The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Bloodshed and Forbidden Spells

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When the entire Sulfur Mountain City descended into chaos, the 3 big heads fell into a state of eerie silence.

There are even rumors saying that the 3 big heads are making use of this opportunity to get rid of radicals. However, ignoring the other people, if that single-cell organism Adam was in the city, it was impossible for him to not act.

In reality, none of the 3 big heads were in the city now. In fact, even the city lord successor Annie wasn’t in the city as well.

When I reported to them that there could be a Fire Elemental God sealed under the sulfur mountain, Margaret immediately carried out investigations and verified that there was indeed a Fire Elemental SemiGod-rank or above living in the mountains.

“Troublesome, very troublesome. I am not sure who was the one who sealed him but he actually used the entire sulfur mountain to suppress the seal. While he skillfully used the entire underground leylines to suppress the energy source of the seal, making it extremely stable, but if something goes wrong, the entire mountain could explode along with Sulfur Mountain City.

When everyone was worried, a mysterious voice slants its eyes and looks around its surroundings… Alright, Little Red is still asleep and I was busy playing hide-and-seek with the Town Security. Adam just heartlessly looked at us while smiling himself silly. At least, Margaret was worried.

What made everyone speechless was when the overjoyed Adam expressed him ‘genius creativity’.

“A natural source of underground heat. Then, if we were to add a little bit of water, wouldn’t we get a hot spring! Sulfur hot spring, it is said to work wonders on all kinds of skin problems. Also, it helps one recover from fatigue. I have been wanting to build one since long ago.

Alright, his actions are faster than his thoughts, ‘definitely an ideal ape whose mind is dictated by the movements of his limbs (Roland’s words)’ Adam immediately started work and in less than a day, he found the source of the heat and used his sacred sword to dig a reservoir. After that, he even invited the Druids from the city to send rain to fill the hole up with water…

But just when Margaret and I were about to teach him why flowers are red, Adam, whose nose is bruised and face swollen, thought of an explanation, or rather, prepared an excuse.

TL: Why flowers are red -> Because they are dyed red with blood.

Why is his nose bruised and face swollen despite having explained? After playing with everyone’s feelings, do you think that just by explaining he could escape physical punishment? I immediately took opportunity of the chaos to strike him first, Margaret used this as a chance to vent her long pent up resentment while Little Red is just doing it to create trouble for fun…

Cough, let’s not talk about that enjoyable 3v1. Back to the main topic, Adam that fool’s explanation was rather convincing.

“The Revival of the Phoenix requires me to burn myself in the fiery inferno. My Phoenix inheritance also requires large amount of heat. Using this pool, I can use the heat from it to help Annie finish the highest quality inheritance, thus retaining most of the powers of the after the revival so that she can mature quickly. Furthermore, the heat source is also equivalent to the stamina and mana of the Fire Elemental. If I were to spend it, that Fire Elemental God is as good as half disabled.”

I must say, despite being unreliable most of the time, but that fellow Adam is indeed a qualified ‘Hero’, his luck and instincts are quite spot-on and this action of his might seem random, but in reality, he was stabbing where it hurts the enemy the most.

For some people, the release of the seal of the Fire Elemental God directly affects the arrival of the Elemental Tide. It affects the entire ‘history’ of the world. When they start to realize that Arolaweiss is getting weaker, or even worse, he might not be able to quicken the Elemental Tide, they wouldn’t be able to accept it.

Thus, the City Lord and Head of Internal Affairs brought the City Lord Successor to the sulfur mountains quietly and for the sake of their safety, they chose to use Little Red’s cavern as a cover.

But obviously, there is no news that does not leak in this world. In this world where prophecy-related magic is rather developed, there isn’t any absolute secret. Maybe they heard it from Sulfur Mountain City’s internal spies that the City Lord was leaving the city, or maybe it was through their investigation of the Elemental Gods that they felt something was amiss with the situation, or perhaps, they might have simply used prophecy magic and found that there was something suspicious going on.

The 3 big heads are stuck there…

Draped in a light blue robe, the young lady stands there alone. The long and slender wooden wand didn’t have any trace of modifications to it and just like its naturally beautiful owner, simply by existing there, it feels as though it has gone through eternity like the long river of history, old, deep and naturally formed.

Her looks could only be considered decent-looking, on her head was a blue-colored neat short-layer hairstyle. Her golden-rimmed glasses have slid to the tip of her nose and if it weren’t for that silver chain fixed to her Elf ears, it would have probably fallen to the floor.

The Immortal One stands there quietly, but there is the natural scent of books and scrolls. If only looking by the outer appearance, rather than saying that she is a wise Saint with concrete authority in her hands, she looks more like a librarian who buries herself in books and often forgets her lunch.

But right now, this ‘librarian’ is going on a killing frenzy.

“The Heavens above, the Earth below, as evidence of my contract with books and stars, using the life of Saint Margaret, I plea for the ancient star spirits to listen to my summons, the Chimera constellation, the Leo constellation, the Unicorn constellation and the Chariot constellation, descend!”

With a wave of her long wand, countless Noble Spirits lands on this mortal earth with the descending stars.

The tall and bulky, as though like a tower, Chariot Giant. The three-headed magic beasts that specializes in fire, lightning and ice. The radiant and white Unicorn which symbolizes protection and purity. The Leo army whose member consists fully of gold-ranks…

The Heroes of the legends transform into reality. The legend-rank warriors fight under the orders of the Saint. It is the power of a single SemiGod Mage who is able to rival a country.

But even so, her condition wasn’t very good.

That is because from the start, this battle wasn’t fair. She was fighting single-handedly against an entire army… Her enemy, despite it not being a country, but is definitely more dangerous than any empires on the surface, the Underground Alliance.

The other remaining 2000 warriors of the Blackwater army are here. Dressed in a Black Mud Armor, Hng Hng City Lord, despite being an underground city lord, dashes straight to the front lines. Even so, his movements were sloppy in front of the arm of Noble Spirits. If it weren’t for the guards sacrificing themselves and serving as meat shield, he would have probably died countless times by now.

In the face of a SemiGod-rank Mage, a Legend-rank warrior like Hng Hng can only be considered a slightly higher tier fodder.

However, to be able to let an underground city lord like him willing serve as fodder, this can only show that the standing of the command of the Underground Alliance army is high and astonishingly prestigious, to the point that an underground city lord of Hng Hng’s level was unable to go against their orders.

“Wu huuuuuuu!!”

Following the sound of a horn, another thousand-man army of Beastman enters the battlefield. There is the bloodthirsty Leo, the savage and agile Werewolf and the Elephs whose strength knows no bounds. Even the weakest of their warriors are at least gold-rank. Yet, they enter the battlefield solemnly. The solemn bloodless and fleshless star spirits enter an intense meat-grinding blood battle and dies solemnly, allowing for other spirits to enter this land…

TL: Leo = Lion man, Elephs = Elephant man

“The Black Solo Insignia, it is his established trademark army of personal guards. He sure is willing to part with it.”

Looking at the gigantic figure on a mountain far away with his arms akimbo, Margaret seems to be deep in thought but her spells were still relentless.

“The Earth below, the Humans above, as evidence of my contract with books and stars, let death rain upon my enemies, Starfall!”

Following Margaret’s chant, starlight actually appears in the underground world. Following the slow descent of the starlight, the destruction they cause in their wake is a 3-meter deep hole. Filled within the holes are naturally, the flesh and blood of Beastman.

The underground world’s Beastman Sovereign Shou.Nuya. His 3-meter-tall figure isn’t really much in the Beastman tribes whose superiority lies in their physique. Wearing a black eye-patch actually made him seem less ferocious and now, standing at the sidelines of the battlefield, he watches coldly at the sight of his tribesman and warriors lose their life worthlessly.

“This feeling, Saint-pinnacle? What a pity. It seems he has some intelligence about me to stay completely out of my attack range. If only I was in my Mage Tower now…”

But, it seems that even if his entire army was destroyed, the experienced Beastman Sovereign had no intent of heading to the battlefield personally. With just a wave of his hand, the horns beside him sounds and another elite army of a thousand people enters solemnly…

He is obviously exploiting the weakness of her Saint job. Saints analyses their opponent’s magic and are excellent at duels. However, they lack destructive power and he was obviously trying to wear her down with numbers.

“Looks like I’ve been underestimated by my juniors.”

Margaret smiles calmly. Then, with a light wave of her wooden vine wand, magic veins reminiscent of music notes appears on the Seven Radiant Stones floating around her.

“The first to the third, chant ‘Ice Aeon’, the fourth and the fifth, repeat my incantations and the sixth and the seventh, apply magic barrier.

The red, orange and yellow Saint Stone gathers together and start to replicate Lord Yongye’s final elemental magic, causing the entire landscape to become a land of ice. Snow floats in the sky while snow fairies were playing around. This was the initial phase before the activation of a Strategic-level magic capable of wiping away an entire army.

The green and blue Saint Stone began to automatically chant the magic that the Saint just casted.

“The Heavens above, the Earth below, as evidence of my contract with books and stars, using the life of Saint Margaret, I plea for the ancient star spirits to listen to my summons, the Chimera constellation, the Leo constellation, the Unicorn constellation and the Chariot constellation, descend!”

“The Earth below, the Humans above, as evidence of my contract with books and stars, let death rain upon my enemies, Starfall!”

That voice was no different from that of Margaret’s and the Starfall casted casually wipes out the thousand-man army who just entered the battlefield. At the same time, a completely identical army of star spirits to the one previously summoned replaces the places of the lost and dead, re-building up a new defensive formation.

The most dangerous of all is still the Strategic-level magic. The long-range troops of the enemy wouldn’t allow ‘Ice Aeon’ to be casted.

Countless sharp arrows and magic were shot in the direction of Margaret but she didn’t even bother looking at it. She continues to patiently control her Saint Stone and the last 2 Saint’s Stone started to circle around here, creating a magic barrier from the intertwined blue and purple. The panicked attacks were easily stopped by the barrier.

Very quickly, the red, orange and yellow Saint Stone’s reaches the final stage of their incantation. Just then, a black color nameless arrow shoots towards the ground among the three Saint Stones.


Without coming into contact with the ground, the arrow disintegrates and a black magic cyclone suddenly appears, interfering with the incantation of the Saint Stone. A distortion occurs and the Forbidden Spell Ice Aeon actually activates in advance!

The white snow abruptly crystallized into a ball and bursts in all directions!

The snow rains down as the chill creeps further. In an instant, the entire world turns completely white. Under the might of the Forbidden Spell, the active volcano turned into a snow peak and regardless of whether it is the Star Spirits or the Beastmen, anyone who is caught in the area of the spell turns into an ice sculpture.

As for Margaret, due to the Forbidden Spell being activated despite being incomplete, she was also caught in its midst. Fortunately, the blue-violet magic barrier protected her.

The Saint frowns. If it wasn’t because of the Saint Stone doing the incantation in her place, she might have suffered magic feedback. Then, it wouldn’t end up with just one or two mouthfuls of blood

“Magic Combustion Arrow? I didn’t expect that the renowned Mage Hunter Minial is here too. Isn’t he the tribe head of the Centaur Beastman and known to be proud and unyielding to authority? I never expected that he would submit to Shou.Nuya. Is returning to the surface such an attractive deal?”

The Ice Aeon which activated in advance only had a third of its original might, but it had enough power to turn the entire mountainous terrain turned into a land of ice. Even the ground where the Beast Sovereign was standing froze, but 2 gigantic Black Dragons were blocking in front of the expressionless Underground Autarch.

Black Dragons were born with near complete immunity to magic but it wasn’t enough in front of this weakened Ice Aeon. The two Black Dragons who risked their lives to protect their master has turned into two white ice sculptures.

But their sacrifice had taken the brunt of the impact for the Beastmen behind them.

Even so, the tall Scorpion-tail Lion lord didn’t even glance at the subordinates who sacrificed themselves for him. With a tug of their dragon tail, using just brute force, he threw the two dragons’ corpses to one side.

Even though the sight in front of him had turned into an ice mountain, his eyes were still as calm as they were, as though it was all within his calculations. He picks up the horn from his frozen subordinate and personally blew on it.

“Wuuuu, wuuuu, wuuuu!”

After 3 rapid blows of the military horn, a dark-green tide seems to gradually move in from the horizon and the cobbling of hoofs and sounds from beasts intertwined together.

“At least 3000 cavalries? Sigh, my head is starting to hurt.”

Margaret frowns. Despite forcing the enemy to play their hand, but the opponent was exceptionally well-prepared. No, it was more like the enemy was not bothered at all about the sacrifices which made it hard to accept.

The red, orange and yellow Saint Stones had disintegrated due to the feedback from releasing the Forbidden Spell. The green and blue ones who were imitating the incantations had already ran out of power and only the blue and purple ones which were responsible for protection had magic power remaining.

“I have expended over half of my mana but the enemy is totally indifferent to their expenses. It is a little troublesome to deal with them.”

She glances behind. In the field of ice, there was a lake of fire which was still burning fiercely. There, the flames formed an image of a fire phoenix flying around and a fire pillars bursts into the heavens. Evidently, the inheritance was at a crucial step.

“There was no longer any possibility of retreat. If only I was at my Mage Tower… Blog, there are no ifs in this world, there is no meaning in hypothetical situations. Number 6 and number 7, repeat my incantations! Number 4 and number 5, begin re-charging mana.”

An army identical to the previous 2 appears and this time, even the expressionless Shou frowned. The opponent’s strength is too overpowering. The loss incurred was already more than sufficient to conquer any underground city.

Furthermore, the assaults of aerial troops and the death charge of berserkers which they specialized in were totally ineffective. If they had to use numbers to replace quality, how much did they have to sacrifice.

In the sky, the powerful Griffons and Scorpion-tailed Lions were still engaged in a bloodshed but in reality, no one’s attention was on them. The strong predating magic beasts couldn’t even qualify a supporting role on this battlefield.

A vermilion inferno bursts through the sky and two pitch black gigantic figures falls to the ground, forming two huge lumps of meat. From the aroma, there are at least medium-done.

These two black dragons seem to have intended to flank Margaret but just as they were about to get in the range for them to use their dragon breath, a dragon breath from further above grilled them.

In midair, an intense battle that wasn’t inferior to the one on the surface was going on. A gigantic Red Dragon was singlehandedly taking on an entire dragon city.

Using the same guerilla tactics, 12 young Red Dragons formed 3 teams which took turns to attack. They were using their flesh and blood to wear down the stamina of the Ancient Red Dragon Ein Mezus. But much different from the situation on the surface, their strategy was taking effect.

The reason? On the sidelines, hiding and moving freely behind her people, the Ancient Red Dragon who was significantly higher than Ein but yet, was laughing sinister was the main reason.

“Molly, you little bitch! Face me personally if you have the guts! Hiding behind your brethren to assault me, you are much more despicable and shameless than you were back then!”

Ein Mezus’s right wing was broken and her left eye could hardly open. Wounds were all over her body but she continued to fight bravely in the air while roaring, enraged.

“My foolish daughter, you indeed have muscles for brains. Our Red Dragon’s prided art of battle was actually regarded by you as despicable. Looks like I wasn’t wrong when I exiled you from Dragon City that day.”

Yes, that shameless Ancient Red Dragon is one of the Underground Autarch, Dragon Empress Molly.

While dealing with the young dragons at close-quarter battle, she had to be in the guard for Molly’s sneak attacks, making it difficult for her to cope.

The moment she tries to do something, like charge up for a powerful magic, Molly, who was proficient in the powers of Red Dragons as well, would interrupt it in advance. In such an unfavorable situation, it was hard on her to last until now.

In this moment, forcefully using her dragon breath to get rid of the Black Dragons who tried to flank Margaret, she showed an opening and her neck was viciously bitten by Molly. The bright red dragon blood created a blood rain on the surface.

Against the Alliance Army consisting of two of the Underground Autarch, the 3 big heads were forced into a corner.

“Quickly, Adam. If you don’t finish the sealing and inheritance soon, we might all die here today.”

When Little Red was finally at her limits, a pillar of silver light that tore apart the sky appears from the direction of Sulfur Mountain City at a distance suddenly.

“What is happening? That is the Light of Order, Roland that that cunning fox is actually getting serious?

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