The Feast

Chapter 5

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"Tingxuan arh, mother could not understand this. That woman and you have married each other for 3 years. She is extravagance and lavish in spending money, and she is the plotting type."

"In the past, you do not want to offend the Ping An Gong mansion and give way to her. But today, the Ping An Gong mansion had fallen on hard times. To protect them, you have spent more than 10,000 taels of silver. You have already done your best."

"So why do you continue to tolerate that woman and let her stay here? Look, her behaviour today is so embarra.s.sing."

After leaving the grandmother's home, the wife of the An Ping Prince, Princess Yang, immediately pulled her son towards her room, and advised him, "Your father loves your second brother the most. They are cunning and sinister people. Luckily you have capabilities and you have the love of the empress. Otherwise, I think that you cannot protect your position as a prince."

"If that woman dared to create more trouble, and made your father angry, I am afraid that your future will be dark. Child, listen to your mother, divorce her. You have already done whatever you could for her."

"Mother, things are not as simple as you think." Duan Tingxuan peeled an orange and chewed it. "Ping Guo Gong Mansion is really unlucky. Frankly, regarding that matter, Ping Guo Gong Mansion was not at fault - they only played a minor role in this matter. The waters here are very deep, and I suspected that they were framed. I helped them because I am not willing to allow the mastermind behind their downfall to get his way, and not because of Nuan Nuan."

"As for her, it is not your son dare not to drive her out. You have heard about it yourself, she dares to create a scent in the kitchen. If I were to drive her out, what she does not dares to do? If she had an affair, do you want me to kill them?"

"It is not worth it to commit a crime because of this woman. Therefore I have put her under house arrest in the courtyard area. If she wants to create trouble, as long as she does not enter our living quarters, I will let her do as she pleased. If she dares to step into our living quarters, I will punish her."

"I know that compared to this woman, you prefer Jin Yun for her skills and Zilan for her gentleness. But right now is not the time to drive her out or promote a concubine to the main wife."

Princess Yang is an old fashion lady, and not one to insist on having her own ways. After listening to her son, she dropped the matter.

After Duan Tingxuan left the room, he looked at the setting sun, and coldly sneered, "You want to create trouble? Then let's see what troubles you can create! Su Meng Nuan, you better be smart and not force me to kill you! Did you really think that I do not know who was being the killing of He Xiang and my child in her belly?"

When Prince Duan Tingxuan muttered these words, he did not expect that Su Nuan Nuan did not create any more troubles and become quiet. There was no opportunity for him to unleash his wrath on her.

—- Meanwhile, in the courtyard —-

"Missy, we have harvested the leeks. I have personally harvested from the garden. Look, there are at least 3 to 4 jins here."

Xiang Yun excitedly shouted as she rushed into the kitchen and proudly show off the items in her basket. She placed the basket in front of Su Nuan Nuan, who was cooking some pork.

"En, Hong Lian and you will wash the leeks first. After washing the leeks, we will cut them and use them to create dumplings. Do you know that these fresh leeks, when combined with pork, and fried, the dumplings are very tasty!"

Su Nuan Nuan used the wok to turn over the golden colour minced pork belly, and smelled the scent of the meat. She smiled in delight.

"Missy, you take a rest, and let me do it." Hong Lian walked into the kitchen. In her hands were two apples, "This is the apples that we took from the kitchen last time. There are only 2 left. Yesterday, when I went to take the pork, I did not see any fruits. You eat these first. Maybe in 2 days time, there will be more fruits."

"Aiya, you've been tricked. They must be hidden the fruits on purpose. The reason why you managed to get the pork and eggs is that they could not hide the eggs and pork." Su Nuan Nuan laughed. They really got the nerve to hide the fruits!

Then she smiled, "We have overcome the most difficult period. From now on, you do not need to worry about food. In our garden, other than flour and rice, we have everything. Oh yes,let see if we can go to the pigsty and grabbed 2 pigs here! This would be perfect!"

"Regarding the fruits, I got a solution. The cherries on the trees in the garden are almost ripe. Later we will knock these cherries down, and use it to make a sweet cherry dessert. After eating the dumplings, we have a bowl of dessert. A perfect combination of sour [1] and sweet! At the same time, the cherry dessert will get rid of any greasy feeling in the mouth. This is a slice of heaven!"

"Yes, if Missy says so, then the food is sure to be tasty!" Hong Lian smiled as she agreed. Then she glanced at the face of Su Nuan Nuan as the latter was absorbed in cooking. Two beads of perspiration dripped from Su Nuan Nuan's face.

Hong Lian sighed. She knew it. This missy is not her missy. Their personalities are as far apart as heaven and earth. But this missy is much better than the missy of the past.

The missy of the past used to be very haughty and fussy and often scold or beat them. She would never personally cook, and her cooking skills are terrible.

This missy treats them well, and often cooks yummy food and shares it with them. With this missy, it is one cooking adventure after another, or the pursuit of one ingredient after another. The best thing is, the food she cooks is so delicious!

Since it is like this, Hong Lian is contented to pretend that nothing is amiss, and her missy is still her missy. Life is so much better with this new missy.

"Lord, if you continue to walk in that direction, you will reach the courtyard. Why not go back? Madam Yun had said that she will cook your favourite dumplings tonight."

"No matter how good the food is, if you eat it too often, you will also be sick of it." Duan Tingxuan sighed, and shook his head, "Maybe I am lucky and did not know it. But today, I am craving for the dishes that I used to eat at the restaurant in town – The duck soup and wontons are really good! Every few days, I would make a trip there just to satisfy my food cravings."

Si Ping smiled, "Since you do not wish to eat at Madam Yun's, why not visit your mother? I heard that there is roast mutton there."

"Roasted mutton? No, thanks! Today I had lunch in the Eastern Palace. The imperial chef had prepared some stewed mutton for lunch. It is not tasty." Duan Tingxuan thought for a while, "Luckily, I am not a foodie. Otherwise, I will grab all the finest food in the land."

"Oh yes, regarding that woman, after the last outburst, is there any more incidents? I have not heard any reports of incidents."

Si Ping replied, "Your servant also did not hear that the Madam had created any trouble. Maybe after she had taken the food, she did not create any more trouble. She is from a n.o.ble family and knows how to behave."

Duan Tingxuan sneered, "Behave? Since when did she know how to behave? In which month did she not create a scene? If not for the fact that she continuously creates trouble until I could stand it no more, I would not have put her under house arrest."

After saying this, he closed the paper fan in his hand, and said, "Forget it, since I am here, let's go the courtyard and take a look. Maybe they have pa.s.sed away? If this is the case, I have to bury them. After all, she is my wife."

Si Ping was thinking, "Aiyo, Lord! You still know that you are husband and wife? Your words are so cold!"

But as usual, he dare not voice out his thoughts, and just followed Duan Tingxuan as they made their way to the courtyard.

— —

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[1] Sour - I think that the dumplings are dunked into the vinegar and hence are sour.

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