The Film Emperor’s Daily Live Cooking Broadcast

Chapter 29 - Sudden Identity Reveal

Ch29 – Sudden Identity Reveal

The live broadcast platform was very strict towards privacy protection. The anchor does not need to know the address of the lottery winners to send out their prizes. It would just be directly sent to their registered address. In this way, they could protect the viewers’ private information and it would also be extremely convenient for the anchor.

All that was left were Marshal He and Academy President He’s portions for Ruan Tang to send out. One would go to the Academy of Sciences while the other would go to the Army Headquarters.

It has been almost a month since he woke up in this future world. By now, Ruan Tang was more or less caught up with the current era’s general knowledge and important personalities, including, of course, these two siblings. The labels most attached to them were “genius” and “workaholic”. This was the reason why they both coincidentally gave their offices as their address.

After sending those off through express delivery, Ruan Tang sat down and began to eat his own set meal. One bite of the salty, spicy Peasant’s Stir Fry combined with one bite of the Yang Chow Fried Rice. Followed by one spoonful of the sweet and tangy Tomato Egg Drop Soup. Although these were only simple dishes, they still satisfied his very hungry tummy. After he had eaten and drank his fill, his light brain gave a shrill cry.

Ruan Tang saw the number reflected on his light brain. It was from the live broadcast platform’s personnel. Before, she had contacted him to relay the messages from the Chefs’ Association and the Academy of Sciences. At that time, he had saved this number into his phonebook in passing. However, he never thought that he would once again receive communications from this number this soon.

With a trace of helplessness, he received the call. While he calmly listened to the other side, he couldn’t help but rub between his brows.

“I’m sorry but I’m not accepting any interviews as of the moment.”

Yesterday, he had jumped several ranks and in one fell swoop, attained the four-star level. It could be considered as an achievement to surpass all others of its kind, before and since. So much so that it caused quite a stir in the Empire’s leading news channels. All the reporters were covetously eyeing this lead story.

Unfortunately, Ruan Tang had given them the slip yesterday. All those reporters who wanted to interview him had no way of contacting him and could only start from the live broadcast platform. However, at that time, it was almost midnight, the platform’s customer service personnel had long gotten off work and they could only continue to wait.

Now, seeing that Ruan Tang had just finished his broadcast, they seized their chance to contact him.

No sooner had the platform personnel hung up on one call asking to interview Ruan Tang than they received another call for the same. The entire customer service department was in battle mode, on one hand recording and receiving calls and on the other relaying messages to Ruan Tang.

In the end, Ruan Tang was pestered beyond endurance. With no other option, he declared, “Ok, ok. I’m very sorry but I have no plans of attending any activity, endorsing any product, accepting any interviews, joining any organization or working as a chef in any restaurant. In a word, the next time someone calls, might I trouble you to please turn them down for me?”

After issuing this declaration, his light brain finally quieted down. Ruan Tang heaved a sigh of relief and slouched against the sofa. As he watched Xiao Bao clean up the kitchen and the table, Ruan Tang thought slowly that maybe it was time that he used his identity as Ruan Tang the anchor to create another Weibo account. That way if another matter arises, he needn’t inconvenience the platform to relay messages for him.

The former owner had enjoyed popularity for a while as a film emperor. Naturally, he had his own Weibo account. He might even have had someone from the agency to manage it for him. Even after five years, he still probably has a few million fans, though most of them are probably zombie accounts.

Be that as it may, afraid that he might accidentally like some post, he had only ever accessed the original’s Weibo account once. It is only now that he even recalled this social platform.

Obviously, he can no longer use the original’s Weibo account. Thankfully, one user could have several different accounts on Weibo. He submitted an application for a user account using his identity as “Ruan Tang the Gourmet Anchor”.

The star network’s Weibo’s auditing was very efficient. In less than five minutes, there was already a golden “v” placed after Ruan Tang’s new account. They had verified that not only was he the anchor signed with Jinjiang Live Broadcasting but was also a certified four-star chef.

After pondering for a moment, he sent a simple post: “Hello, everyone. I am Jinjiang platform’s gourmet food anchor, Ruan Tang.”

After that, he closed the light brain and headed to the kitchen to soak the soybeans. Bean products were Ruan Tang’s favorites. Among them, he particularly loved tofu. He took out a wooden cask and loaded it with about a kilo of soybeans and filled it with water. This will soak until tomorrow before it can be made into tofu. It would be enough to make several pounds of it.

Thinking of tofu reminded Ruan Tang about the matter of semi-processed foods. Making these things by hand would be a bit difficult. Besides, he had already experienced the Academy of Sciences’ skill and efficiency. So long as he asked for their help and roughly described the direction and method, they could quickly come out with the finished product.

Thinking this way, Ruan Tang planned to send President He a request. But he hadn’t even opened his phonebook yet when a call from He Yun Yi came in.

“Chef Ruan, how’s it going? How’s it feel being such a sought after man?” He Yun Yi asked with an evident grin in his voice.

Ruan Tang gave a bitter laugh, “Please don’t tease me. I was actually just about to call you.”

He Yun Yi asked, “Oh? Why were you looking for me?”

Ruan Tang told him about brewing wine and processing ingredients to make semi-finished goods. When He Yun Yi heard it, his eyes sparkled. “Ingredients reprocessing? Sure enough, partnering with you was a wise decision! But do you know how these products are made?”

Not to mention those condiments and seasoning, but those semi-finished goods and frozen food stuff would be a godsend for the advancement and popularity of natural ingredients. He was already itching to conduct research on these things that Ruan Tang mentioned.

“I only know the principle behind it. We would need to explore and conduct experiments to find the concrete method.”

“That’s not a problem.” He Yun Yi let out a rare bright and clear laughter. With absolute conviction in his voice, he said, “What we’re missing is a direction. Once we know there’s a possibility for it, the process is a piece of cake. ”

However, since Ruan Tang knew more about its specifics, He Yun Yi wouldn’t just let this precious human resource go. He invited the other, “But making processed ingredients and creating those simple tools aren’t the same. Just dictating the description for these things is too general. It would be best if I could invite you to visit us at the Academy?”

“This…okay…” Ruan Tang was hesitant but he still agreed.

“You have my sincerest thanks, Mr. Ruan.” He Yun Yi’s smile deepened and he discussed what he had originally called for. When it came to official matters, his tone and attitude turned a lot more serious. “Actually, I was looking for you to discuss about these condiments. I saw the sweet sauce you made during your previous broadcast as well as that salad dressing you made for the assessment. These sauce have such distinct flavors. The Academy of Sciences wishes to buy the patent for these items. We’d like to sell them in the shopping site. Naturally, you would be getting a percentage of every sale. Are you willing to transfer their technology to us?”

“Of course, you can sell them.” Ruan Tang nodded his head. However, like how he had refused the Chefs’ Association’s prize money, he also couldn’t accept these commissions. These sauces and dressings weren’t his personal creations. Even if he fears that he is the only one in the entire interstellar universe that knows about these matters, he cannot in good conscience take this money like the turtledove occupies the magpie’s nest. “As for the purchase price of the patent as well as the commission of sales, I would like you donate these to charity in my stead.”

As expected, He Yun Yi was slightly startled. “Are you certain?”

Ruan Tang had no choice but to repeat what he had told President Gu once again. He Yun Yi listened quietly and once again asked, “Then Ruan Tang, how are you going to explain how you know about these ancient Earth ingredients and utensils?”

When it came time to explain these things, Ruan Tang was already prepared. Although he couldn’t explain the origin of these ingredients, as the sole person who understood the brilliance of these Ancient Earth delicacies, he had lasting confidence.

Ruan Tang let out a breath, “In the future, whenever I release a new kitchen implement or seasoning, I could contact the Academy of Sciences first and let you announce it first. As for how I know about these things, I think it is best if it’s kept a secret. Perhaps the Academy can help me keep this a secret?”

The Academy’s core mandate is to research and restore ancient Earth ingredients and to bring back these delicacies to their original glory. For the Academy to announce the restoration and release of these things is only fitting and could help him avoid a lot of trouble.

“Naturally, but this would be very advantageous for us.” He Yun Yi smiled, and then playing down its importance, said lightly, “Then let me tell you a secret in exchange.”

Unilaterally knowing a secret would cause a person unease. He Yun Yi having said that, Ruan Tang was immediately seized by curiosity and couldn’t help but ask, “What secret?”

He Yun Yi said, “Yesterday, you must have met my idiot younger brother?”

Ruan Tang hesitantly let out a sound of assent. He had been wondering if He Yun Yi had another brother because he couldn’t reconcile the word “idiot” with He Yun Chen’s reliable and dashing impression.

But He Yun Yi quickly followed with, “I’m guessing he didn’t tell you about his other identity?”

“Actually, he’s also a fan of your.” After pausing for a bit, He Yun Yi said, “His ID on the platform is ‘HE’.”

Ruan Tang, “……???”

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