

“Of course it is worth it, my ambitions are like the sea of stars. My Codex of Justice will one day overtake the lame power of Holy Light.”

“Hah, I am really envious of your liveliness. Then, I would be at ease leaving Sulfur Mountain City to you.”

An overdose of shock took me few minutes before I reattached my fallen lower jaw bone.

“Stop joking! Where can you find a prisoner becoming their own jailer! Don’t dream about being an irresponsible jailer!”

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