The Film Emperor’s Daily Live Cooking Broadcast

Chapter 28 - Simple and Easy Set Mea

Ch28 – Simple and Easy Set Meal

Because he had been busy the entire day yesterday and had slept late on top of that, when Ruan Tang woke up the next day, it was nearly 1 in the afternoon. Upon waking, he was still in a daze and it wasn’t until he had taken a shower that his mind cleared a bit.

He opened the light brain and as per his usual practice, scanned the shopping site for ingredients to use in today’s broadcast. It was already 1 in the afternoon, if he made something complicated, he was afraid it would be 3 or 4 o’clock by the time he would be able to eat lunch. Thus, he decided to make something easy but delicious this afternoon. He decided on the spicy and refreshing Peasant’s Stir Fry and the rich and nourishing Yang Chow Fried Rice. As for soup, he would make Tomato and Egg Drop soup.

Aside from capsicums, chilies, streaky pork and shrimp, he also bought around 10 pounds of soy beans with plans to make some tofu.

After the ingredients were delivered, Ruan Tang directly started the broadcast.

As soon as he entered the broadcast room, he was stunned stupid but the earth-shattering amount of gifts’ special effects.

[Miao Miao loves to eat all the dishes of the anchor: Congratulations to the anchor on becoming a four-star chef! Sending you crystal flowers!]

[Can’t stop hugging trees: Congratulations, anchor! This crystal flower represents my love for you like a torrential river extending forever into the distance!]

[To dance under the moonlight: Congratulations to the anchor! Wah~~~~bang! Smashing a crystal flower behind the anchor!]

[Honey Summer: Congratulations, anchor!]

The whole live chat was filled with congratulations for his successful passing of the assessments yesterday. He smiled slightly and expressed his gratitude, “Thank you, everyone.”

Moreover, because the broadcast channel had been pushed on the homepage, his viewer count suddenly exploded. The empire’s four-star chefs were exceedingly rare and precious. The majority would either devote themselves to research or work in a restaurant. Some would work as private chefs to nobility. The only one who chose to do live broadcasts was Ruan Tang. With his status as a four star chef as well as his impressive performance in yesterday’s assessment, heaven knows how many people became curious enough to have a look.

Waiting until the gifts’ special effects died down a bit, Ruan Tang took a look at his viewer count. 200 million, nine digits made a long row.

In order to tidy up the screen, Ruan Tang had no choice but to set the screen rank and frequency of viewer comments to the highest level. This was barely enough to let him see what they were saying in the live chat.

“Hello, everyone. I am your anchor, Ruan Tang. Today I’ll be making Peasant’s Stir Fry, Yang Chow Fried Rice and Tomato and Egg Drop Soup.” After his usual introduction, Ruan Tang immediately started cooking.

He cooked a pot of rice and washed clean the chili and capsicums. He sliced the chili and capsicums into diagonal strips and the ginger and garlic into thin flakes.

“Because making fried rice was a last minute decision, I’ll be using newly cooked rice. But to those of you watching, it is best to use leftover rice from the night before. The results will be much better.” He raised his head to explain.

[Lucky: It smells so good. My mouth’s starting to water…]

[Nine Moons who is sneakily watching live broadcasts at work: Anchor, why did you start broadcasting so late today? I was waiting for so long, I was going to turn into a living fossil! Without the broadcast this morning, I couldn’t even eat the nutrient solution.]

[Flourishing: That’s right! I almost thought you’d be abducted by the Chefs’ Association and wasn’t going to do live broadcasts anymore!]

“I’m sorry. I overslept today and made everyone wait.” Ruan Tang explained embarrassedly, “As an apology, I’m going to draw a lot of people for the lottery today.”

The entire live chat suddenly cheered. For theses viewers there was nothing more exciting than Ruan Tang’s daily lottery. Only by swallowing good food can they bring out their innate qualities.

Ruan Tang put the meat back into the pan to stir fry. He added light soy sauce, dark soy sauce and the appropriate amount of salt for seasoning. In no time at all, a plate of Peasant’s Stir Fry was done.

“The stir fry’s done. Everyone can try it now.”

[To please one’s parents: Oh? Is this done? Isn’t this a bit too simple…?]

[Three feathers: Is the four-star chef’s broadcast using this appetizer to deceive us?]

[Can’t stop hugging trees: So what if he’s a four star chef? Even five star chefs still make braised eggplants! What are you being all ambiguous for? Taste it before you open your mouth!]

[Chai Jun Cat: Seems like someone’s already forgotten the lesson from the cold cucumber salad yesterday ╮(╯_╰)╭]

[Wind, Flower, Snow and Moon: Wah, wah, wah! So spicy! But so savory! I can’t stop!]

[Small transparent: It’s really so delicious!]

Although the cooking method and seasonings looked very simple, this had the natural and original flavor of this kind of casual stir fried dish. The glossy pork combined with the colorful green and red peppers stimulated people’s appetites. Its strong spicy flavor, made everyone crave for more. Just one bite wasn’t enough.

With a strongly flavored viand, the light and nutritious Yang Chow Fried Rice was the perfect accompaniment.

The rice in the cooker was almost done. Because he was making fried rice he had put in less water than normal, making the rice drier and firmer. He scooped out the rice from the cooker and let it cool to one side while he prepared the shrimp. He peeled, deveined and took off the shrimp head. He mixed it together with the ginger-scallion juice and sprinkled salt over it.

Truth be told, cooking wine did a better job of eliminating fishy odors and taste. However, it was a pity that the future people still hadn’t rediscovered the method for brewing wine. Let alone cooking wine, they didn’t even have beer.

He thought to himself that he ought to contact the Academy’s President He after the broadcast to discuss with him the matter of brewing wine. Although ginger-scallion juice was just barely good enough to get rid of fishy smells and tastes, when it came to expanding the flavor it simply wouldn’t do. Without wine, he wouldn’t be able to cook dishes like Drunken Shrimp or Fish Fillet in Wine.

There was also the need for tofu, sweet potato flour, sausages, salt-cured meat, marinated meat, cured meat and other kinds of processed foods. As well as oyster sauce, soybean paste, doubanjiang, black bean sauce, sesame paste, chili sauce and other kinds of seasonings. Making steamed buns and cakes would require yeast…The development of the future’s cuisine was quite slow. He can’t even process foods because there was simply too many things that weren’t available.

Truthfully, Ruan Tang wasn’t very satisfied with these dishes that he’s made. For him these dishes barely passed the level that’s acceptable for eating. A Chinese person from his time wouldn’t bat an eyelash at these homely dishes. Some might even ridicule them as canteen-level dishes. It was just that these future people had never experienced eating Chinese delicacies. They had only just started eating natural foods so these dishes were completely amazing for them.

It’s a pity but the cleverest housewife can’t cook without rice. Without the proper ingredients and seasonings, Ruan Tang could not display his true abilities.

Ruan Tang shook his head to dispel his jumbled thoughts and return to the task at hand.

The peas needed to first be cooked thoroughly. Then the eggs needed to be scrambled evenly with a bit of salt before being cooked on a pan. However, it has to only be half-cooked. Ruan Tang took out the bowl with the shrimp and put the shrimps in the pan. After adding in some minced ginger, salt and sugar, it was ready to be used and was set aside.

Although he hadn’t even finished cooking yet, there were some anxious viewers who had already started eating.

[Miao Miao loves to eat all the dishes of the anchor: Even as it is now, it’s already really delicious. The oil is very fragrant. Seems like the more I get burned, the more delicious it is. [scratch one’s head.jpg]]

After fishing out the toppings for the fried rice, Ruan Tang finally put the cooled rice into the pan. Ruan Tang waited until the rice had been fried loose, with the grains distinctly scattered inside the pan, before putting back in the peas, egg, shrimp and chopped carrots. It was finished with the addition of some salt, pepper and chopped onions.

Once plated on a white porcelain bowl, the fried rice with its plump sparkling grains, vibrant yellow egg strips, big shrimps, dark green peas and bright red carrots, creates a gorgeous and multicolored dish. And even though it was just rice the smell that assailed their nostrils was a salty delicious scent akin to stir-fry.

[The April turtledove flicks its feathers: The rice smells so good! It’s so soft and so delicious!]

[Can’t stop hugging trees: I never knew rice could taste so good. QAQ I really wish I can win a prize today…]

[Following broadcasts to learn cooking: This seems so brutally simple. I’ll try making it at home.]

“This soup is also something that everyone can learn to make.” In the past, Tomato Egg Drop soup was something even culinary idiots knew how to make. There was nothing fundamentally difficult about it, so Ruan Tang hoped that the future people would also be able to make it and start to break away from drinking nutrient solutions everyday.

Ruan Tang peeled the tomatoes and chopped them and then put them in the pan to slowly stir-fry until its juices came out. He waited patiently and when the red tomato juice filled the bottom of the pan and the tomatoes had turned very soft, he added the salt and sugar and continued to stir fry for a couple of minutes. He then used a large bowl to top it off with water.

When the pan started to boil, Ruan Tang added in some starch slurry. The mixture then stopped boiling but within two minutes it started to boil again with small bubbles. He brought out a bowl of scrambled eggs and while stirring the soup in a circle, slowly poured the egg into it. Once it had been brought to a boil once again, the delicious and tasty Tomato Egg Drop soup was done.

In this hot weather, drinking a bowl of slightly sweet and sour soup would stimulate people’s appetites.

[Small swallows fly away: I like this kind of soup. It’s sweet and tangy. So delicious!]

[White Violet White: He used just a few GMs worth of ingredients to make something so delicious. I feel that the money I spent before at the Rose Restaurants was just fed to the dogs.]

[It’s Sir Jiu and Not A’Jiu: Does the anchor have no plans of opening a shop?]

“For the time being, I have no plans for opening a shop…” Ruan Tang honestly didn’t want the kind of life where he’d have to stay in front of the stove all day. “But later on when I have more time, I might take on a few apprentices.”

Hearing these words, the entire live chat turned lively.

[Can’t stop hugging trees: Look at me! Look at me, your loyal fan! I’ve passed higher education and can sell meng! I can even warm your bed!]

[Yue Zhi Xin remembers snow: Shifu! I will be your future disciple!]

All these viewers acting unscrupulous and selling meng, it made Ruan Tang involuntarily laugh out loud. He’ll wait until he’s completely recovered before further discussing the matter.

He took out a squared shaped preservation box and placed the Yang Chow Fried Rice on the left side while he placed the Peasant’s Stir Fry on the right. He also took out a small round preservation box and filled it with Tomato Egg Drop Soup. Like this, a simple set meal for a single person was completed.

“Next we’re going to draw the lottery. Today, there will be 10 lucky viewers who will be receiving a set meal like this.” Ruan Tang explained while holding up the two boxes.

[Mysterious Purple Moon: Aaaaahhh, praying to win a prize!]

[Miao Miao loves to eat all the dishes of the anchor: Wah! The set meal is the combination of the vegetable, rice and soup? So happy! I thought it was only one among those! Kneeling down to pay for a prize! /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~ ]

[Can’t stop hugging trees: qwq Kneeling to pray for a prize +1]

[Drinking plain boiled water in the middle of the night: Kneeling to pray for a prize +2]

“Congratulations to Can’t stop hugging trees, Qi Qiu Mo Ran, Mu Pan, Barely Passing…To the ten viewers, your packages will be sent later. Be sure to receive and accept.” After Ruan Tang announced the list of winners, Ruan Tang went to close the broadcast. “Then, the broadcast ends here. See you all tonight!”

After closing the broadcast, Ruan Tang had Xiao Bai help him pack up the prizes and send them off through express delivery. He packed two more portions to be sent to Marshal He and Academy President He.

Recalling how Marshal He seemed to enjoy the poached egg yesterday, Ruan Tang decided to fry up a sunny side up egg and placed it on top of the fried rice.

Staying up all night to do overtime was hard work, he’ll need to eat a lot to replenish his energy.

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