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Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Madam Yun is here

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Feng Xian was shocked. She could not understand why Xu Ran Yun knows that this is a trap and yet she still walks into it. She was about say something, when she saw her Missy held out a hand to stop her.

Xu Ran Yun explained, "Right now, I am in charge of the household expenses. If there is a situation in Mei Yue Lou, the one who is the most pressurised is me, and not Xue Zhi Lan. If I were to engage in a game of endurance with her and give Mei Yue Lou the chance to gain the prince's favour, then my loss will be bigger. Since this is the case, why should I hesitate? Xue Zhilan may have planned everything out, but she had overlooked one thing."

"Today, the prince's mother had called us there and informed us this is to warn us. I heeded the warning and went to check it out, but she did not do anything. In the eyes of the prince's mother, what does this mean? *Sneer*! If there is something to gain, there would surely be a loss. She just cared about serving the prince but ignore the prince's mother? In future, the prince mother and her will drift apart."

Feng Xian nodded her head and agreed, "This is indeed true. But the prince's mother had always favoured Madam Lan. She will not change her mind just because of this matter. And the Lord himself is a cold-hearted man. If Missy thwarted his plans and offended him, then we will be at a disadvantage.

Xu Ran Yun stood up and walked a few steps as she muttered, "The prince mother will not change her mind because one issue, but if continues on? Everyone bears grudges. She will count in her heart."

"As for Xue Zhilan, she is proud and haughty. She is also eyeing the role of the main wife. I do not believe that she would not reveal her fox tail for the rest of her life. She can't fool the prince and his mother forever."

"As for me, why would I offend the Lord? I am just paying them a visit, and is not out for war? These few months, I have forgotten to give Man Yue Lou their supplies. Since I had heard the prince mother mentioned them, I should pay them a courtesy visit, isn't that right? If the Lord comes back, I will tell him this, and he could not say another word."

Feng Xian held out her thumb as she smiled, "Your servant is awed by your magnanimousness. Since this is the case, there should not be any problems. When will you pay Mei Yue Lou a visit?"

"We should not delay. Get some silver, some cloth and get some rice and flour from the kitchen. Then we set off for Mei Yue Lou."

Feng Xian thought that this is the best chance to curry favour with Madam Yun and puffed out her chest, "Missy, why not allow your servant to go there first to scout out the situation? The Big Madam had already been placed under house arrest in Mei Yue Lou, but she had the means to get the lord to visit her of his own accord. She is not to be sneered at…."

Before she could finish, Xu Ran Yun broke out in laughter, "What kinds of skills does that she had that I need to fear? If she had these kinds of skills, would she be confined to the Mei Yue Lou? This time, she had used some trickery to trick the prince to visit her. I do not believe that she could become a fox spirit and made the lord besmitten with her. *Sneer* There is no need to scout out the situation before going to Mei Yue Lou. I could not bear the embarra.s.sment this would cause if the servants know it."

Seeing that her Missy had made up her mind, Feng Xian immediately made haste to prepare the items that Xu Ran Yun had instructed her to prepare, and get a few elderly maids to help to carry these. She, together with Zhu Yu, and 7-8 servants, set off with Xu Ran Yun towards Mei Yue Lou.

At Mei Yue Lou, Su Nuan Nuan had just finished writing the long list of ingredients she wants from Duan Tingxuan. Looking at the pieces of paper that were filled with words, she smiled with glee.

"Missy, the word you smile is like an evil fox." Xiang Yun looked at the way Su Nuan Nuan smiled, and often candidly speak her mind. She is simple and does not know how to honey her words.

Su Nuan Nuan pouted and decided not to hold the issue against this dumb girl. Luckily she had a smarter maid by her side. Hong Lian looked at the pieces of paper and blinked at Su Nuan Nuan as she asked, "Missy, what are all these?"

"Silly girl, didn't we mentioned it earlier? This is the list. The list of what food ingredients we need for next month. The Lord is persistent like a c.o.c.kroach, no matter how hard you beat him, you can't kill it. No matter how hard you chased it away, it keeps coming back. Since we cannot drive him away, then we should make use of him to get more ingredients. Whatever he stole from us, I will make him vomit blood and pay us back two folds." Su Nuan Nuan looked at the blood debt that she had written and looked very pleased.

"Missy, are you sure that this list is only enough for 1 month? It is not the list for the next 1 or 2 years?" Hong Lian asked dumbly. She was sure that Missy had made a mistake. So much food? Even if all the employees in the mansion were added together, they could not possibly finish so much food!

"Oh! It is a bit much." Su Nuan Nuan felt a bit embarra.s.sed, but only a wee bit. She did not stay embarra.s.sed for long and kept the list, and even giggled, "So what if it is a bit much? We are well prepared and well stocked."

"Missy, your servant feels that this list will not just make the Lord 'vomit blood'. This list will bite off a big piece of his flesh."

Su Nuan Nuan merely giggled, "This list would bite off a piece of his flesh? Hong Lian arh, you must have underestimated this scoundrel? He is strong and can stand it. I tell you, this is only the beginning! Humph! Since he dared to try to get in my good grades, I will accept it. Duan Tingxuan, just you wait. You will surely regret it!"

Seeing how greedy Su Nuan Nuan is, Hong Lian and Xiang Yun suddenly pitied the lord.

Xiang Yun is curious and looked at the last piece of paper and asked, "Missy, since you have written so many things, why didn't you fill this piece of paper as well? Why is this page so empty? This is such a huge waste."

Hong Lian looked at Xian Yun and rolled her eyes. Xiang Yun is indeed as dumb as a piece of wood! Missy had already written a few hundred limits. All the ingredients had already been written. How could she possibly write more?

She wanted to explain to Xiang Yun, but Su Nuan Nuan roared with laughter and explained first, "Hahaha, these white s.p.a.ce are blank because I had only thought of these things at the moment. When I thought of more, I will write them down and fill up the pages."

"Gu Dong!" This is the sound of Hong Lian collapsing on the table in shock. She was thinking, "Missy, you are so thick-skin. How could you want even more? Are these still not enough?"

While she was thinking this, Hong Lian felt that any grievance she had against Duan Tingxuan had disappeared like a whiff of smoke. Instead, she begins to worry about the lord. Will the lord be angered to death and have a heart attack after seeing the long lists of food?

Su Nuan Nuan looked at Hong Lian and saw the looks of despair in her eyes. She shook her head. This la.s.s is not vicious enough and must be trained.

But before she could say anything, she saw Hong Lian stand up straight and murmured, “Missy, your servant will go out to look at the beans. The sun is very hot today. I will check and make sure that the beans will not be scorched.”

"If you want to go out, just go. Why did you come up with such a stupid excuse?" Su Nuan Nuan looked at Hong Lian with contempt. Hong Lian is really blurred.

"Sunning the beans could scorch them? Did you think that the sun is your house stove? This is not even 3 days yet!"

Hong Lian was embarra.s.sed by the flaws in her speech and ran out. Xiang Yun followed her.

Su Nuan Nuan took out the paper and appreciated her 'masterpiece'. She was about to keep it when she heard the sound of frantic footsteps running towards her. She raised her head and Xiang Yun immediately rushed in and leapt into her arms, while crying, "Missy is not looking good! Madam Yun is here with some people!"

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