The Feast

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Sn.o.bbish


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"Madam, you…." Xiang Yun looked at Su Nuan Nuan's sparkling eyes, and scratched her head, "I feel that you are different from before, but sister Hong Lian refused to let me say it."

"Of course, how could I be the same? Do not forget that I almost died once." Su Nuan Nuan rolled her eyes, "How did you think I die and come back to life? The king of h.e.l.l said that my lifespan is not over, and I should not die. To compensate me for taking the wrong soul, they have given me some special skills!"

"How come I do not understand a single word you are saying?" Xiang Yun continued to look at Su Nuan Nuan with a dumbfounded expression on her face. She was thinking that sister Hong Lian is right, Madam is indeed different. The new madam is really nice. In the past, she dared not speak to Madam in this way.

"En, it is all right if you do not understand me!" Su Nuan Nuan replied. Looking at Xiang Yun's bewildered eyes, she immediately cough, and pretend to be strict, "All you need to know is that I am the phoenix reborn. Right now I have changed my bones and am totally different. Understand?"

"It is all right if you do not understand. A rare one in ten thousand years genius like myself, how could a maid like you understand?" Aiya, the last sentence is really too sn.o.bbish. Su Nuan Nuan almost vomited at these words. But she had no choice but to say these words to convince her maid that she is still her Missy.

"Haha, this is indeed Missy! Missy had often said this." Xiang Yun happily leapt into the air, "That's great, it is really you, Madam! Your servant has been having nightmares that you have become another person!"

Oh? Su Meng Nuan often says things like this? What a thick-skinned woman! Su Nuan Nuan wipes the sweat from her forehead as she heaved a sigh of relief. This girl is really easy to trick!

But Hong Lian is much sharper and harder to trick. Since I have the memories of Su Meng Nuan, if she opts to test me, I should pa.s.s her test. The most important thing is, I got the divine mouth! This mouth allows me to eat anything! A woman who comes back from the brink of death, you should expect some changes right?

"奶奶,Xiang Yun……"

"Missy, Xiang Yun….."

Hong Lian's voice rang out from the back door. Su Nuan Nuan and Xiang Yun turned around and saw Hong Lian standing there. Her expressions shown how troubled she was.

"What happened? You did not get anything from the kitchen?"

Su Nuan Nuan dusted her hands on her clothes and walked over. Just one look at Hong Lian's face and she immediately understood?

"Missy, the kitchen asked me to inform you that they dared not to give us food. If the accounts do not tally, then the kitchen will be in trouble." Hong Lian sighed, and shook her head, "Let's wait for a bit, we will go to find Madam Yun."

"Find Madam Yun? Then you will be sneered and snickered at by her servants?" Su Nuan Nuan coldly asked. This is really too much. What does the phrase 'A fallen phoenix is worth less than a chicken?' implies? This situation fits the phase perfectly.

""Or, we do not care? The kitchen dare not cut off our food supply? We eat whatever they give us?"

Hong Lian was worried about her mistress. Right now they have fallen out of favour with the prince. The prince loves pretty women, and have a lot of power. He is also a favourite of the current emperor, and get along well with other princes. All the women in his mansion are the ladies of distinguished n.o.ble family. As for her missy's family, they have become slaves. In this place, they have lost all power.

"Depend on them? All the finest ingredients and they can't cook a d.a.m.n dish. This is a waste." Su Nuan Nuan frowned. "Luckily, it is almost summer. The vegetables in the courtyard may be eaten in a few days time. But what about the rice and noodles? I cannot magically snap my fingers and conjure these up. Kitchen…. Humph! Since when did the kitchen staff dare to treat me like this? "

Hong Lian smiled bitterly. Not just the kitchen staff, even the cleaning staff, also glared at her. How could the kitchen staff give them any face? Hong Lian admired her Missy's optimism. In her opinion, in the next few days to half a month, the kitchen will not even give them any food. When that happens, they will starve to death.

Su Nuan Nuan did not think that the situation here is so dire. She does not want to create a scene in the kitchen. But right now, she does not have a choice. If she does not do that, she could not even survive.

"Do I have any jewellery or money from my drowy?"

When they returned to the room, Su Nuan Nuan sat down on a chair, and asked her servants. An Ping Mansion is rich, Duan Tingxuan would not be so miserly as to keep his wife's drowy? If she asked him for some, then she could solve the problem plaguing them.

"Madam, you used to have a lot of drowy. But when your maiden home ran into trouble, you have spent them off to curry favour with the court officials. Otherwise, the emperor would have beheaded all members of your family instead of enslaving them. When you argued with the prince, the prince imprisoned you here. The prince had already informed you that to make sure they are not killed, An Ping mansion had already spent thousands of gold. And your drowy had already been spent, therefore….."

Su Nuan Nuan waved her hands, "Understood. This means that my drowy had been spent, right? And I even own Duan Tingxuan, that rascal, thousands of gold, right?"

Looking at the stunned expression on her two servants' face, she suddenly recalled that her words were inappropriate. She immediately knocked herself on her head, "Cough, cough, I just remember! This must be due to my suicide attempt. My brain is not as good, and sometimes, I forgot some things."

"Madam, you can escape death is already a stroke of good fortune. Your memory loss is not very important." Hong Lian saw how frustrated her missy was, and immediately consoled. Su Nuan Nuan thought that she was a bad actress. It had been two days, and she had not eased into playing the role of Su Meng Nuan.

"Madam, what should we do?" Xiang Yun has come to depend on her missy. She immediately asked Su Nuan Nuan and completely forgot that these tasks are usually handled by Hong Lian.

"What else can we do? I can only go to the kitchen and create a scene." Su Nuan Nuan slammed her palm on the table! Rascal, you forced me into this!

Su Meng Nuan had married you for 3 years. Right now I just take a bit of food is not too much to ask for, right? It is just rice, flour, oil and salt! I actually made a big loss! Oh, I decided, I must take more. If not I will lose out! Although Su Meng Nuan is dead, I am her representative, and I will help her to get back what you owed her.

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