The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Dragon-slaying Blade

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That is a black-colored blade.

The blade which is as thick as the smallest finger is filled with black rust and there is not a sliver of reflection of light from it. Rather than a weapon, it seems more like a rusty knife used for cutting vegetables.

However, looking at the rust, it is already an unusable lump of metal.

But I know that this is only an illusion a God Equipment creates. As seen from how I accidentally split apart the frame of my bed and my pinky finger, the sharpness of this blade is unfathomable.

?Otherworldly God Weapon: Dragon-slaying Blade?

In my system, it implies that this blade is a well-known dragon-slaying god equipment but it was a pity that what follows it was just a short explanation.

?It was created by the otherworldly precious material, Nine Heavens Dark Metal. It is exceptionally sharp?

That’s it. Just like that.

Yes, it is that simple an explanation. Even a normal fruit knife would at least have ?Attack Power: 0-1 Durability: 1 Sharpness against fruits +1? kind of effect explanation, yet this obviously extraordinary otherworldly God Equipment had such a simple description.

In reality, the otherworldly God Equipment that I obtained through the system’s lottery system have the same kind of problem. As they aren’t an existing item in this world, the laws of the world are unable to analyses them and thus, my system naturally is unable to do anything to them.

If it cannot be analyzed, it cannot be used. Then, no matter what kind of glorious history of past they have, if I am unable to call out their true name, it can only probably serve as a slightly bigger fruit knife.

Then, it is just plain useless…

Initially, these otherworldly God weapons are just a bunch of large toys that waste my storage space but a fortunate accident provided me a secret method to make known its real form.

“Law of Incantation: Obligatory Enforcement!”

As the gavel strikes down, two silver-colored light encircles me and Elisa and a sigil of a scale representing fairness appears in the sky, which represents the establishment of the contract between the two of us.

Following which, the scale began to tilt towards one side. This represents me owing Elisa quite a bit of her wages.

?Incantation of Law: Obligatory Enforcement?

?Effect: Forcefully enforces the terms of the contract made by both parties?

?Shylock: Praise the noble freedom of contracts. Foolish Antonio, now that you have broken your promise, then following what we agreed on, I shall cut away an entire pound of meat from your body as punishment!?

TL: Merchants of Venice

This Incantation of Law is used to enforce a contract. If one party owes the other something but haven’t paid it back yet, it will forcefully carry out the contract and takes away the possession of the other party to repay the debt.

As I owe Elisa quite a bit, all sorts of different items automatically flew from my body to her, thus becoming her possessions. Of course, this includes this unnamed treasured blade.

But in this instant, a problem occurs.

My Incantation of Law is a power that walks the closest to the Origin of Order. The effects of the spell may seem simple but in fact, it is almost the level of the rules of the world, a Legend-rank great magic.

The value of the bones on my body can be determined by the both of us and the Origin of Order can also come up with a value. But, how much this blade is worth is an unknown figure.

Mages have their own identification magic but that is only based on the records of the Origin of Order, so they are actually just identifying what is known to this world. But, otherworldly items are innominate.

Thus, this spell is stuck…

The silver energy of order envelops the treasured blade and tries to analyses its value but the otherworldly blade, as though a stubborn rock, isn’t showing its true form.

“Unable to read its history and its materials aren’t able to be analyzed. I can almost hear the moaning of the Origin of Order. As expected, no matter how high tier something is, what ‘The Origin of Countless Matter’, ‘The Nemesis of the Chaos’, ‘The Incarnation of the Goddess of Order’, energy is still energy, it can be fooled and made use of.”

The Origin of Order is the commonly recognized origin of power of the Order faction and also the superior concept of the Holy Light, as well as the superior concept my Power of Law. The people of this world sung countless praises of it, as though as it was incomparably sacred but as the creator of the Power of Law, although I am using the Origin of Order, I could only see it as a brainless power storage.

“As it as it fulfills the rules of Order, anyone is able to harness it. Such lack of chastity, and you still can it isn’t brainless? Rather than saying it is noble, why not say it is dumb. Then, if I were to grant a demon that believes in Chaos the physical body of a human, then isn’t that demon able to harness Holy Light as well. Giving your own power to one’s nemesis, you still dare to say it isn’t brainless?”

This is one of my debate with the Archbishop of the Holy Light. When the other party mentioned that as long as one believes in Holy Light, anyone is able to harness the mystical powers of Holy Light, that is how I replied him.

Well, the ending… It is just like talking to a devoted believer the historical materialism of Karl Marx, the old archbishop couldn’t catch his breath and almost went directly to heaven to continue the worship of his Holy Light.

The Origin of Order may be brainless but as the ultimate origin of energy that built this world, it is exceptionally strong and soon, that thick blade began to look sharper and light reflected of it as its shape changed.

The Power of Order rejects all chaos and what is unknown is chaos. Since its original properties cannot be analyzed, then let’s just grant it new properties. Thus, the ‘noble Power of Order’ became my coolie and started to help me convert the weapon into a God Equipment that fulfills the rules of this world.

Very soon, when the Light of Order scatters, the solid wood-chopping blade disappears and instead, a gigantic silver saber tattooed with a dragon appears in front of me.

?God Weapon: Dragon Saber?

?Attack Power: 0-35 Tier: Epic?

?Special Ability The Unyielding Saber: 100% chance of directly destroying a weapon below Elite-tier. 50% chance of directly destroying an Elite-tier weapon. 30% chance of directly destroying an Epic-tier weapon. 1% chance of destroying any weapon below God-tier.?

?Special Ability The Life-robbing Radiance: Yes, it is not Sight-robbing radiance but Life-robbing radiance. Owning this sword, you will become the main character in everyone’s eyes. Yup, the main character of a tragedy. The owner of this weapon will have his luck reduced by 10, charm increased by 10. If the owner is a golden-haired and golden-eyed man, an additional penalty of 10 luck will be imposed.?

?Special Ability Frenzy: 1% chance of falling into a frenzied state that recognizes no kin. In this state, you will first target and kill your own kin.?

?There are some yellow inscriptions on the hilt of the saber: In an ancient mantra, this used to be godly weapon that symbolizes status, ‘The pinnacle of the world, the saber that slays the dragon.” But now, there is a brand-new interpretation… The saber that slays the dragon, like and get one free.?

Looking at these figures, I was stunned.

In Eich, the different tiers of weapons are broadly known to be Normal, Superior, Elite, Epic then Legend. Back then, Adam’s god weapon the Blessing of the Phoenix is a Legend-tier weapon and above that would be the SemiGod-tier and God-tier weapons that no man can create.

In reality, the difference between the weapons aren’t too great as weapons are highly dependent on their users to exert to their full potential. The main difference between a high-tier weapon and a low-tier weapon is its special abilities.

Elite-tier normally have 2 special abilities, Epic-tier 3 to 4 while for Legend, it could have between 4 to 6.

This Epic-tier weapon has 3 special abilities, of which, 2 of them are negative special abilities. While it cannot be compared to the Blessing of the Phoenix which has 5 positive special abilities, its only positive special ability is exceptionally strong.

?Special Ability The Unyielding Saber: 100% chance of directly destroying a weapon below Elite-tier. 50% chance of directly destroying an Elite-tier weapon. 30% chance of directly destroying an Epic-tier weapon. 1% chance of destroying any weapon below God-tier.?

Normally, for a golden-ranked expert to possess an Elite-tier weapon is already quite an accomplishment. Epic-tier weapons, just as its name suggests, it is the weapons once wield by masters who left a trace in history and even an Epic-tier weapon would probably be destroyed by this Dragon Saber within 3 strikes.

That is to say, if it is a normal weapon, basically it would be broken in one or two slashes and in a heated fight, if the weapon suddenly breaks… Just thinking about it makes shiver goes down one’s spine.

“So this is the result of the Origin of Order converting the exceptional sharpness of this sword to fit in with the rules of this world huh? I didn’t expect that I would unexpectedly pick up a treasure. Although its attack power isn’t too stable and its negative effects are troublesome to deal with, just this weapon-breaking special ability is enough to destroy just any opponent. Hm? It comes in a duo set and its other part is also a weapon — Heaven Sword?”

The gray-color set attribute bonus hasn’t been activated yet but just the name, Heaven Sword, makes one’s heart tremble. Looks like I must try more of that otherworldly God Weapon lottery system.

“Boom!!” “Boom!!”

Just when I was delighted over the new god weapon that I obtained, a consecutive explosion made the entire house shake.



Alright, so the entire episode is centered around a Chinese show The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, which is some kind of god weapon and a status of prestige in the show. The Dragon Saber was wielded by Xie Xun known as the Golden-Haired Lion King. His family was killed by a man named Cheng Kun and in his fury, he went on a rampage, killing many people and blaming it on Cheng Kun. He was blinded by a daughter-like figure she threw a dart in self-defense when he went on an insanity rampage.

And if you haven’t guessed it yet, he is golden-haired and golden-eyed.

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