The Feast

Chapter 2

Chapter 2b Things are not looking good (continued)


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"This is what the Prince had said?" Xi Jinyun was seated behind a table, and smiled as she asked Si Ping, "There is no deduction in her monthly allowance, clothes and food?"

"Yes, Madam Yun. This is the instructions of the prince." Si Ping smiled back in return. This Madam Yun is the daughter of Earl Ming, another high-ranking court official. Her status is not inferior to that of Su Nuan Nuan. She is cunning and thoughtful and is much better at manipulating people than Su Nuan Nuan. But she is just a concubine and she could not be addressed as Big Madam. Therefore, Si Ping has to address her as Madam Yun.

Si Ping was very clear that Madam Yun controls things well within the mansion. She had a lot of eyes and ears within the mansion, and she had set her sights on being the legal wife. Today, Su Nuan Nuan had fallen, and she would not let go of this opportunity to force Su Nuan Nuan to death. In this way, she can become the legal wife.

Su Nuan Nuan does not have the manpower or resources to compete with her on equal grounds. Even if she had, she could not defeat Madam Yun.

"All right, I know what to do. The prince really cared too much about his name. That crazy b.i.t.c.h had already violated all the virtues of being a good wife, and he is still worried that everyone will say that he had forsaken her when her family is down?" Xu Jinyun sighed.

"All right, you return and tell the prince that I will do as he instructed. Tonight I will cook his favourite duck soup. If he has time, ask him to come over to drink it."

"Understood, Madam Yun. I will immediately go back to inform the prince. The prince loves the soup you made the most, and tonight he will surely come over." Si Ping immediately flattered Madam Yun.

Xu Jinyun smiled, "You really know how to make people happy with your words. All right, you may leave. Oh yes, wait a minute, Feng Xian, please give this man a string of coins for his troubles."

Si Ping mouth may say, "No troubles, No troubles…" but he hands grabbed the money before he left.

After he had long disappeared, Feng Xian curtsied as she asked, "Madam, what do we do? It seems that Master is still thinking of big Madam…"

Before she could finished, Xu Jinyun coldly sneered, "What do you know. If he still has any affections for her, he would not have left her in that place. Give her money for food and clothes? Humph, just give her 2 strings of coins each month. As a woman who is kept under house arrest, do you think she deserved more?"

Feng Xian understood her mistress's character. Giving Su Nuan Nuan two strings of coins is also a test of the prince's character. If the prince did not ask or care about that woman, do not mention the two string of coins, even the two children would not see their mother.

Su Nuan Nuan had no idea what is going on at the prince's mansion.

But she had prepared for the change in environment and a harsh life. After all, most modern day women are different from the woman in the past. They are more independent and do not depend on men as much as in Ancient China. She had never thought of having a monthly allowance or food or clothes. She only thought that since things have come to such a situation, she had to depend on herself.

Each time she thinks of this, Su Nuan Nuan was very glad to live in this large courtyard. From now onwards, this will her personal kingdom. She had the confidence to make a better life for herself and continue to eat the finest food this world can provide.

"Madam, you have walked around the place for 2 days. The kitchen did not even send the breakfast for this morning. How could you have the mood to walk around here?"

Xiang Yun was following Su Nuan Nuan. She was curious. Even Hong Lian was worried sick. How come her Missy who was very bad-tempered suddenly becomes so easy to get along with? If it was in the past, her Missy will throw a fit.

"Why shouldn't I have the mood?" Su Nuan Nuan giggled, as she touched a plant on the ground, "Do you know what is this?"


Xian Yun was uncertain about this. She recalled that before she was sold to Guo Gong Mansion, she had seen this vegetable before. It seemed to be called a leek.

"That's right. This is a leek. Do you know how delicious is this thing? No matter if you stew it or fry it, it is a delicious thing. It can also be used to stuff dumplings, and can be combined with pork or mushroom and steamed…."

Su Nuan Nuan excitedly explained. When she turned around and looked at her maid, Xiang Yun, she gave up trying to explain. Xiang Yun was looking at her with a dumbfounded expression, and her mouth was wide enough to stuff an egg into it. "Forget it, I don't think you understand a word of what I've said. All you need to know is that: We will not starve!"

Su Nuan Nuan was very confident about this. After observing for two days, she could confirm with 100% certainty that the backyard had been used to experiment with growing crops. There were about 7-8 mu used to plant food crops. Other than leeks, there were lettuces, spinach, radish etc. It is now spring time. When the weather becomes warmer, she is confident that she would find some cabbages, carrots, mushroom etc.

Heaven will always provide a way out of every problem. Especially for a foodie like her. As long she does not starve, everything else could be negotiated.

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