The First Order

Chapter 943 - Great Hoodwinker! Assemble!

Chapter 943: Great Hoodwinker! Assemble!

In the wilderness, an expeditionary army unit consisting of over a 1,000 people was marching south.

But upon closer inspection, 90% of the people in the supply convoy were actually refugees from the Central Plains.

The refugees’ clothes were extremely dirty and their shoes were riddled with holes. Some of their shoes had even split from their soles. To prevent their feet from suffering any further, they tied them together with hemp rope so the soles would not fall off suddenly.

The hundreds of refugees were being escorted by the expeditionary army’s barbarians. Although their numbers were several times larger than the barbarians, no one tried to resist or escape.

Actually, if everyone really wanted to escape, the barbarians, who numbered only slightly more than a 100, would at most be able to catch about a third of the 900 refugees. The others could escape.

But the problem was that no one wanted to be those three to four hundred unlucky ones to be killed.

The expeditionary army’s efficiency in transporting their food was much lower than that of the Central Plains people as they only had simple carts piled high with provisions.

Initially, they also wanted to make use of the Central Plains’ vehicles to transport their supplies, but it was too difficult to find a driver.

In this era, vehicles were not commonly used. Normal people and refugees had never even sat in a car before, much less driven one.

Therefore, they could only continue using their backward methods.

Fortunately, the captured Central Plains people were still quite obedient. Since Mt. Zuoyun had been surrounded by the expeditionary army, there should be no one coming to cause any more trouble for them.

Just as P5092 had predicted, the supply corps felt much more at ease after the expeditionary army had surrounded Mt. Zuoyun.

A refugee suddenly fell to the ground while walking. A barbarian came up to him and said coldly, “Get up.”

The refugees nearby looked over with numb expressions. No one went over to help up the person who had fallen to the ground, nor did anyone speak up for him.

When the barbarian saw the refugee on the ground not responding, he sneered and stepped on his hand. “Don’t play dead. Your breathing has betrayed you. If you continue playing dead, I won’t mind letting you die here.”

When the barbarian’s boot stomped on the refugee’s hand, he let out a loud cry. “Please spare me! I really can’t walk anymore!”

But just as he finished speaking, the barbarian suddenly raised his leg and stomped on his chest.

With just one stomp, the refugee was dead, and a great deal of blood gushed out of his mouth.

The barbarian said coldly, “If anyone tries playing dead again, they’ll end up like him.”

In the eyes of the expeditionary army, the lives of the Central Plains people were worthless.

In the group of refugees, an indignant look appeared in the eyes of a young man. He said to an old man in front of him, “Aren’t we gonna do something about this?”

The old man ahead of him said, “We can kill these barbarians, but the future commander and the others will still be trapped on Mt. Zuoyun, so what’s the point of killing these 100-odd barbarians? Our goal this time is to sneak into the expeditionary army. Only by finding an opportunity to assassinate their high-ranking commanders will we have a chance to save Mt. Zuoyun.”

The young man thought for a moment and restrained the indignation in his eyes. He pushed the cart forward with the old man. “Shouldn’t the future commander and the others be on Mt. Youyu? Why have they suddenly gone to Mt. Zuoyun?”

“What do you know?” The old man lowered his voice and said, “Moving to Mt. Zuoyun was a really brilliant move. When I told the fortress commander about this, he said there must be an expert in the 6th Combat Brigade. Know why? Because having these 6,000 people on the main battlefield is actually useless. But when they came to Mt. Zuoyun, they become a knife held at the expeditionary army’s throat. They’ve forced the barbarians to fight a siege. This way, the pressure on the Wang Consortium will be eased greatly.”

“But it’s too dangerous for them at Mt. Zuoyun,” the young man muttered.

“What’s so dangerous about it? With the future commander around, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Don’t worry, as long as we move fast, the future commander and the others will be fine,” the old man said.

“Then why don’t you tell me about the plan instead of just going on about assassinating the barbarians’ high-ranking commanders? At least give me some idea of what you’re thinking,” the young man said.

“Plan? With my strength, why would I need a plan?” The old man said, “Don’t worry, everything is under control. I’ve already calculated the time. This convoy will arrive at Mt. Daniu before sunset today.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the old man suddenly saw a barbarian’s head explode. The young man said in a daze, “I don’t think this convoy can reach Mt. Daniu before sunset….”

The old man was stunned. Who the fuck fired that? There shouldn’t be any resistance at the rear anymore, so why had someone suddenly jumped out to kill the barbarians?

Before he could think any further, he saw another barbarian get shot in the chest.

After the sniper bullet pierced the barbarian’s chest, the long, narrow bullet did not stop inside his body. Instead, it penetrated and hit the provisions next to the old man.

The old man quickly searched for the bullet that hit the cart when no one was paying attention. When he saw it, he was stunned again. “A 12.7 millimeter tungsten core armor-piercing bullet? This person is here to kill the barbarians, but I wonder how many of them there are.”

A 12.7 millimeter tungsten core armor-piercing bullet was a type of saboted ammunition capable of piercing armor with high muzzle velocity. It had the advantage of a flat trajectory, leading to a shorter time to hit its target. It also possessed high accuracy, high kinetic energy, and great armor-piercing properties.

Under normal circumstances, these weapons were used by anti-materiel sniper rifles against tanks. Now that they were used on the barbarians, of course it would be very effective.

The young man asked, “What should we do now?”

“Keep hiding. If it’s just one sniper ambushing here, they shouldn’t be able to pose much of a threat to this supply column.” The old man said, “Remember, this is not where our target is—”

But all of a sudden, the old man realized the bullet in his hand was slowly disappearing!

Wait, this was a bullet materialized from a superpower.

The old man suddenly looked in the sniper’s direction. “Holy shit, it’s the future commander?!”

With that, the old man did not care about hiding anymore. He jumped right onto the cart and waved to the sniper. “Future Commander, it’s the Great Hoodwinker. I’m here!”

This sight dumbfounded the young man. ‘Didn’t you just say you wanted to continue staying hidden? Why are you getting so excited now!?

The barbarians of the supply convoy were attracted by the Great Hoodwinker’s actions. However, the Great Hoodwinker switched from his previously cowardly demeanor and started grinning at the barbarians who had surrounded them. “The 100 of you here are not even enough to take me on. If I had known that the future commander was going to rob y’all, why would I be undercover the entire way here? Wouldn’t it have been better to have killed all of you earlier?!”

Then the Great Hoodwinker took the initiative and charged at the hundreds of barbarians.

In the distance, Ren Xiaosu picked up his spotting scope and looked at the convoy. Honestly, he really did not expect to encounter the Great Hoodwinker here.

Ren Xiaosu picked up the black sniper rifle and walked towards the convoy. He suddenly wondered if he could try something more interesting after joining up with a ferocious teammate like the Great Hoodwinker.

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