The Film Emperor’s Daily Live Cooking Broadcast

Chapter 10 - Chain Reaction (Debugging)

Ch10 – Chain Reaction (Debugging)

“Adjutant,” The petty officer of the Security Division handed the box to Li Kai and then stared at his face and couldn’t help but ask, “Brother Li, did something…good happen?”

Li Kai glanced at him, he really couldn’t suppress the smile on his face, and was forced to say enigmatically, “something good? En, you could say that.” And with a rather smug expression turned and left, he couldn’t help but walk away with style.

Lucky break! He was definitely having a lucky break!

After entering the elevator and pressing the twelfth floor, Li Kai couldn’t help but tear the courier box with a small slit and found that the crisper contained eight small and exquisite dumplings.

He couldn’t help but hold the courier box to his chest, revealing a satisfied smile.

Thinking of the tragedy that happened in this elevator a few days ago, he still couldn’t help but feel pain.

At this point, the marshal should still be working in the office, but he was already ready to gorge himself on the no less than 8 pieces of dumpling that the anchor had gifted him. Although he was very loyal to the marshal, Li Kai still feels very delighted at the moment.

Ah, anyway, there were 8 dumplings. He can be generous and share 4 with the marshal.

No, two.

The main thing was that he was going to let the marshal have a taste.

As soon as the elevator stopped, he quickly walked toward the marshal’s office and then knocked on the door twice.

“Come in.”

With the marshal’s permission, Li Kai opened the door: “Marshal, I-”

Just halfway through the words, he was stunned by the rich aroma in the room. He stared stupidly at the large double-layer crisper that was open on the table of marshal. Each layer was neatly packed with sixteen dumplings, alongside a small dish of balsamic vinegar and a cup of steaming milk.

He Yun Chen said quietly: “The anchor you recommended to me yesterday was good. He made new food today and sent me a lot. Sit down and have a bite.”

In Li Kai’s arms, he held the eight small dumplings that he had just been so smug with. Against this luxury version, his own portion suddenly seemed a bit shabby. He couldn’t help but say: “…Marshal, you, you went to watch the live broadcast.”

Damn – his face hurts! His heart hurts too! !

He thought of the local tyrant that suddenly appeared last night, and it must be have been His Excellency He Yun Chen. The other party’s ID has been “HE”, why didn’t he make the connection at that time?

He looked at the luxurious lunch box in front of Marshal He, and looked at the preservation box that wasn’t even half the size of the other’s.

“What’s wrong?” He Yun Chen saw his adjutant hadn’t moved for a long time, and he looked at him doubtfully.

“Actually, I also have…” Li Kai took out his own share.

He Yun Chen nodded, “That’s wouldn’t be enough for you, sit down and eat.”

He didn’t know if it was just his imagination but he felt that the marshal seemed to laugh when he looked at his portion of Xiao Long Bao. Li Kai shook his head and felt that the marshal shouldn’t be such a person, so he closed the door and sat down in front of He Yun Chen.

Hehe, anyway, it was to his benefit!

He used a chopstick to pick up a small dumpling, and because of the thin skin, immediately poked a hole through it. The pale yellow broth immediately spilled out. He rushed to take two bites and was immediately conquered by the delicious taste. This Xiao Long Bao was exactly as the anchor said, the skin was thin and the meat, tender, and the soup was just delicious.

“It’s delicious, so delicious!” Li Kai exclaimed again and again. He ate a small dumpling in two bites and extended his chopsticks towards the next one.

When he ate the Xiao Long Bao with shrimp, his face showed an even more intoxicated look: “This shrimp really is so delicious!”

After eating several in a row to dispel his greed, he remembered the rascals who were causing trouble during the live broadcast yesterday, he couldn’t help but ask: “Marshal, where do you think those people came from? In the end, just what were they trying to do?” He felt that those people today clearly went to deliberately rouse the anchor’s animosity.

Although He Yun Chen had never liked meddling in other people’s matters, that anchor was the only one who could let him eat normally. How can it then be considered as unrelated to him? What’s more, the anchor was under the Jinjiang live broadcast platform.

Don’t look at He Yun Chen’s enlistment for more than a decade. Although he had started from the lowest-ranking non-commissioned officer and rose to the present position by virtue of his merits, he wasn’t actually the kind of grassroots representative who reversed his life by joining the army. On the contrary, his family background was extremely prominent.

The He family had served the army for many generations, sprinkling their blood for the empire. There were several marshals, including He Yun Chen’s father. Although his brother He Yun Yi’s physical and mental level was not as high as He Yun Chen’s, but his mind was very clever, and now at only 60 years old, he has become the head of the Academy of Sciences. The brothers, one academic and one martial, were worthy of being called the pillars of the empire. .

His mother, Ran Jing, was also a strong woman. Today, the largest entertainment company in the empire had been built by her, and the representative industry of her company was the Jinjiang live broadcast platform.

“I have already talked to my mother, she will help check on those people.” He Yun Chen also pinched a small dumpling to his mouth, it was flavorful and delicious. It was no wonder that so many people liked natural food.

With his mother on the platform side, he can’t allow the little anchor to be wronged. Worse comes to worst, he could bring the little anchor home as his private chef. He Yun Chen thought about it and thought that that turn of events would also be quite good.

Suddenly, Li Kai’s light brain made a “ding” sound, and then he saw a star network push notification pop up on the light brain interface—the Academy of Sciences confirmed that the shrimp head contained a small amount of bacteria and impurities.

This news also appeared on Weibo at the same time.

“@Xia Mi v: The facts speak louder than words. [Video link] @ Academy of Sciences: It has been proved by experiments that the main organs of shrimp are concentrated in the head, such as the stomach and heart, and at the back of the shrimp is the intestinal track. They all contain a small amount of bacteria and impurities. But the shrimp flesh itself has a high nutritional value. It is recommended that you remove the shrimp head and intestinal track before using it for cooking. [Photo]

There are detailed data analysis on the photo from the Academy of Sciences. It can be seen that it wasn’t baseless advice, and Xia Mi directly linked the live recording from this morning. It was a naked slap to the faces of those who raised a ruckus about how Ruan Tang’s handling of the shrimp was “sadistic and violent killing”.

Doesn’t it mean that if what the anchor said were fabricated lies then the Academy of Sciences was also deceiving people?

After the announcement of this news, it was forwarded millions of times in just one hour. It was quickly raised on top of Weibo’s search results. The people in the peanut gallery were happy and taunted those haters. They was also one busybody who brought in the Chefs’ Association: “A newcomer anchor can GET the cooking method for a new ingredient in two hours, and found problems that even the Academy of Sciences did not. The Chefs’ Association has so many talented chefs, holding so much research funding, and yet has never been so efficient. It can’t be that you’re all just holding your office and enjoying the privileges without doing a stroke of work, right?

Although this incident seemed to have nothing to do with the Chefs’ Association, many people were still delighted to see this comment, and some people even made an expression pack: “Chefs’ Association, stop being muddle-headed and pay attention!”


“You bunch of wastes!”

In the office of the vice president of the chef association, the middle-aged man with the straight moustache was getting more and more gloomy.

There were five or six chefs sitting in the room, and they stood around a table of boiled prawns.

The Xiao long bao that Ruan Tang made, although they spent a lot of money, they couldn’t get even a single one, and they could only taste the holographic data on the live platform.

The mustachioed man pushed down his anger, caught a boiled shrimp and put it in his mouth, chewed it twice, then spit it out.

The shrimps in the dumplings were tender, fragrant and delicious. The shrimps they made were stale and salty, with a fishy smell! Comparing the two, it was simply the difference between heaven and hell!

His face became more and more ugly, but his mouth was curved in a smile: “Good, very good!”

“It’s this anchor again. It’s not enough just to destroy our plans once. Now, it’s the second time. Good! It’s good!” He threw the boiled shrimp towards the door and the plate slammed against it. It made these chefs even more afraid to make any sound.

“President Qi… This can’t really be blamed on us. There must be a strong backer behind the kid! We found the best water army more than capable of turning him black! But a local tyrant from who knows where, suddenly spent tens of thousands of GM coins, thoroughly disrupting their rhythm, and finally directly banned all their accounts, this is…” One person couldn’t help but say, “Maybe he has also planted people in the Academy of Sciences! Otherwise, that thing called shrimp, the Academy of Sciences had only released it for two hours, how could he know how to cook it? And the response from the Academy of Sciences was so timely, there’s really something wrong here!”

Seeing that Qi Zhuo’s face didn’t look angry, he boldly continued to say: “Maybe this anchor himself is from the Academy of Sciences!”

“Our contact there is still relatively weak. Although we can get new ingredients in advance, it will just be a few days earlier, but if the anchor is a person from the Academy of Sciences, then he might have access to them just as they were restored by the Academy. Definitely much earlier than us!” He looked at Qi Zhuo and said in an earnest tone, “President, it’s not that we don’t work hard, it’s because the enemy is too despicable!”

Although the other party’s words were somewhat alarmist, the way the other called him “president” brought Qi Zhuo a lot of comfort. He waved his hand and his finger gently tapped the table: “This Ruan Tang, before he took advantage of when we were focusing our energy on cooking shrimp, and made the potato first. Now when we wanted to introduce the shrimp, he rushed to come out with it first! And his method was better than yours…”

Having said that, he glanced at the crowd coldly and continued to say, “The president has a year left in his tenure. As long as there are no more mistakes this year, the next president should be me. ”

“But the premise is –” He couldn’t help but clench his fists. “that those old geezer who just won’t die won’t notice this damn anchor.”

Just as his voice had just stopped, the door to the office sounded with a knock.

“What is it?” Qi Zhuo raised his voice and asked.

“Vice-President Qi, President Gu has invited you to the meeting room.”

“Okay, I got it.”

After the man left, Qi Zhuo whispered to his subordinates: “For the time being, don’t provoke the anchor again, check to see if there is anyone behind him.”


When Qi Zhuo came to the conference room, it was already full of people, almost half of them were veterans of the chef association. This time, sitting at the head position of the conference room was an amiable-looking white-bearded old man — the president of the Chefs Association, Gu Le Ji.

He nodded towards Qi Zhuo and motioned for him to sit down.

“Since everyone is here, let’s start the meeting. Have you seen the news released by the Academy of Sciences today?” President Gu smiled and looked at the people sitting next to him.

Everyone nodded. The chefs’ ingredients were all from the Academy of Sciences, so naturally a lot of them followed the Academy. Only Qi Zhuo pressed his fist and felt that things might develop in the direction he least wanted to see.

Sure enough, President Gu then asked: “Do you know the young anchor on the Jinjiang live broadcast platform?”


Everyone suddenly looked at Qi Zhuo. Qi Zhuo smiled sheepishly, and righted the water cup that was knocked down in front of him.

“I think he’s very interesting. He seems to have his own unique views on cooking and the new ingredients.” President Gu smiled. “The Chefs’ Association hasn’t had a young man like him for a long time. I want to recruit him to the association. Come, what do you think?”

“I object!” Qi Zhuo was shocked and immediately expressed his opposition.

“Oh? Why?” The president looked at him with some doubts.

Qi Zhuo said, “He has unknown origins, and he has cooked with two new ingredients. Who knows if he was sent by someone with ulterior motives? What’s more, he doesn’t even have a chef’s certificate!”

The ancient president nodded. “A’zhuo, you don’t have to worry about this. Naturally, we will confirm his origins when he joins the association. As for the matter of the chef’s certificate, I will find a way to see if I can contact the other party and let him come first to take the test.”

The president had already said so and Qi Zhuo could not find any other reasons for rebuttal. He could only leave the matter as is, temporarily.

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