The First Order

Chapter 942 - Solo mission

Chapter 942: Solo mission

P5092 kept waiting patiently for the moment when the expeditionary army’s intentions would be revealed. Before that, no matter how dangerous the situation at the defensive position got, he would still keep his trump card hidden.

As long as this trump card was not revealed, it would always remain a deterrent.

It was just like a battle between two experts. Before you swung your sword, your opponent would never know where you were aiming for. As such, they would have to be extremely cautious and always hold back a little.

As such, no matter how ferocious the expeditionary army might look now, they were actually not using their full strength.

The expeditionary army was afraid the mountains would collapse again like the previous time after they deployed their main forces. The barbarians could not figure out how the Central Plains people did it on that day, so they could only continue probing with a fear of the unknown.

To P5092, as long as he could use 6,000 people to hold the expeditionary army’s main forces here, it would be a success..

If 6,000 people were able to achieve this, it would be enough to make P5092’s name known throughout the Alliance of Strongholds.

P5092 had never thought they would emerge victorious on Mt. Zuoyun. Although he did not say it aloud, he was actually quite pessimistic about their chances.

Seeing that two days had almost passed, the casualties they inflicted on the expeditionary army were not even 10% of the enemy’s forces yet.

On the surface, it looked like it would be very difficult for the barbarians to even breach the defensive position. But in fact, it could be seen from the difference in strength that there would still be a tough battle ahead.

As time passed, the 6th Combat Brigade’s ammunition supply would only get more and more scarce. What should they do when the ammunition supply ran out? Even P5092 had not thought about this problem yet.

Based on Wang Yun’s calculations, their ammunition would probably not last long in a battle of this intensity.

On the second day of the engagement, the chaotic battle lasted from morning until noon. Wang Yun was a little tired as he rubbed his eyebrows. Even with his brains, it was still a little tough to handle such a long period of activity tracking, observation, and summary of events.

When P5092 saw this, he arranged for him to get some rest. “The expeditionary army isn’t attacking so aggressively now, but I expect another fierce attack to happen in the evening. Go and eat some food and then get some rest first.”

Wang Yun nodded. “Alright, call for me anytime if you need anything.”

With that, Wang Yun walked towards the interior of the defensive position. At this moment, it was lunchtime at the chow tents, and the cooks were waiting for the garrison troops who were rotated out to arrive.

Meanwhile, the medics had nothing to do at all. That was because it was very difficult for the barbarians to rush up to the defensive position during the early stages of the battle. Therefore, there were not many casualties on this side.

Moreover, Ren Xiaosu had already given some black medicine in advance to the medical center for them to use. This black medicine did not require any technical skill to apply at all. All the medics needed to do was to sew up the wounds and apply the black medicine and the patient would be fine.

In a situation like this, the medics felt no sense of purpose at all. Some of them even felt they were a little unnecessary on the battlefield.

However, P5092 had specifically instructed them to be prepared to receive a large number of wounded personnel even though they had nothing to do right now.

Wang Yun passed by the field medical center and walked towards the chow hall tent.

As he walked, he suddenly realized the medics were pointing at him and saying, “Look, that’s the legendary Qin Shihuang. Apparently, he’s the one who forced the expeditionary army to retreat last night.”

A soldier was puzzled. “Qin Shihuang? What Qin Shihuang?”

“Qin means to grab…” the medic explained patiently.

When Wang Yun heard this, his eyes twitched. His life’s reputation had been ruined last night!

But when he saw these soldiers looking at him with admiration, he did not say anything!

Just as he was feeling stifled, Ji Zi’ang and Zero’s figures suddenly emerged from the tunnel in the distance. Ji Zi’ang ran excitedly towards Ren Xiaosu and said, “Future Commander, the tunnel is completed. There’s only a ten-centimeter layer of soil left at the end of the tunnel. You can open it with just a slight push.”

Ren Xiaosu looked at P5092. “What do you say? I think we should harass the barbarians’ supply convoy as soon as possible. You’ve also seen how dominant Yang Xiaojin is on the main battlefield. As long as the enemy doesn’t send all of their heavily armored warriors out at once, she can handle them.”

P5092 was still a little hesitant. “Even without sending out all of their heavily armored warriors, it’s still a little dangerous if the expeditionary army sends out a few hundred of them.”

“Then do you have a better idea?” Ren Xiaosu asked in seriousness, “Who else do you think is qualified to take on this mission? The soldiers of the 6th Combat Brigade are all normal people, and you know very well how dangerous a skirmish with the barbarians in the wilderness is. The soldiers can only gain an upper hand over the enemy by using the terrain at the defensive position to their advantage. So who else is there? Wang Yun needs to analyze the situation here, and Ji Zi’ang has to stand by to topple the mountains once it gets dangerous at the defensive position. Looking at the situation, it seems that I’m the most suitable candidate.”

P5092 finally sighed and said, “You don’t understand. Although you’re not the one in command of the battle, the 6th Combat Brigade still sees you as their pillar of strength. Wang Yun came here because of you, Ji Zi’ang came here because of you, and it’s even more so for Ms. Xiaojin. The other soldiers also know you’re the true commander of this unit. If you die in the wilderness, how huge of an impact will that be on our morale? I need you to promise me one thing, and that is that you have to return here no matter whether the mission is successful or not. Do you know why commanders don’t easily charge into battle? It’s not that they’re afraid of death but that they can’t die.”

Ren Xiaosu listened quietly to this. Finally, P5092 said, “You have to understand something. On this battlefield of Mt. Zuoyun, your life doesn’t belong to you anymore. It belongs to everyone who’s fighting here.”

Ren Xiaosu nodded and said, “I’ll remember that. I’ll get back safely.” Ren Xiaosu headed straight for the entrance of the tunnel.

P5092 got someone to bring over a radio and said, “Keep in touch at all times. I’ll wait for your news at the command post. Once you discover that things aren’t working out, retreat immediately.”

“OK.” Ren Xiaosu put on the radio headset and looked at Ji Zi’ang. “After I leave, follow the plan I gave you.”

“Don’t worry.” Ji Zi’ang nodded.

After that, Ren Xiaosu went into the tunnel without looking back. P5092 looked at the dark hole and said worriedly, “I hope everything will turn out fine.”

Ji Zi’ang suddenly said, “When we evacuated from Stronghold 31 together with the Great Hoodwinker, I was also worried if something would happen to him if he stayed behind by himself. But the Great Hoodwinker told me that even if the stronghold was destroyed and the Kong Consortium’s people were all dead, he would still be fine. At that time, the Great Hoodwinker mysteriously said that the future commander of the Northwest had more trump cards than anyone could imagine. So I personally don’t think there’s a need to worry too much. Although the Great Hoodwinker can often be quite unreliable, he still knows the future commander better than we do. Moreover, the nickname ‘Stronghold Destroyer’ is not for nothing. Someone who can have such a nickname will definitely not die so easily. There might be some names in this world that were given badly, but there’s really no such thing as a bad nickname!”

When Wang Yun, who had just rushed over after eating, heard this, he got a little upset.

Pun of the name of Shihuang, Shi = Shit, Huang = Emperor

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