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Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: The Big a.s.sault

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Once again, Xu Ran Yun was shocked speechless by a bold statement.

Hong Lian, who had been ignored by everyone, quietly said. "Madam, that…the beans have all been swept up, would…would we need to bring more out to dry in the sun?" These maids had just realized the true intention of 'sunning the beans', as expected, no one sane would actually dry beans at their front door, it was actually a trap for Master.

According to their mistress' new att.i.tude, she should not be dismayed by such set backs, right? Therefore, Hong Lian took the time to ask, even though deep in her heart, she disapproved of such move a thousand times over.

"What?" To everyone's surprise, this statement caused Su Nuan Nuan to give a high pitch shriek. She jabbed a finger at Hong Lian, glaring in a most dissatisfied way, saying through gritted teeth.

"What nonsense is this? We have already lost 2 jins of beans, you want me to do this again? What if Madam Lan, Concubine Jing, and Concubine Jiang all decided to come? How much beans do you want me to waste? Having followed me for so long, have none of you learn how to economise? What a useless maid. Just give up, give up, quickly put everything away. I'll think of other ways to deal with him. People who waste food will be punished by the heavens. As expected, my two jins of beans are gone, wasted, wuwuwu… being punished by the heavens is really painful."

Hong Lian was so embarra.s.sed that she wanted to crawl into a hole and bury herself, she could not bring herself to look at the enemy troops behind her whose expressions probably looked like they had been struck by lightning several times. She grabbed a broom and began to help Xiang Yun sweep up the beans.

Presently, little Xiang Yun lifted her head carefully and said in a timid manner. "Actually, Madam, if you wish to trap the master, there's no need to use new beans, we can just spread out these ones and reuse them for the same purpose."

At these words, Xu Ran Yun who had just stood around spiritlessly staggered, unable to bring herself to trust her eyes as she looked at the little maid. Was this the weak and cowardly maid in her memory? The one who actually became feverish whenever Xu Ran Yun glared at her too strongly? Just what had happened at Mei Yue Lou? Why is it that none of these women starved to death, but had all turned into cunning beasts? Even her maids are now creatures with belly full of evil intentions.

Su Nuan Nuan was also surprised, she then covered her face in embarra.s.sment. "Aiyah, I'm so stupid, thinking myself into a corner like that, shameful, so shameful." She patted Xiang Yun on the shoulder, and showed her thumb in acknowledgement of her maid's cleverness. This grand way of admitting her mistakes and praising other people's cleverness once again caused the tens of people outside the gate to suffer from a few more lightning strikes.

As a dignified official wife, a servant point out one's fault is considered a serious crime, had this woman eaten some bad medicine or something? Not only was the bold servant not sentenced to death in order to maintain the illusion that the master is always right, she even plainly called herself stupid, and praised the the little maid's cleverness to high heavens. Just…just what on earth is happening?

Su Nuan Nuan had not expected her little play to shock the ladies of the Inner Court up to this degree. She did not even bother to look at Xu Ran Yun whose mood was as black as the bottom of a pot, as she leisurely made her way back into the house with her hands clasped behind her back, leaving Hong Lian and Xiang Yun to pick up after her. After exchanging a glance, the maids, before the very eyes of Xu Ran Yu and the rest, quickly spread out the stepped on beans in front of the court, putting the bean trap into place.

They did it, the maids actually did it, they really did remake the bean trap.

Xu Ran Yun felt that her body was on the verge of collapsing. Su Meng Nuan was bold, bossy, vicious and wasteful, but this type of att.i.tude was only shown to her love rivals and servants. In front of Duan Tingxuan, she was no different from every single womenfolk who had ever tried to win over her husband's affections. Just what had happened to cause her boldness to grow to such a degree?

Since she had become like this, what could her entourage do? Everyone of them watch as the bean trap was being set up, all of them felt very confused and uncertain. Once the bean trap was properly set up, Hong Lian and Xiang Yun stood to the side and watched the Madam with the other Inner Palace servants. After waiting for a long time and not seeing any of them leaving, Xiang Yun could not resist asking. "Madam Yun, this…do you have any other business with us?"

Xu Ran Yun was startled, realising that she had been too shocked by the events and had forgotten to even leave. This att.i.tude was clearly throwing people out of their homes, even Xu Ran Yun cheeks turned red at the implication. Luckily, her maid Feng Xian was a smart one, after a brief consideration, she sneered. "You two standing there waiting, is there something you wish to report to our Madam? If you have anything to say, quickly do so."

With these words, Xu Ran Yun's foolish gaping around was suddenly turned into a superior supervising a bad subordinate and waiting impatiently for her report. The other servants around Feng Xian also admired her quick thinking in saving their faces. Even Xu Ran Yun gave her a look of approval, which made her heart proud.

As soon as this prideful feeling rose, Xiang Yun interrupted in a confused tone. "We? What have we to say to Madam Yun for? Much less to report. We are just standing here waiting for you to scram…ah!" Xiang Yun cried out, covering her own mouth, imitating her own mistress' actions.

Then, remembering her Madam's teaching of 'An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth' lesson, she lowered her hands and smiled cheerfully at the women in front of her. "Apologies, this one has accidentally let out her real thinking. Madam Yun, if you and your entourage do not wish to scram, what are you waiting for?"

She had hardly finished speaking when Hong Lian sent her a fierce glare, drying up the words in her mouth. However, inside she was secretly gleeful: Our madam was almost killed by these group of women, if we don't take this opportunity to say a few words back, it would be a terrible waste.

Xiang Yun was still quite childish, this Hong Lian knew very well. The bad att.i.tude that An Ping palace's rules and laws had squashed down suddenly sprang up, if Madam Yun decided to take action against this little maid, perhaps even Big Madam could not protect her. This stupidly bold maid, did she really did not know the saying 'A loose tongue spells trouble'?

"Y-you dare, a little maid like you, you dare treat me this way?" Xu Ran Yun had enough, she pointed at Xiang Yun and called to the servants beside her. "Grab that rude and shameless s.l.u.t, give her thirty beatings and throw her out of the palace. Clearly this wild and lawless creature does not belong in this Inner Court!"


A few of the servants answered quickly and fiercely, clearly remembering the earlier insult. They pushed up their sleeves and was ready to step in.

Xiang Yun was suddenly afraid. "You…you can't come in, this is Mei Yue Lou. Our mistress still hadn't said anything, and y-you dare come in? Also, you'll fall flat on your face due to the beans."

The servants ignored her, the beans were slippery, but as long as one was careful where one stepped, walking would be fine. The servants kicked the beans aside, rendering this 'bean trap' useless. With a smile at Xiang Yun, one of the servants deliberately curry favour in front of Xu Ran Yun by saying with a cold sneer. "Little miss, surely you don't think that by hiding inside Mei Yue Lou that nothing could harm you? You think you're some big house's precious daughter that Madam Yun couldn't touch?"


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