The Film Emperor’s Daily Live Cooking Broadcast

Chapter 13 - Film Emperor Ruan Tang

Ch13 – Film Emperor Ruan Tang

“Ah?” He Yun Yi’s brows rose, “So that ‘HE’ is you?”

He couldn’t help but stand up and reach out to touch his brother’s forehead. With a deep and forceful voice, he said, “Now, you tell me. Did something happen to you?”

He Yun Chen: “…”

He coldly patted away his brother’s hand and pointed at the chicken wings in the box. He said quietly, “This is the reason.”

Being able to let his “anorexic” self enjoy the delights of natural food, the cause of this could already be considered a miracle.

Outside the mansion came the sound of a suspended car, and Ran Jing smiled, “Your father’s back.” She stood up and hurried out with a smile on her face.

There were two double S-class fighters in the family. Although glorious, their very sharp five senses also make them lose out on the fun that many ordinary people experience. For example, in the case of eating, their family of four never sat together in a single place. It was always that she and her eldest son would eat natural ingredients downstairs, and the younger son and her husband would eat nutrient solutions upstairs.

The chicken wings brought back by her two sons was actually something that the younger son liked, so her husband naturally wouldn’t be disgusted by it either.

She opened the door, helped her husband to take off his military uniform, and then asked her husband to sit down to eat.

Seeing that his younger son who had only ever eaten nutrient solutions was also sitting quietly at the table, He Wei Ye couldn’t help but furrow his brows. He was about to refuse, when his nose caught a whiff of something that was different from before.

Such a good smell.

His eyes fell on the congee and preservation boxes on the table.

He Yun Yi pulled out the chair from the head of the table, smiled and said: “Dad, today’s meal is different from the previous ones. Just sit down and try some.” He pointed at the chicken wings on the table. “Even A’Chen likes it.”

“There is also this fresh shrimp porridge, which I cooked according to the video. The taste should also be OK.” Ran Jing took him to sit down. The porridge she cooked today was the prawn porridge that Ruan Tang cooked during the live broadcast today. Because the cooking method seemed to be relatively simple, she followed it step by step and it seemed to be a success. In addition, she also fried a vegetable dish. One meat, one vegetable and one congee, today’s dinner looked like a hard to come by luxurious feast.

Ran Jing gave them a heaping bowl of congee, and then she added a chicken wing to He Yun Chen and He Wei Ye’s plates.

He Yun Chen already liked Ruan Tang’s craftsmanship. In one bite he bit off half of the chicken wing. The chicken was boiled tender and the taste of the soy sauce penetrated into it, making it look more rich and mellow. The chicken skin was the tastiest, soft and slippery. It made people itching to bite into more.

At this time, eating a mouthful of the thick shrimp congee, the clear sweetness from the rice diluted the oily feel from the chicken wings. The warm congee went down into his stomach, immediately warming it completely.

Seeing that his younger son ate with such gusto, He Wei Ye also couldn’t help but to have a rare sense of anticipation. He also had a chicken wing. At first his eyebrows were furrowed but after biting a bit on the side, it smoothed out in an instant, and his eyes flashed with surprise. He ate faster than He Yun Chen, and cleaned the chicken in one bite, then spit out a thin bone.

“Which star-ranked chef made this?” he couldn’t help but praise, “When did the Chefs’ Association have such a great new chef?”

He Yun Yi couldn’t help but poke fun, “Dad, how long has it been since you’ve been on the Star Network? This was from a food anchor under mom’s company. Even us, your sons, these young masters who don’t eat the food of common mortals are hooked on his food. One of us even went so far as to become their room manager to help them out!” and he then looked at his younger brother with a smile that was yet not a smile.

He Yun Chen looked at him coldly, and then snagged the last piece of chicken wing that should have belonged to his brother.

“He Yun Chen!!” He Yun Yi screamed at him. He angrily glared at his brother and watched with bitterness as he finished off the chicken wing. He said full of hatred, “You are simply a cow eating peonies!”

“In the first place, ah… yes.” Ran Jing looked at He Yun Chen, put down the congee bowl in her hands and said, “A’Chen, the accounts that you asked me to check yesterday, I’ve already found out that these were all employed professional water armies. A pretty sum was transferred into their accounts and after tracing the source it should be from someone in the Chefs’ Association.

“Chefs’ Association?” He Yun Chen frowned.

Ran Jing shook her head. “The remittance came from a relative of a star-ranked chef. They also work in a restaurant. They have no direct clashing of interests with the anchor, so I think it should have been incited by someone from the top.”

“But it certainly wouldn’t have been by President Gu. He also contacted the live broadcast platform today. He wanted to invite Ruan Tang to join the Chef’s Association. It sounded like he looks highly upon Ruan Tang.” She shook her head. “The way I see it, the most likely culprit is that guy Qi Zhuo. I heard that he isn’t very satisfied with his current position.”

He Yun Chen nodded. “I know.”

Next to her, He Wei Ye frowned. “The Chefs’ Association? Such talent, rather than recruiting him they want to get rid of him instead?”

“It is the jealous mediocre person who doesn’t welcome in new people. Besides, the Chefs’ Association isn’t a unified bloc inside.” Ran Jing shook her head. “I also saw the “accident” that he was involved in before when he was still acting, and it also seems to be a bit suspicious.”

Thinking of the information she saw, Ran Jing’s eyebrows furrowed. She didn’t intentionally invade his personal privacy, but when he signed a contract with the live broadcast platform, his personal information was uploaded to the database. Today, when the Chefs’ Association requested to contact the anchor through the platform, Ran Jing had to look it up in the process.

Hearing the words “acting” and “accident”, He Yun Chen’s brow suddenly wrinkled and he asked, “What happened?”

“You should recognize Ruan Tang, the movie emperor? The youngest Woska film emperor? He is that food anchor, Ruan Tang.”

Originally, when she saw this name, she thought it was just someone with the same name. After all, there were tens of billions of people in the interstellar world. It was hard to find a name without a duplicate. She never would have thought that the identity of these two from completely different fields turned out to be the same person.

“He had an accident five years ago when he was filming. His head was badly hit and he was in a coma for five years. According to the records, he was just discharged from hospital.”

A young actor who had just won the distinction as film emperor and had a good future, now had to rely on the live broadcasts to make a living, and he still didn’t even dare to show his face. The feeling of seeing him drop down to the very bottom and then this quickly being able to rise up from the shadows and start again made Ran Jing have a little more pity for this young man.

He Wei Ye said, “How did the accident come about?”

“It was an accident during the filming of a mech battle scene. The mech suddenly exploded. He couldn’t open the hatch and was trapped inside until he was rescued after the explosion.”

“Couldn’t open the hatch?” He Wei Ye said, “These mechs have emergency escape measures. How could this happen?”

Ran Jing sighed: “This is also the point that I suspect. But since then 5 years have already passed, and for now the incident can’t be investigated very clearly.”

He Yun Chen asked, “What about his family?”

“There is no relevant record in his personal information. Maybe there is no family member.” Ran Jing said with a sigh, “This child was born under an unlucky star, he strived alone, and after much difficulty things were starting to look up, and then such an accident happened and all of a sudden he has to start all over.”

Ever since they were young, the two children of the He Family were giants among men, and they had never suffered any grievance. The eldest son was naughty, mischievous and black-bellied, while the younger son was cold and serious. Neither of them have ever made her worry. But now, seeing Ruan Tang, this outstanding and lovable child suffering such matters, it made Ran Jing’s heart overflow with maternal love.

“I think this child is very independent. Otherwise, I would want him to come to our house.” She couldn’t help but shake her head again. “Since you two brothers like to watch the live broadcast, it’s not a big deal to send more gifts. The way I see it, he was just discharged from the hospital, his body must still be weak, and it’s precisely at this time that he needs money.”


After eating, they left the smart butler to clean the table, and they each went upstairs to their rooms to rest. He Yun Chen half-leaned against the headboard, his fingers fiddling with the light brain on his wrist, thinking about what he had just heard.

He originally just wanted to help solve the problems of the few sunspots. But he had inadvertently explored the other’s past, which gave him a sense of shame that came with prying into the privacy of others. However, he could not help but think, under the anchor’s always laughing voice, were there any other hidden secrets?

Suddenly a light screen popped up in front of him, and He Yun Chen was startled and found that he had just unconsciously opened the anchor’s personal channel.

“Ruan Tang.” He gently rolled the name around the tip of his tongue, feeling like he had swallowed a piece of medicine, with an outer layer of sugar but wrapped around a bit of bitterness.

How can this person hide so well? Making him want to also take a look and see what was actually at the center of this medicine.

It hadn’t been long since Ruan Tang started broadcasting, and there are only five videos in the channel. He opened the first one and the surroundings became the look of the live room.

Ruan Tang probably opened the privacy protection. Except for the cooktop in front of him, he could only see a blurred warm colored figure. From his point of view, he could just see threads of soft-looking hair ends. Maybe because of the kitchen lights, it seemed to be a gentle and soft, pale chestnut color.

At the first live broadcast, there were very few people. There were only three people. He looked as Ruan Tang adjusted his slightly ill-fitting clothes and then he began to introduce himself. He Yun Chen felt that even this kind of young and inexperienced action could endear himself to a person.

Although he couldn’t see Ruan Tang’s face, he could imagine how gentle and shy the smile was on the face of this youth who spoke with such a clear, sweet-sounding voice.

He Yun Chen’s perspective kept changing with the perspective of the anchor. He looked at Ruan Tang’s agile movements as he handled the ingredients. His wrist gave a tremble as he lifted the pot lid and threw in the fish fillets one after the other.

That bit of exposed wrist was very thin, the skin was like the highest quality white jade, under the bright lights it gave off a kind of gentle luster. He Yun Chen’s line of sight went down and he for some reason he couldn’t move his eyes.

The aroma in the live room became more and more intense. Even if he had just had dinner, his stomach couldn’t help but give a hungering groan once again, but his eyes were still stuck to that section of wrist.

The wrists exerted a bit of effort and a small round bone suddenly protruded. On the back of the wrist, he could even see the light blue blood vessels get agitated. The owner of that wrist ladled out a bowl of congee, and the white, slender fingers held a porcelain white spoon that sparkled under the bright lights, so that for a time he could not tell whether it was the spoon that shone whiter or the other hand that was whiter.

His Adam’s apple bobbed without his control.

He Yun Chen bent down, as if he was being fed by Ruan Tang. He extended his neck to the spoon, and with a sweep of his tongue, the sweet taste of the fish fillet spread in his mouth.

But the food in the holographic world can’t be swallowed. This sort of quenching one’s thirst by thinking of plums kind of action just made the longing feeling in his stomach stronger.

-Those wrists.

His eyes fell on those white jade-like wrists and he couldn’t help but reach out. Although he was unable to make physical contact with the anchor because of privacy protection, and could only stay within the virtual world, he still felt satisfied.

He sighed deeply in his heart.

Too skinny.

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