The Film Emperor’s Daily Live Cooking Broadcast

Chapter 123 - Main Text Conclusion

Chapter 123 Main Text Conclusion

The next day, He Yun Chen looked for a chance to ask the show crew for his light brain.

Although the program group stipulated that they couldn’t use their light brains for the program, their guests weren’t ordinary citizens and it was impossible for them to be completely cut off from the outside world. So when they needed to communicate with the outside world, the program group will also willingly accommodate them.

After the show crew adjusted the cameras, He Yun Chen took the light brain into the cabin and dialed He Yun Yi’s number.

“Huh? Why the sudden call?” As soon as the video was connected, He Yun Yi’s handsome face appeared on screen. He saw He Yun Chen’s face positively glowing with health and happiness. His normally cold face had on an unmistakably warm expression. He Yun Yi was startled, and then he couldn’t help laughing. In a teasing tone, he asked, “So I take it that you’re enjoying your world for two? Looks like you used that thing I gave you?”

“We’re doing fine and that thing you gave me has been used.” He Yun Chen couldn’t help but raise the corner of his mouth slightly when he spoke.

“Huh? You really used it?” He Yun Yi hadn’t expected that. He never thought there would come a day that his blockhead of a brother would have this kind of efficiency. He even wondered if his brother had been kicked in the head by a donkey. How did he suddenly get so enlightened?

He Yun Chen said, “We’re preparing to go back and get married. Please help me tell our parents.”

“Oh.” He Yun Yi responded, then immediately said, “Ah ????????”

“Well, that’s it.”

“Huh? Wait! Hey!”

After dropping this giant bomb, He Yun Chen ruthlessly ended the call. He turned off the light brain, and returned it to the program team. He Yun Yi’s dozens of agitated and excited questions all fell into empty air.

When he came out of the wooden cabin, He Yun Chen saw that Ruan Tang was once again busy in front of the stove. He stepped forward and very casually took the mud-covered potatoes from Ruan Tang and put them in a plastic basin filled with water. After cleaning it and letting it dry, he peeled it with a knife. A small smile appeared on Ruan Tang’s face and he started to slice some meat.

The cooktop wasn’t very large. The two of them squeeze together to cook and from time to time their limbs would come into contact with each other. When He Yun Chen stood up from where he was squatting on the ground, he bumped into Ruan Tang’s waist. Ruan Tang was off-balanced but before he could even feel the weightlessness of falling, He Yun Chen had already caught him with a hand around his waist and had pressed the other against his chest.

“Be careful.” He Yun Chen looked down at him, his eyelashes hung low. He looked unexpectedly gentle.

Ruan Tang also gave a close-mouthed smile and patted him on his arm, signaling for him to let go. He said, “Have you finished chopping the potatoes? Go and rest. I’ll make some roast chicken and potatoes for you.”

[Little Fish Yin: Wow, what’s with this old married couple feel? They’re so in tune with each other!]

[Hand over the dried fish to the meow: CP feels to the max! Please give us more interactions! [Fly rubs his hands.jpg]]

[Dust Fate Dust Fate: The Marshal just had his arms around Ruan Tang’s waist just now! And he smiled! He looked super gentle! This is love! This is love!!!]

[Little transparent: Together! They’re together! This CP has got to be real!]


Ten days later, the large-scale outdoor variety reality show was about to come to an end. The program team exceeded their goals and successfully captured the hearts of the audience with the scenery and food of the Aquamarine Planet. Since they released the news that the Aquamarine Planet was about to be opened to the public, the response has been extremely enthusiastic. The information hotline almost burst from the sheer number of callers.

Even the simple wooden houses built by the guests and the stone pavilions built by Gilbert were kept. These will be used as selling points to attract the people. It was unbelievable how many people were willing to spend money just to be able to stay where their idols once stayed at.

The program team returned the guests’ light brains to them, and gave them enough time to pack and organize their personal belongings. The spacecraft that would take them back to the Capital Star was waiting at the port and ready to leave.

Before their departure, there was a live interview. As a special treat to the audience, they would pick several of their questions to ask to the guests.

After asking everyone a round of questions, the host turned to Shi Mingxu. “There are some viewers who wish to know when the new restaurant will open. They can’t wait to taste the food.”

“We’ve already began preparations for the restaurant before coming to this show. After we go back, we will step up preparations and it shouldn’t be long before we can meet with all of you. I hope everyone can support us.” Shi Mingxu added, “The braised beef from before will be included as one of our signature dishes and we will be having a promo for our grand opening.”

The audience cheered with excitement and said that they would definitely come and have a taste when his restaurant opens.

“Next, it’s our two most-watched guests.” The host walked in front of He Yun Chen and Ruan Tang, and began to ask the questions. “There’s an audience member who wants to ask Major General He, just what was the third item you brought with you? How come we never saw you take it out and use it? ”

After hearing this question, He Yun Chen’s thin lips pursed slightly, and beside him, Ruan Tang’s eyes flickered unnaturally.

“I wanted to bring an igniter but I forgot to take it with me.”

The barrage suddenly blossomed with the audiences’’ well-meaning jokes and ribbing. They never expected Marshal He could also be this careless.

[Meow Meow loves to eat Lotus Pond dog food: How come I feel like the marshal isn’t telling the truth?]

[Can’t stop Hugging Trees: Keke, I know what he brought. He brought his designs upon our Tang Tang [motherly fan’s hatred.jpg]]

“The next question is for Mr. Ruan. The two variety shows you’ve participated in have been very successful. Do you have plans of participating in any future variety shows?” Actually, the program team also wanted to ask this question. It could be said that Ruan Tang and He Yun Chen were currently the Empire’s most popular idols. Their participation in the outdoor variety show earned it record-breaking ratings. The program was so profitable, their arms were getting weary from counting all the money.

The program team had tasted the sweet taste of success and intended to do another similar variety reality show. He Yun Chen had a special identity and so, the program team didn’t hold out hope that they could get him to participate in another shooting. But if Ruan Tang was willing to participate, their ratings would basically be guaranteed. The host casually dropped in an advertisement, “In fact, we will have a new variety show next month,” Gourmet Romance “, consisting of ten chefs and ten guests from all walks of life who will be paired as sweethearts. They’ll be cohabiting for three months and the program team will be assigning them different tasks.”

“This …” Ruan Tang looked hesitantly at He Yun Chen beside him.

Pretending to be a couple, how could He Yun Chen not agree?

“I’m sorry, he won’t have time to participate.” He Yun Chen suddenly answered for Ruan Tang.

The host turned to him and sighed with emotion. “Marshal He and Chef Ruan have a really good relationship.”

“We do have a very good relationship.” He Yun Chen put his hand on Ruan Tang’s shoulder. “After all, we’re lovers.”




Everyone’s minds were blown away by this heavy bomb of a news. For a while all activity on the live chat stopped, completely exposing everyone’s slack faces.

As though He Yun Chen still felt that it was not enough, he added, “We’ll be preparing for our wedding once we return and we welcome everyone to join us.”

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