The Film Emperor’s Daily Live Cooking Broadcast

Chapter 124 - extra

extra 124

He Yun Chen and Ruan Tang suddenly announced news of their relationship in the last live broadcast interview and it caused a great uproar in the Empire.

# LotusPondCPPublicConfession #


# MarshalHeRuanTangWedding#

They quickly became the Star Network’s top hot searches, and almost everyone was discussing them and their relationship.

Thanks to this highly successful outdoor reality show, Ruan Tang and He Yun Chen’s various affectionate and intimate interactions in the show attracted a lot of CP fans. The fans quickly recovered from their shock and started celebrating on the Star Network without restraint.

[Xuanyuan Purple Jade: Ah, ah, ah, my CP came true!]

[The Lotus Pond was blown up: hehe, the two big men doing something like this. Isn’t it disgusting :)]

[Lian Zhao 😕 ? ? ? Someone come and pinch me. It’s 8013 already, right? To the commenter above, what’s wrong with you??]

[Wait until the fireworks cool off: Sorry, he’s a patient who’s escaped from our mental hospital. I took him away.]

[Inexplicably following you: This is a time for celebration. Friends, the Lotus Pond is real!!! The little frog in the lotus pond has eaten the small soft candy. And Little brother Xiao Yu is still young. We must stay calm. But, Madams, reproduce! Please reproduce! I beg you!]

The two most popular diamond bachelors of the Empire, the youngest and the most promising, were now both unavailable at the same time. What’s more, they themselves were the ones who had taken each other off the market. This was undoubtedly a big news. The reporters on the Capital Star were like wolves who had caught scent of a trail. They all acted quickly. Since it would take time for He Yun Chen and Ruan Tang to return via the spacecraft, these reporters could only go to interview their relatives and friends first.

At this time, who knew who had exposed the news but it was said that He Yun Yi was in a bad mood today, constantly cursing He Yun Chen. They suspected that he didn’t support the marriage. Then, gossip from the Jinjiang live broadcast platform also circulated. They said that President Ran Jing had thunderclouds over her head the entire day. Unfortunately, there was no way for them to enter the military headquarters and they couldn’t bribe someone for information. They couldn’t find out He Wei Ye’s situation. But He Yun Yi and Ran Jing’s attitudes were enough to explain the problem.

[The Throne watches Everyday: Hehe, I always said, the He Family would never accept a tiny insignificant and powerless anchor. He’s even got amnesia. Who the f*ck knows if he’s some spy sent by the Valens :)]

[The Throne watches Month after Month: I see them on the headlines everyday. I’m getting sick of them.]

[The Throne watches Year after Year: Isn’t he such a spoiled princess? When you talk like this, be careful or you might get bitten by the little princess’ hairy leg [tn content=”Erha”]

[/tn] [Erha]]

[The Throne Can’t See: Please read my name aloud 🙂 Is having schizophrenia fun? My friend, have your eyes gone so red that they’ve started bleeding?]

All kinds of haters raised a tremendous stink. Many people said that they didn’t think highly of this pair. They were of the opinion that the program group was deliberately hyping them up for the sake of ratings. Some people said that even if they were truly in love, the He family might not accept a lowly civilian-born chef as He Yun Chen’s partner. Most though adapted a wait and see attitude or were readily offering their blessings.

There were a lot of female fans who couldn’t accept this development, and many even turned into black fans. However, He Yun Chen and Ruan Tang didn’t have a lot of scandals that could be used as material for their hate campaign. What’s more, they didn’t need to depend on their fans to generate “views”, so all these ruckus online had about the same effect as a feather’s tickle on their lives.

Outside the gates of the military headquarters, downstairs of the Jinjiang Live Broadcasting Platform office building, and even outside the gate of the Academy of Sciences, a lot of reporters had camped out, hoping to get a statement from He Yun Chen’s family.

Although they were all waiting, they weren’t holding out much hope of actually being able to interview them. After all, they were no mere civilians. They could simply avoid all these reporters if they wanted to.

But what was surprising was that the He family took the initiative to accept the reporters’ interview.

“Supreme Commander He, what do you think about Marshal He publicly announcing his marriage to Mr. Ruan?”

“It’s completely unreasonable.” He Wei Ye frowned and grunted coldly.

The reporter was immediately excited. Supreme Commander He didn’t approve of the marriage? That’s big news!

“This came right out of nowhere! Time is so tight! Where will we find time to make all the preparations? Such foolishness!” He Wei Ye continued on with a calm face.

“Ah …?” The reporter was stupefied.

“Have you finished the interview? I need to go to the Rose Restaurant to order a banquet, so I have no time to talk to you anymore.” He Wei Ye turned to his adjutant, “Send him out.”

“Yes, Supreme Commander!”

The reporter who went to interview Ran Jing encountered a similar situation.

“President Ran, Marshal He has suddenly announced his marriage. Did he consult with you?”

“No, this stinky boy likes to act on his own!”

The reporter was happy when he heard these words, but without waiting for his follow up question, Ran Jing continued to say, “He didn’t even have a ring when he proposed. Thank goodness, Tang Tang has such a good temper. It’s the only way he could tolerate that stinky boy. I’m going to have to plan and prepare well for them. Otherwise, that damned boy will just do a slapdash work again! ”

When this reporter was sent out, it looked like his soul had flown out of his body.

The reporter who went to interview He Yun Yi was in and even sorrier state. The irascible and frustrated He Yun Yi had talked his ear off for more than half an hour. “Who has ever heard of anyone treating a wedding like this? Like it’s just some trifling matter? You’re going to get married just because you say so!? Time is so tight. What about the guests? What about the venue? What about event planning? I’m going to beat that stinky boy when he comes back! ”

Generally speaking, the He family was actually very supportive of their marriage…

It even seemed that they liked Ruan Tang more than they did Marshal He.

Not just the reporters, even the viewers who saw the interview all felt a bit confused. If they remembered correctly, Marshal He was their son, right?

It couldn’t be that their actual son was Ruan Tang instead of Marshal He, right? Were they switched at birth in the hospital and have just now been found by the He Family???

On the day when the spacecraft He Yun Chen and Ruan Tang took to return to Capital Star arrived, the capital’s Star Harbor was crowded with reporters, all of whom wanted to immediately interview them.

When they learned that He Yun Chen’s spacecraft had landed, everyone craned their necks and looked towards the direction of the passageway.

“They’re here! They’re here!” Someone suddenly started shouting.

Everyone heard it and as expected, they saw the tall He Yun Chen and the elegant Ruan Tang walk out of the passageway, hand in hand. Both men’s faces had a faint smile, and they seemed to be radiating with happiness.

There was a scream of excitement not far away, and when the two looked up, they saw people holding banners and shouting “Lotus Pond CP”, “Together Forever”, “Wishing you Happiness” and so on. They were obviously He Yun Chen and Ruan Tang’s fans. When they saw the two of them hand in hand, standing before them, in the flesh, they began hopping and jumping about as though he they had inhaled some stimulants. It was like there were packs of groundhogs shrieking on the scene.

Thanks to the enthusiastic promotion of these Lotus Pond CP fans throughout the Empire, many people now thought that the two of them were very well matched. Now that they had made their love public, the fans were very happy. They went about telling each other the good news. It was like a happy event much like the celebration of the new year. They even organized this large-scale welcome, flooding the Star Harbor.

However, they were still very cool-headed and courteous. They knew that these two didn’t like chaotic scenes, so they stayed in their spots, giving very little pressure to the security personnel of the Star Harbor.

To such well-behaved fans, although he found their antics a little embarrassing, Ruan Tang still thought they were cute. So he waved to them and smiled, “Thank you for your blessing.”

“Ah, ah, Tang Tang, I love you!” Some people in the crowd yelled, “Don’t marry Marshal He, I’ll steal cars to provide for you!”

Before He Yun Chen’s face could turn cold, this troubled fan was stopped by the other CP fans. She protested as she struggled, “Don’t pull at me, I really want to marry …”

The CP fans grimly covered her mouth, “No, you don’t.”

Ruan Tang: “…”

He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He pulled the unhappy-looking He Yun Chen’s hand, whispering: “It’s alright. They’re just kidding.”

He Yun Chen lowered his eyes and looked at him. His cold features seemed a bit fierce, but Ruan Tang knew that this guy was feeling wronged. He patted his head and smiled.

Then the crowd were once again in an uproar, they were all smiling and giggling. Someone shouted: “Kiss!”

Others immediately followed suit: “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”

He Yun Chen’s eyes moved down and settled on his lips.

Ruan Tang’s face suddenly became hot, “Hey, we’re out in public …”

“…” Without saying a word, He Yun Chen started to unbutton his military jacket. A group of girls on the sidelines whistled excitedly. He took his coat, pulled up both sides of the collar with his hands, and caged Ruan Tang in between. He then leaned forward, closed the space between them and kissed his lover’s hot and moist lips.

Whistles and cheers surrounded them. Ruan Tang didn’t even dare to open his eyes. He only felt He Yun Chen’s lips leave his own. He was then pulled by the hand and quickly ran through the crowd.

He pressed the coat against the top of his head. They ran against the fierce wind and with He Yun Chen beside him, boarded the suspended car and sped away.

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