The Feast

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Havoc in the kitchen


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Actually, she was quite embarra.s.sed when she said this.

Su Nuan Nuan was very clear who sort of woman Su Meng Nuan was. Duan Tingxuan is a rich and handsome man. If they were to discuss the compensation for the last 3 years, it is unclear who has to pay who.

But right now she has no choice. If she does not get the food, she and her two maids will starve. Therefore she hardens her heart and walked towards the door.

"Missy, this is … not acceptable. After all, you are the big madam. If you go to the kitchen and scold the servants, it is a drop in your status. I will … I will … go, is that all right? You just wait here for my good news." Hong Lian saw the Su Nuan Nuan was serious, and was frightened out of her wits. She immediately hugged Su Nuan Nuan.

"Missy, do not make Ping Guo Gong Mansion embarra.s.sed. You are the missy from a distinguished and n.o.ble….."

"If I do not go and create a scene, then I will become a dead woman. Right now, you know the fate of the people from the Ping Guo Gong Mansion. What else do I have worry about?" Su Nuan Nuan pushed Hong Lian away.

"All right, if you feel that this is very embarra.s.sing, then you need not go with me!"

Hong Lian and Xiang Yun dared not to let her go alone. They know that once Missy made up her mind, they cannot change it. The two of them also dared not to advise her any further.

Right now, they could only pray that their Missy will respect her status as the Big Madam, and will not create too big a scene, and become the laughing stock of the entire mansion.

The distance between the courtyard and the kitchen is about 2 li away (1 km). Along the way, Su Nuan Nuan had managed to get herself worked up. Therefore, when she entered the kitchen, she is as fierce as a tigress.

"Mad…. Madam…."

All the kitchen hands and chefs were astonished. They blinked and thought they saw an illusion. Why is she so furious? She…. She…. She….. why did she come here? Did she forget her status?

Hong Lian and Xiang Yun dared not meet the eyes of the curious kitchen staff. They could only lower their head in shame. Su Nuan Nuan did not feel any shame at all. Everyone needs to eat. If you dare to cut off my food supply, you are forcing me to come and fight.

She folded her arms and showed her hands. The bangle on her right wrist was adorned with pretty jewels and looked very expensive.

"Oh, so you know that I am your Madam." Su Nuan Nuan smiled, and hidden in her smile is a naked blade. "Then why did you stop Hong Lian when I asked Hong Lian to get some food back? What? Now that I have fallen out of favour with the prince, you dared to bully me, is it?"

The kitchen staff were very depressed. Stop mentioning this. You know that you have fallen out of favour with the prince. Looking at you, do you still think that you have not fallen out of favour? If you have the capacity, why not duke it out with Madam Yun. Why did you take it out on us?

But they dared not say it out loud. They could only smile, "Madam must be joking! Your servants dared not bully you. The thing is, all the items in the kitchen are a.s.signed, and the prince had advised you to be quiet and reflect on your actions in the courtyard…."

"The prince may have asked me to reflect on my actions, but he did not ask you to starve me to death?" Su Nuan Nuan did not want to argue with these kitchen staff.

She grabbed a cleaver and stand in front of the counter. Then she slammed the cleaver down hard on the chopping block and said, "I tell you, the food that you send is not enough for me to eat. I am barely half full. If I depend on you, I will starve to death. Do you want to complain that I am creating a scene? Great, report it to Madam Yun and Duan Tingxuan. If they have the guts, ask them to take back whatever I had taken from here!"

"Madam… you…."

Looking at the cleaver in Su Nuan Nuan's hands, the kitchen staff were cowed. They did not know what to do, Su Nuan Nuan immediately barked out an order at Hong Lian and Xiang Yuan, "What are you waiting for? Take these two big bags of rice. There is a cart outside right? Put it into the cart."


At this time, Hong Lian and Xiang Yun had lost all face. Hong Lian and Xiang Yun could only follow Su Nuan Nuan's directions and razed the kitchen. There is some flour, load it into the cart. Oh, here are some eggs, load it as well. There are some oil, salt, soy sauce, sugar, tea as well. Whatever they have seen, they grabbed it.

There is no stopping a shameless person.

All the kitchen hands dared not stop them. They could only look at the two maids loading everything onto the cart helpless. Su Nuan Nuan was pleased. This is right, if you have food to eat, you can be shameless. To deal with these people, you need to be more shameless than them.

Su Nuan Nuan saw that everything had been razed, and smiled. "Oh yes, this cleaver is not bad. I will take it as well. I recalled there are several baskets of chickens outside when we come in. Take two baskets and load it onto the cart."

"Madam… Madam… you cannot do that. How could I answer to Madam Yun?” The kitchen staff saw that Hong Lian not only took two big baskets of chicken, she also grabbed 2 more baskets of duck. They immediately cried out in an attempt to stop her.

Su Nuan Nuan coldly replied, "Just tell her that I took them. If she has any problems with it, ask her to find me." She is not afraid of the concubine. Even the idiotic Su Meng Nuan can fight with Madam Yun on equal grounds. If not for the fact that Su Meng Nuan did not know when to stop and caused a big ruckus, she would not have lost to Madam Yun.

Looking at the scene of the 3 people pushing the cart and disappearing into the horizon, the kitchen staff finally sat on the floor and cried. They knew that the prince will not blame Su Nuan Nuan and they will be blamed for this.

"Prince, today the big Madam went to the kitchen to create a scene, and the news has already reached the ears of Madam, and your parents."

Duan Tingxuan had just returned to the mansion when his servant, Shuangxi ran up, and immediately informed him of what happened.

"Oh? Did she create a scene in the kitchen? Why?"

The prince is a calm person, and not easy to anger. Therefore, he entered the room, washed his hands, and wiped it dry before asking. Then he accepted a cup of tea from a maid in waiting, and took a sip as he waited to hear the reply.

"Because she said she did not have enough food and could not fill her belly…." Shuangxi reported. Before he finished, the prince spat out the tea leaves in surprise.

"Cough, cough, cough…. She could not fill her belly?" Duan Tingxuan was blazing with anger. He asked, "Didn't she refused to eat? Why did she complain that she did not have enough to eat and fill her belly?"

"This… I don't know. Maybe…. Big Madam do not want to starve herself anymore?" Shuangxi carefully replied.

Duan Tingxuan impatiently waved his hands, "That's enough! What did she do after creating a scene in the kitchen?"

"I heard that… I heard that she move half of the items in the kitchen. Even the cart was used to …. Pull the foodstuff. She had not returned it." Shuangxi wiped the beads of perspiration from his head. He thought that Big Madam created a ruckus to attract the prince's attention.

"Trying to get my attention?"

Duan Tingxuan paced around the round, and replied, "All right, I know. As long as she does not create a scene here, regardless if it is the kitchen or the laundry area, even if it is where we raised chickens or pig, let her do as she pleased. Since she is not afraid of losing face, we will close one eye."

"But…. Prince, …. Your mother and the An Ping Prince…." Shuangxi was at a loss for words. Doesn't the prince care about his face?

"The An Ping prince will not care about these matters. As for Madam Yun and my mother, I will inform them. She had created havoc countless times already. Why are you acting so strange this time?" Duan Tingxuan sneered.

"All right, go back to your work. In future, you need not inform me of such tiny matters."

Shuangxi was thinking "Tiny matter? Who spat out the tea in surprise just now?" But he dare not voice his opinions aloud and retreated.

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