The Film Emperor’s Daily Live Cooking Broadcast

Chapter 125(END) - extra

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He Yun Chen and Ruan Tang returned home and received a warm welcome from their families.

“Brother, brother, brother !!!” Like a rocket gun, Ruan Yu charged down the stairs on his short legs, running headlong into Ruan Tang’s arms.

“Xiao Yu, big brother missed you so much. Did you miss your big brother?” Ruan Tang took the little guy into his arms and hugged him.

“Missed! Missed you so much!”

“Xiao Yu is such a good boy!” Ruan Tang smiled and kissed his younger brother’s soft cheeks. With a hand supporting Xiao Yu’s butt, he jostled the child a few times, “Xiao Yu. It seems you’ve gotten heavy.”

The little guy immediately giggled, “Brother, I’ve gotten tall!”

In just one month, Xiao Yu became healthier and livelier. His small cheeks were plump and chubby, and he’s even grown taller. He no longer looked like a malnourished little kid. It could be seen that the He family took very good care of him.

Ruan Tang said, “Did you watch the live broadcast?”

“I did! Auntie Ran watched it with me every day! The barbecue was soooo delicious! Brother, I want to eat barbecue!”

“Okay, brother will make it for you.”

Compared with the joyful reunion of the two Ruan brothers, the He family reunion was going quite differently.

“You stinky boy, what’s the matter with you?” Ran Jing grabbed her son by his ear. “There wasn’t even a decent proposal! You say you’re getting married, so you getting married? I swear, if Ruan Tang didn’t have such a good temperament, you would have been a bachelor for life!” ”

“You didn’t even consult with your family about the date of the wedding! What! Were you thinking of having a slapdash wedding?!” He Wei Ye hated iron for not becoming steel. “I will have you know that everyone in the He Family has always followed custom!”

At that time, when he married Ran Jing, he strictly followed the ancient customs. He had followed every rule and done every ritual — unlike this messed up boy! He had no ring, no ceremony, no nothing! He just declared it straight out like it was that simple!

Outrageous! Completely inappropriate!

“The guest list, your attire, the wedding venue, the banquet, nothing was prepared!” He Yun Yi was also very irritable, “How did you think we’d be able to prepare the wedding for you?!”

He Yun Chen knew that he had been in the wrong, and bowed his head to let his family scold him.

And when the He family had finally vented their anger, they still arranged all the details for He Yun Chen’s wedding. Who allowed this guy to be such a hands-off leader? He was not willing to engage in these matters ‘done for show’. With their help, they could give Tang Tang a wedding so breathtaking and stunning as to shut everyone up.

“Okay, I have placed a rush order for two sets of customized ceremonial attire from the master designer Luo Yongcheng. I’ve already sent over both of your virtual body data, and they should be delivered tomorrow.” Ran Jing sighed.

He Wei Ye snorted, “I arranged for the Rose Restaurant to do the wedding banquet. Four chefs will be participating in the production, so they can definitely guarantee the quality of the banquet.”

“I had to stay up all night to get the guest list out! When the time comes, they’ll set up a circle around the restaurant and we can have some of your fans join in. You’ve already said many nice and flowery things, it won’t do for you to not have them join.” He Yun Yi grumbled and complained but in the end, he still spared no effort to do everything that needed to be done.

“Thank you, Dad, Mom, Ge.”

“We’re family, what need is there for thanks!”

“Did you prepare the rings?!” Although it was already they year 8013, some traditions were still preserved.

“I have booked them online and we’ll have it tomorrow.”

“Looks like you still retained some sense!”

Ruan Tang listened to their conversations from the side, and could not help but reveal a shallow smile. In fact, he had been the one to make sure a slapdash proposal … Wasn’t he leaving Chen Ge to carry the pot for him?


The wedding was set for the next day. He Yun Chen and Ruan Tang got up early in the morning and donned on their just-delivered, custom made suits.

Two suits, one black and one white, perfectly outlined the tall and slender figures of the two grooms. The necklines of the two suits were respectively tied with a bow tie of the opposite color. The hems were embroidered with the names of the two. They were truly finely and meticulously made.

Ruan Tang and He Yun Chen stood in front of the mirror. Their hair was carefully styled and they put on just a spritz of cologne — a touch of pine wood aroma, warm and mellow.

They looked at each other in the mirror, and then turned their eyes to the person next to them. They smiled at each other and there was a rare sense of nervousness.

The door of the room was pushed open and He Yun Yi, with Ruan Yu in his arms, urged them, “Hurry up, it’s almost time.”

Ruan Yu was also specially dressed today. He wore a small white suit and had on a small pair of smart-looking leather shoes. He too, looked like a handsome young boy. He will be accompanied by a little girl, one of Ran Jing’s relatives and together they would be their flower girl and page.

He Yun Chen took Ruan Tang’s hand. They rode a suspended car to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register.

The reporters had received the news a long time ago and they surrounded the Civil Affairs Bureau so tightly not even a single drop of water could pass through. Their registration process was recorded from every angle and became the top news of the day.

Then they rushed to the Rose Restaurant. The Rose Restaurant was indeed worthy of being called the most luxurious five-star restaurant in the Empire. From the exterior to the interior decorations, every inch exuded luxury.

All the guests have arrived. The main table in the front row was particularly eye-catching. Aside for the He family, everyone sitting there held powerful positions in the Empire, even the Emperor and Empress were in attendance.

The wedding soon officially started. Accompanied by soothing music, the two slender figures stepped onto the red carpet to the center of the banquet hall, all eyes focused on the two of them.

They walked to the stage, spotlight shining down on them. The officiator stood in the middle of the two and asked, “Ruan Tang, do you take He Yun Chen to be your husband, to love and respect him forever and always?”

“I do.” Ruan Tang’s voice trembled slightly. It was the first time for him to have such a high-profile and public wedding, he couldn’t help being a little nervous.

“He Yun Chen, do you take Ruan Tang to be your husband, to love and respect, forever and always?” The officiator asked.

“I do.” He Yun Chen responded solemnly.

“Now, may you please exchange rings.”

He Yun Chen and Ruan Tang looked at each other as they slowly put on the other a ring, symbolizing their love and marriage.

“It is done! You may now kiss your husband.”

Ruan Tang and He Yun Chen, under the eyes of everyone, slowly embraced each other and exchanged a lingering kiss.

Enthusiastic applause rang around, and their countless fans outside gave unending cheers.

Hand in hand, they passed the years and they lived happily ever after.

–The End

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