The Film Emperor’s Daily Live Cooking Broadcast

Chapter 9 - Local Tyrant Administrator

Chapter 9 Local Tyrant Administrator

[HE: Utter Nonsense.]

A meteor shower was an ultra-level gift that lets out a platform-wide announcement. A single meteor shower would cost 10,000 GMs, around 2 months’ worth of an ordinary citizen’s salary. Moreover, launching a meteor shower in a broadcast room, would stop all comments in the live chat for 15 seconds, leaving only the gift-giver as the sole commenter. It could be said to be the screen tyrant’s sharpest blade.

Consequently, when the meteor shower appeared, there was only these few words floating in the middle of the entire broadcast. It glowed a golden color and was simply a thorn in the sunspots’ eyes.

After 15 seconds, those who were forcefully stopped from sending out comments returned like a whirlwind.

[ID3838438: Trash broadcast, leave! Leave! Leave!]

[Old Jack: Hehe, looks like someone can’t wait to defend this trashy anchor. I’m getting suspicious. What great benefit did this anchor give you, hm? This kind of sadistic anchor still hasn’t been shut down, and when someone criticizes him someone jumps out to defend him!]

[ID741492: How sly? Looks like even the local tyrant can’t whitewash you! If you can spend that much money, then let’s see how long you can keep us quiet? You’re even going to stop people from simply talking now?]

He had just issued this comment, when the broadcast room was once again filled with a beautiful meteor shower, covering up the entire live chat.

“User ‘HE’ has gifted the anchor with a meteor shower.”

[HE: As you wish.]

[HE: Anchor, continue.]

This completely unrestrained smashing of money wrecked the tempo of the entire channel’s sunspots, throwing them into confusion. Whenever some of them would regain their tempo and issue out comments, HE would simply send another meteor shower, leaving these sunspots with no way to throw abuse. Incensed, they started throwing profanities and curses one after the other. As a result they were directly banned from talking by the platform for continuous issuance of remarks of an abusive nature.

Which lands’ god was this?

Seeing this comical scene, Ruan Tang simply couldn’t help but laugh. This ‘HE’ should be a new viewer and yet his statements truly did match up perfectly with Ruan Tang’s thoughts, letting him vent his anger. Even though they were separated by an entire network, Ruan Tang could clearly imagine the sullen expression of those sunspots.

Ruan Tang who had just a moment ago felt gloomy and indignant after having been swept up in the tempo of these sunspots, was suddenly calmed by this prank-like way of retaliation. The corner of his lips turned up and his mood brightened.

“Thank you.” Ruan Tang sincerely thanked this viewer at the same time he turned back to the sunspots, “If there is anyone who questions my method of handling shrimp, then you are more than welcome to request the Academy to conduct an investigation. The can verify once and for all.”

At Ruan Tang’s very confident pronouncement, those spectators who were swept up by the haters, became clear-headed. Along with those sunspots who were banned from commenting, the entire live chat suddenly quieted down by a lot. Many were too scared to dare to comment, while the others who were just returning to cool-headedness were no longer so stimulated.

If the anchor’s explanation were just fabricated excuses there was no way he would dare to have the matter brought up to the Academy.

[Honey Summer: Already contacted the Academy, at this very moment they are conducting an investigation on shrimp.]

[His Psychic Majesty: Sadistic…f*** that. You don’t think about it when you eat meat but that pig was also a living creature that was butchered and divided into 8 parts, right? How come you aren’t cursing out the Academy and the Chefs’ Association for being bloody and violent, hm?]

[DAIMO: I felt that they were kind of strange. Those people were itching from the start, and their words carried a sort of tempo. None of what they said had any logic…could it be that someone was jealous of the anchor and hired professional sunspots?]

“I believe that after the Xiao Long Bao is finished, all the truths and falsehoods will be laid bare. The facts won’t change just because of these people’s abuse and criticisms.” Ruan Tang indifferently said, “If you still carry some doubts, it would be better to wait until the results come out.”

[Miao Miao loves to eat fish: The anchor’s right! Big Brother Local Tyrant, so powerful and domineering!]

[Can’t stop hugging trees: Big Brother Local Tyrant +1, waiting for the Xiao Long Bao to finish!]

[Summer Honey: Facts speak louder than words.]

After saying his piece, Ruan Tang no longer paid any attention to the live chat and concentrated back to the interrupted process.

Ruan Tang was already done with the shrimp and he piled them up on a plate. He then took out the pork skin jelly from the fridge. It was now ready for use.

Ruan Tang took one dumpling skin and used chopsticks to scoop out a small lump of filling, and added on to it a small piece of pork skin jelly and half a large shrimp. Using both hands he pinched along the edges of the wrapper and the open face of the wrapper instantly transformed into a small Xiao Long Bao.

Ruan Tang concentrated his attention in wrapping the Xiao Long Bao. In order to let the views get a more sensory experience, he made two versions of the Xiao Long Bao for them to contrast and compare. Aside from the shrimp Xiao Long Bao, he also made the more traditional pork Xiao Long Bao. One after another cute little dumpling buns emerged from his hands, placed side by side, row by row on the cutting board. Looking at them, they held a sort of naive charm.

[Miao Miao loves to eat fish: Heavens! They’re so cute! I almost can’t bear to eat them! (▽`)]

[Can’t stop hugging trees: Yes, yes! They’re so soft and flexible! My heart’s gonna melt~~~(w)]

“Now, I’m going to place the dumplings into the steamer. After it’s been steamed for a while they’ll be ready to eat.” Ruan Tang placed each dumpling neatly into the steamer, making sure to leave space between each one lest they stick to each other and also to let them be heated more evenly.

Every streamer was completely filled. Ruan Tang set it onto the iron cooking pot. The water in the pot was already boiling and hot steam rose in the air. Looking at it, he estimated that it would take only around 10 minutes to finish.

Only at this time did Ruan Tang have enough time to look at the comments.

The atmosphere in the live chat was now completely harmonious. Quite a few of those sunspots had been spouting such dirty things and had been blocked because of it. They had opened up side accounts to come again. However, once any of them said even a single statement, they would immediately be banned from commenting again.

Aside from the anchor himself, only those spectators who had smashed a certain amount of gifts could help administer the live chat. However, the anchor was busy with the broadcast and had no time to handle these kind of matters. For this reason, a lot of anchors would find friends to smash gifts to achieve administrator status.

Ruan Tang was moved and he raised his eyes to look at the top of the viewers listing. Consequently he saw a name marked with the symbol of an administrator and as he guessed, it was ‘HE’. This viewer had just given him a string of meteor showers, far exceeding the platform required level.

This has been the first time Ruan Tang had felt so directly defended by a fan. Especially by this kind of fan who had a lot of money and didn’t talk much but had the imposing manner of a director-general.

He didn’t know if the other would like this Xiao Long Bao, but if he does, Ruan Tang would definitely send him a luxurious lunch box.

Ten minutes passed in the blink of an eye and the moment Ruan Tang opened the lid of the steamer, distinctive aroma hit them in the face. The dumpling skin had been steamed translucent and had gently collapsed, exposing the pinkish color of the filling within. Upon a closer look, inside the dumpling was also an expanse of shimmering golden soup, making the dumpling look even more soft and alluring.

[Yue Yu Xin Hua: Reporting, my mouth is starting to water.]

[Miao Miao loves to eat fish: They smell sooo good! And look sooo good too!]

[Can’t stop hugging trees: Can we eat it? Can we eat it? (w)]

“I’ve made two types of dumplings. Everyone, come and try out the pure pork Xiao Long Bao.” Ruan Tang transferred a few of these dumplings onto the plate to let every have a taste. “You must make sure to eat Xiao Long Bao while it’s still hot. It might not be any good once it cools down. The flavor would degrade by a lot.”

“However, you have to take note that it has soup inside, so it’s better not to gulp it down in one bite. Pay attention not to get your mouth burned…”

Ruan Tang hadn’t yet finished issuing the warning when he already saw the two greedy jokers crying out.

[Miao Miao loves to eat fish: Ah ah ah ah! I’ve been burned!]

[Can’t stop hugging trees: Anchor, you were too late. 〒▽〒 I already put the entire dumpling in my mouth. Now I’m scared to bite down on it…]

[Small transparent: Quick, spit it out!]

[Miao Miao loves to eat fish: I won’t! I can’t imagine spitting out delicious food once it’s in my mouth!]

[Can’t stop hugging trees: That’s right! I’m already so happy just keeping such delicious food in my mouth, ok?]

[Su Mu Che: That’s why you shouldn’t be impatient and wait until he says you can eat it…*smugly sipping the soup*.]

[Magnificent Mulberries as far as the eye can see: Super delicious! The skin’s so thin, one bite and it just tears apart. The soup just gushes out, it’s so tasty! I’ve never eaten something so delicious! My mouth simply can’t stop! (T▽T)]

[Honey Summer: It tastes very good.]

Seeing everyone very happy with the pure pork Xiao Long Bao, Ruan Tang felt completely at ease and took out a few of the shrimp Xiao Long Bao.

“Now, everyone can have a taste of the shrimp Xiao Long Bao.” But he suddenly remembered about seafood allergies and reminded them, “If you experience any adverse reactions after eating, it may be because you’re allergic to shrimp. Remember not to carelessly eat shrimp in real life so as to avoid allergic reactions.”

Of course, when it’s just holographic data, there’s no need to worry about allergies and the like. However, thinking back on those “sadistic and mercilessly killed” shrimps, quite a few viewers still held some doubts in their hearts. Only those old viewers who had overflowing confidence in Ruan’s Tang’s craftsmanship had no psychological hesitance whatsoever.

[Miao Miao loves to eat fish: Ah! It tastes even better than the pure pork Xiao Long Bao! I’m going to change my name – I’m such a fickle and unfaithful woman!]

[Can’t stop hugging trees: It’s so springy! It’s so soft and springy! And has such delicate fragrance, it’s totally different from the pure pork one but it’s super delicious!!]

[Seven treasures: Really? You’re not just tricking us? I’m still a little nervous…]

[Beautiful drunk cat: Wa, wa, wah! So good!]

[Can’t stop hugging trees: Now I understand. These broadcasts all have a script! ‘This thing can’t be eaten!, That’s so cruel!, I’m never going to eat that even if I starve!’… … … ‘—–So tasty! [comedic talk.jpg]

[Si er Shi-er: Hahahahahahaha, yeah. I admit, I couldn’t stop myself from eating it. It’s really good, so delicious!]

At this moment, a gorgeous meteor shower suddenly appeared across the screen, erasing all the live chat comments.

“’HE’ has gifted the anchor with a meteor shower.”

[HE: Both were very delicious.]

The corner of Ruan Tang’s lips rose slightly, “I’m very grateful to you for today. Please wait, I will be sending you a portion of each kind.”

[HE: Thank you.]

[Small transparent: Anchor, I also want some!]

[Can’t stop hugging trees: TAT Anchor, I want some too!]

[Miao Miao loves to eat fish: =口= Anchor, me too!]

Ruan Tang had just stopped speaking when there appeared a group of viewers rolling about acting cute for Xiao Long Bao. He laughed, “Also, I will be choosing from the old viewers who have been supporting me from before, 5 people who will be receiving some Xiao Long Bao. I was truly very touched by your support today, thank you, really, thank you.”

[Drinking plain boiled water in the middle of the night: Wah! Great! Then I still have a chance, right?]

[Can’t stop hugging trees: Seeking lady luck’s blessing!]

[Miao Miao Loves to eat fish: Asking the anchor to send some care my way!]

[Summer Honey: A legend has been born in my generation. This crystal flower represents my true, unchanging and eternal love!]

[Vivian Feng: ( >﹏<)]

[Yi Qing: QAQ]

The new viewers were a bit unhappy but could understand. After all, quite a few of them had joined in criticizing the anchor just now. They felt too ashamed to complain now and ask the anchor to include them in the raffle. They could only hate themselves for not being more rational before, maybe if they had defended the anchor then they would have still been included in the raffle and maybe they could have won a portion!

Luckily, Ruan Tang also had no intention of haggling with them. Seeing them feel so abandoned, he comforted them saying, “At tonight’s broadcast, I will prepare a lot of delicious food to be used as prizes for the lottery for everyone.”

[Quick evening snow: Ah, ah, ah, the anchor is such a nice person!]

[White willow leaf: My god, I suddenly feel so unworthy! The anchor really is a kind and gentle person. QAQ I’m sorry, from now on I will always support the anchor! Mwah~~~bang! Smashing a crystal flower for the anchor!]

[Flourishing Yulin: I declare that from now on I am a brainless fan of the anchor!]

“There is also another way to eat Xiao Long Bao. I prefer to eat this with a little vinegar. However everyone’s tastes are different. Anyone interested can come and have a try.” Ruan Tang said as he poured some vinegar on a small plate.

Without any of those horrid fellows, the entire live chat turned very harmonious. As expected the live chat was filled with the arguments of the pure-taste faction and the vinegar faction. However there wasn’t a trace of anger, on the contrary the peoples’ hearts went soft.

“Okay, now I will start the lottery.” Seeing that almost everyone had had a taste, Ruan Tang opened the lottery function and set up the proper filter before drawing the winners. There weren’t all that many who met the criteria. After all, when he had just started broadcasting, the popularity was quite low so he easily picked out 5 people.

“Congratulations, Miao Miao loves to eat fish, Can’t stop hugging trees, Small transparent, Honey Summer and Barely Passing and to the new room administrator, Sir HE — I will be sending your packages by express delivery in a while. Please make sure to check and receive.” Ruan Tang smiled while reflecting on the list of names. These few viewers were all his supporters from when he first started broadcasting. These Xiao Long Bao were a small display of his regard and thanks for their company.

“The broadcast ends here, see you all tonight!”

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