The Film Emperor’s Daily Live Cooking Broadcast

Chapter 12 - The Chefs' Association's Invitation

Ch12 – The Chefs’ Association’s Invitation

A moment ago, Ruan Tang had closed the live broadcast so fast, but it wasn’t that he didn’t want to say a few more words with everyone, but because his light brain had an incoming call.

The number was unfamiliar and Ruan Tang hesitated, but still chose to connect the call.


“Hello, is this Mr. Ruan Tang?” The sweet female voice came from the opposite side.

Ruan Tang said, “It’s me.”

“Hello, Mr. Ruan, I am Wang Xia, a staff member of the Jinjiang Live Broadcasting Platform. My employee number is 247454.” She revealed her identity and explained, “It is like this. The Chefs’ Association contacted us hoping to get in touch with you, but you are signed under our platform and we will not disclose your personal information to anyone without your permission, so I would like to ask you for your opinion on the matter.”

Wang Xia was very forthcoming in conveying the request of the other party: “Would you like us to hand over your personal contact number to the other party?”

“Yes, but aside from the contact number, I hope that the platform would not reveal my other personal information.” Ruan Tang nodded.

Less than five minutes after the call ended, the Chefs’ Association’s dispatch came through.

“Hello, Mr. Ruan, I am Zhao Ping of the External Relations Department of the Chefs’ Association. We have learned about your excellent performance on the Jinjiang Live Platform. The President admires you very much. I wonder if would be interested in joining the Chefs’ Association and taking the certification test?”

The Chefs’ Association was the holy land of all chefs in the interstellar world. Although it has been unsatisfactory in terms of results in recent years, its status has become more and more prestigious. Along with the Academy of Sciences beginning to implement and restore natural ingredients, the government has allocated large sums of money each year to subsidize the Chefs’ Association. It has become a place that every chef dreams of entering.

And if you can become a star-ranked chef, there will be a qualitative leap in the chef’s own personal social status.

As for the chef certificate, he had planned to go to take the exam before, but regarding entering the chef association, he had no intention of doing so. Aside from the fact that his body had not yet fully recovered, there was another reason, which was the original identity of this body. Although he had been sleeping for five years and has settled with the entertainment company, the original owner had been a film emperor once, appearing quite often in public, and was easily recognizable. He was afraid that in the future there would be many disturbances.

After thinking a bit, he could only reply with some regret: “Sorry, it’s little inconvenient for me to join the association for now. As for the chef certification test, I will participate when I have time.”

“Okay, I look forward to your arrival.” Hearing the rejection, the other party wasn’t disappointed, and asked, “Next Wednesday, the association will hold a culinary skills exchange meeting. There will be many star-ranked chefs coming to participate. If you are interested, we can send you an invitation. I wonder if you have time?”

He thought about it for a while, and refused. “I’m sorry, actually, I have just had a serious illness. It is not convenient for me to go out. I’m afraid I can’t participate in the exchange.”

“That’s really unfortunate.” Rejected twice in a row, but Zhao Ping’s attitude has remained unchanged. “I hope that you will recover soon. The exchange is held every month. If you change your mind, we would be happy to welcome you.”

“Okay thank you.”

The two talked a little more and then ended the call.

This communication from the Chefs’ Association made him realize that he should learn more about the original owner.

Although the main reason why he did not attend the exchange meeting was because of his still recovering body, the other reason was that he still does not know much about the original owner, and is afraid of any trouble. But he can’t just stay locked up in this apartment doing live broadcasts. When the time comes, his identity will naturally be exposed. If he still knew nothing about the life or maybe even secrets about of the original owner, who knows what kind of consequences would arise.

Since crossing into this world, there have been few contacts with anyone except in the hospital. All the things he knew about the original owner were learned from the former agent Cui Lei, but Cui Lei was not clear about his matters before the original contracting agency.

What is the situation of the original family, and who did he give that large amount to every month, he must figure out these things. Although amnesia was a good excuse, and the hospital could even prove it, Ruan Tang didn’t want to do things this way, lest it be used by some people to take advantage of him.

He shook his head, set it aside for now and turned back into the kitchen.

Xiao Bai had packaged all twenty prizes and just needed to call the interstellar express delivery. Two chickens per person and a large spoonful of potatoes, more than enough for one person to eat with a serving of rice.

Of the remaining ten chicken wings, Ruan Tang only left four for himself, and the remaining six were all packaged and ready to be sent to ‘HE’, that local tyrant who didn’t win any prize. Before, that group of sunspots could be suppressed so quickly thanks to his help, and these chicken wings were basically bought with the money he had rewarded, so naturally he should have a portion.

Ruan Tang remembered the other party sent a meteor shower before the live broadcast was closed but still couldn’t get the reply he wanted. Ruan Tang could just imagine how the other must be feeling abandoned and aggrieved. Ruan Tang couldn’t help but laugh.

Seems like it may be a bit cute?


After finishing all the work on hand, He Yun Chen had composed his face. The sky was already dark. He thought that there would be a meal from the anchor in the evening, so he didn’t prepare any nutrient solution. At this point, he felt that the stomach was a bit hungry.

‘Sure enough, natural ingredients will corrupts a person’s will’, He Yun Chen thought coldly.

He stepped out of the elevator, and was preparing to leave the military, when he was called out to by the officer of the security department.

“Marshal, we have your express delivery.”

He Yun Chen was a bit dazed. He took his express delivery, and saw that the word “food” written on it. He couldn’t help it as the tip of his eyebrow gave a twitch.

“Thank you.” He nodded to the officer, and took the courier out the door and rode a suspended car.

Fifteen minutes later, the mansion of the He family appeared in front of him.

As soon as the door opened, He Yun Chen was keenly aware of a disgusting smell, but it was somehow mixed with some familiar scent. It made him unable but to slightly wrinkle his handsome eyebrows.

“Xiao Chen?” Hearing something astir, Ran Jing came out of the kitchen wearing an apron. “I didn’t expect you to come back so early. I made Xiao Yi a meal. If you don’t like it, you should go upstairs first. ”

Ran Jing watched her younger son’s face carefully. As a mother, she naturally knew how much her younger son was disgusted with natural food. In this respect, her husband was actually the same, so she rarely happened to cook at home.

But today was the weekend, she and her eldest son were coincidentally home early, and they made some simple food, as proposed by the eldest son. She didn’t expect that the younger son would also come back early.

“It doesn’t matter, I brought food.” He Yun Chen lifted the preservation box that had already been removed from its package.

Looking at the food contained in the transparent box, Ran Jing suddenly stopped. She couldn’t believe that her younger son would actually take the initiative to bring natural food to his home.

At this time, He Yun Yi had changed into his pajamas and went downstairs. When he saw the preservation box in his hand, he couldn’t help but be surprised: “Oh? Is this braised chicken wings with potatoes? Why are there are so many? Which restaurant did you buy it from on the way home? These star-ranked chefs can’t make anything new, the new ingredients from the scientists on the other hand aren’t slow.”

“These weren’t bought.” He Yun Chen put the box on the table, and faintly said, “Let’s eat together.”

“It wasn’t bought? Someone sent it to you?” He Yun Yi thought it was sent by his brother’s fans, and quickly shook his head. “Xiao Chen, you still shouldn’t eat that, try your brother’s.”

He Yun Chen looked as his brother took out a preservation box as though it were some treasure. It looked much like his own box. It also contained braised chicken wings and potatoes.

“Lately there’s been this really popular anchor on the star network. Do you know the Xia Family’s little princess? She seems to be very fascinated by this anchor recently. Every time, she comes to talk to Bai Che, she even suspects that the anchor is a member of the Academy of Sciences.” He Yun Yi shook his head and couldn’t help but smile. “But in this case, the anchor is actually much more impressive than the chefs from the association. These chefs already have an insider sending them advance releases of the ingredients but they never expected that other party would be able to figure out the ingredient in just two hours.”

He Yun Chen: “…”

He skipped over this topic and grabbed unto a different important point: “The Chef’s Association has an inside agent in the Academy?”

“He can’t really be considered an agent, he just tells the ingredients in advance, and sends a few samples to them for research.” He Yun Yi waved his hand. Looking at his older brother’s fox-like smile, He Yun Chen said: “This agent should be one of yours?”

He Yun Yi wasn’t annoyed at having been found out. He smiled and said: “Our Academy of Sciences also needs to generate income, after all.”

During the conversation between the two brothers, Ran Jing had already come out with the cooked dishes. When she heard the brothers talking, she couldn’t help but say: “What secret conversations are you two having?”

He Yun Yi walked over to help her put the plate on the table. He smiled and pulled out a chair for her then sat down next to her. “We’re not having secret conversations. The Chef’s Association is getting worse and yesterday there was a food anchor that gave them a slap to the face.”

He pointed to the chicken wings on the table. “This is the lottery prize I won from that anchor’s broadcast today. You also taste it and see if you like it.” He then pointed to the one brought by He Yun Chen. “Over here were have the one Xiao Chen brought, it’s probably a copycat version.”

He Yun Yi couldn’t help but glance at his younger brother. “You’ve never watched any entertainment programs, and now you’ve suffered losses because of it. You don’t even know you bought fakes.”


He said quietly, He Yun Chen pulled out a chair and sat across from his brother. His posture was still completely straight. “This is also the anchor’s.”

In front of He Yun Yi’s eyes, he couldn’t help but lift his jaw slightly, and in a quiet and contented mood opened the cover of the preservation box. At the dense rich aroma that wafted out, he slightly raised his eyebrow in a slightly disgustingly smug manner.

“I am the room manager of the live broadcast room.”

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