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Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Look Bad

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"Stop saying inauspicious things! I am looking good!" Su Nuan Nuan tapped Xiang Yun on the shoulder and carefully kept the letter. Then she walked out of the door.

As expected from the top of the sun deck, she could see a group of women making their way here. Su Nuan Nuan glanced at the beans that she had scattered on the floor near the doorway to sun them, and shook her head as she muttered, "What a pity! These beans are prepared for Duan Tingxuan. But right now, someone else will fall into the trap that I had set for him, and allow that rascal to escape."

Xiang Yun and Hong Lian were standing behind Su Nuan Nuan. They were pale and frightened because of Madam Yun. But when they heard these words, their face turned white as a ghost.

Hong Lian stared at Su Nuan Nuan in disbelief. Her mouth quivered and moved, but no words came out. Her 'new' missy is someone who dared to kick the prince himself. Of course, she dared to disrespect and play a prank on Madam Yun.

The three of them just stood there and watch them from the sun deck. Xu Ran Yun wanted to pretend not to see them, but they were so obvious for all to see, and she could not do so.

She frowned and was angry and upset, but one of the grannies did not know anything and more fuel to the fire, "That Big Madam had no manners. How could she just stand there? As an unwanted wife, does she expect Madam Yun to greet her?"

Xu Ran Yun glared at this granny in fury. On whose side is this granny is standing on? These words are just a stab in the back for her. Everyone knows that Su Meng Nuan is an unwanted wife. However, the prince had not divorced her yet, and she is still the Big Madam.

The granny understood that she had said something inappropriate and immediately shut up. At this time, Feng Xian noticed that the great door is opened, and immediately asked, "Missy, the door is open, but we should mind our matter. Let me go and inform them that we are here and seek an audience with them."

Xu Ran Yun was very angry, and her maid words only infuriated her further. If she seeks an audience with an unwanted wife, then wouldn't she be admitting that her status is lower than Su Nuan Nuan?

She sneered, "How long had Mei Yue Lou been abandon for? The door is spoilt. Do we need to seek an audience? Since she dared to leave the door open, it means that anyone can go in or out. We just directly enter." Saying this, she immediately took the led and puff our her chest as she stomped through the door.

Su Nuan Nuan used her hands to cover her eyes and said, "I reckon that there will soon be a spectacle that will soon happen in front of us. But that scene is so pretty that I dare not look."

Hong Lian and Xiang Yun looked at her and rolled their eyes. "Dare not see? How come your fingers are so wide apart that it does not cover your eyes? You are looking on with impunity. Only their Missy could do this. She is a weirdo."

In the next moment, a piercing shriek rang out, and Hong Lian and Xiang Yun watched on in amazement. Madam Yun wobbled and flapped around as she tried hard to maintain her balance. Her clothes of all colours waved about wildly, like a rainbow in the cloud. But her efforts were in vain as she slipped and fell. But this is not the end.

For Xu Ran Yun is a strong willed woman, and is unwilling to remain sprawled on the floor. So she struggled to get up and the cycle repeated itself.

Looking at the pretty but vicious woman who repeatedly tried to stand up only to slip down hard again, Hong Lian and Xiang Yun opened their mouth and widen their eyes in amazement. They were so absorbed in watching the show that they had forgotten to rush over and help her up.

"This scene…. is really beautiful. It is so lovely that I dare not watch." Xiang Yun muttered.

On the door steps, it is not only Xu Ran Yun who was sprawled on the ground in an ungainly way. The maids and grannies also tried to help Xu Ran Yun up, only to meet the same fate as their missy.

The round peas are round, hard and very slippery, and when stepped on and pulverised, they release their oil that made the floor even more slippery.

The servants had a hard time dragging Xu Ran Yun out of the door. That this time, the beans are not as well organised as before, and everything is in a mess.

Xu Ran Yun was so furious that she was practically fuming. She did not expect that she would be 'trapped' and fall and lost her face. At this moment, she was shaking with anger and could not say a word.

Suddenly she heard a voice said, "A tragedy! What a tragedy! Pui Pui! How should I say this? All was well but a moment ago, but suddenly all was eradicated to the last man! This is really a tragedy!"

Xu Ran Yun looked up, she knows the owner of this voice. She looked at that woman like a venomous snake as immediately cried out, "You also know that this is a tragedy? Who caused this….."

But before she could finished, Su Nuan Nuan squatted down and touched the beans that were squashed into bits, and wailed, "My beans! They were sunning at my doorway! Who would be so evil as to kill them? This is my ratios for half a year. It is gone! Gone just like this….."

Xu Ran Yun was so angry that she found it difficult to breathe.

The grannies with her also looked at Su Nuan Nuan who was wailing her heart out with stunned expressions. They had never seen such a shameless woman before. There are less than 5 jins of beans on the floor. How could say this is your half-yearly rations? Are you telling us that you eat only 1 bean at each meal. How come you have not starved to death yet?

Hong Lian and Xiang Yun had followed Su Nuan Nuan for some time, but they had not been with her for very long. Hence, their skins are not as thick as the 3-inch thick steel wall like that of Su Nuan Nuans. They bowed their head and dared not looked at Su Nuan Nuan.

Only when Xu Ran Yun breathing was as loud as thunder did Hong Lian coughed and wake Su Nuan Nuan up from her inconsolable wailing.

Su Nuan Nuan is as cunning as a fox, and as soon as she heard the cough, she immediately stopped crying and stood up. She patted her hands to get rid of any dust and looked at Xu Ran Yun and demanded, "Why are you here?"

"I recalled that elder sister had been living in Mei Yue Lou for half a year. I did not know how you are doing and come here to pay you a visit. But elder sister is indeed elder sister and living in this slum did not kill you. As your junior sister, I have nothing but the biggest respect for you."

Xu Ran Yun is a cunning woman. She knew that she had already lost the battle once. If she were to create trouble, she will lose more face. In the palace, the one who remained calms and unfaded is often viewed as the victor, while the one who lost their cool is known as a troublemaker.

Therefore, she suppressed her anger and said something more 'polite'. Based on what she knows about Su Meng Nuan character, Su Meng Nuan will be sure to jump out at her in anger. Then she could watch a show and have her revenge."

Madam Yun had calculated well. But try as she might, she could not guess that Su Nuan Nuan is a totally different person.

Other than when her food is stolen, Su Nuan Nuan seldom cares about the other stuff. Therefore, her words that are specially designed to provoke Su Nuan Nuan did not have the effect Madam Yun wanted.

"Since you have seen me, regardless if you admire, respect, like or hate me, your objective had been achieved. Isn't it time for you to leave?"

Xu Ran Yun widened her eyes and looked at Su Nuan Nuan in surprise. What is going on? Why didn't she stomped her feet in anger and try to create a scene? What had happened?

Madam Yun is not willing to give up, at least not without making Su Nuan Nuan lose face first. She smiled, "Elder sister had set a trap for me and make me look bad. After you have harmed me, you are happy now? You wanted to chase me out so that you can clean up the evidence? Do you think that I will let you have your way?"

Su Nuan Nuan sighed, and shook her head. Then she looked at Xu Ran Yun with eyes filled with pity and replied, "I could understand your desire to be the center of attention. But I must say that you have overrated yourself. Did you think that in order to trap you, I am willing to sacrifice 2 jins of beans?"

"Frankly speaking, I am not so generous. To tell you the truth, we set this trap for the idiotic prince. Who knows that you have come here instead, and spoilt my plan. Not only did I fail to trap him, you also wasted 2 jins of beans. My beans! Just thinking about these beans, my heart aches. All these are good quality beans!"

The more Su Nuan Nuan explained, the more heartbroken she sounds, finally, she looked as if she had suffered a great loss. Then she directed Xian Yun," Since these beans have been stomped by someone, we don't want them anymore. Remind to sweep them up and take it to backyard to feed the chicken. Remember, you are only allowed to feed the hens and not the roosters. The hens eat them and can lay some more eggs. The roosters are practically worthless."

Her words are a slap in Madam Yun's face. It means that the beans that Madam Yun stepped on are only suitable for feeding chickens? Why did she not mention anything about how Madam Yun almost broke her head when she fell? Madam Yun had really fallen down hard, and it is no joke.

Regardless if it the grannies, maid of Xu Ran Yun, they all thought in the same way. They were also shocked by Su Nuan Nuan's words. What does she mean when she said that the beans are a trap designed for the idiotic prince?

This woman set a trap here for the lord? Does she want to revolt? Who dares to set a trap for the prince in this mansion? Even princess Min, the woman that the Ping An Prince favours, who hate Duan Tingxuan and his mother to the bone, dared not to openly do so.

Xu Ran Yun immediately screamed, "Su Meng Nuan, do you have the guts to say it again? Who do you want to trap?"

"Trap Duan Tingxuan arh! Why would I need guts to say this? Even if he is standing in front of me, I dare to tell him in his face that these beans are designed to trap him." Su Nuan Nuan shrugged and replied.

Then she ignored Xu Ran Yun, who looked as if she had eaten some s.h.i.t.

She instructed Xiang Yun to clean up the mess, and want to head back. From the beginning to the end, she had never even glanced at Xu Ran Yun, as if Xu Ran Yun is unworthy of her consideration.

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