The General Loves to Collect Little Red Flowers

Chapter 17

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In the afternoon, Le Yao went to Uncle Ming's house. The house was quiet and he didn’t know where Uncle Ming was. He actually wanted to ask Uncle Ming to accompany him to the cold shed because there were no vegetables at home.

Maybe because it was just rained yesterday, the sky outside was like a steamer today. As soon as Le Yao went out, he was attacked by the heat. However, he felt that it was not the sun light that made his whole body hot, but a certain man that followed behind him!

I hate it! Always bully the weak and the innocent!

Xu Yao didn’t sleep last night, but he couldn’t rest assured if Le Yao was wandering outside alone. After all, there were alpha everywhere. In case if Le Yao suddenly attracted to someone, it would be troublesome for him. So, even though he had one day off-work to have a rest, he still went out with Le Yao.

They were wearing the same sun suit and walking one by one. The little one in the front and the big one in the back.

Most of the people in the Flying Wolf Division were big and strong. It was rare to catch a sight of such a small lump. Xu Yao looked at the small person in front of him and thought it was cute.

“Hello general! Didn't you have a day off? What are you doing here?” On the way, someone saw Xu Yao and stopped to greet him. He then looked curiously at Le Yao. “This is…” This officer was Zhang Xuwei, the head of the light machine armour division. He was a competent subordinate under Xu Yao and his position was relatively high. Although they were a superior and a subordinate, Zhang Xuwei was also like a brother. He was so curious but dare not ask.

“Hmm, I'm going to buy vegetables with my wife.” Xu Yao naturally said, “I didn’t come home last night so he was angry.”

“I'm not!” Le Yao said so, but his way of speaking didn’t seem to match his words at all.

“Okay, you're not angry.” Xu Yao said and hugged Le Yao. “Let's go. Today I’ll buy you all vegetables worth for three days.”

“Well, you should go first, general.” Zhang Xuwei looked at the general and his wife, he felt a bit embarrassed in front of the newly married couple. Hmm, so… the general like the madam or not?

The Flying Wolf Division already knew that the general married an overlord flower, but the general’s wife didn’t show his face in front of others after he came here. It was said that the boss of the supermarket and two staff members in the cold shed have met him, also Uncle Ming and Yan Jie. But the rest of the military personnel have not met the general’s wife.

They actually have seen it on the internet. Although some videos have been deleted, they still had resources here.

It was said that the general’s wife was very beautiful. You couldn’t find any omega as beautiful as the general’s wife. But if he put on this sunscreen suit, all you could see just a pair of big starry eyes.

Hmm, did he need to find the brothers to go to the cold shed to peek? Since the general said that he would buy three days worth vegetables, he would definitely in the cold shed for some time.

How curious!

Most people here said that the general had another reason to bring such an attractive wife. But how did he feel that the general’s attitude towards his wife just now seemed quite close?

“We’ll buy some vegetables later. Would you like to go to the mountain?” At this time, Le Yao suddenly stopped and said to Xu Yao, “I want to pick some branches for my handicrafts.”

“Can’t you use the trees in the living area? Do you have to go to the mountain? ” Xu Yao said so, but in a gentle tone.

“I’m afraid that the result with the branches here is not good enough.” Every time Xu Yao discusses something with Le Yao, his tone would become soft involuntarily, “I don’t have to pick that many, I just need about ten branches.”

“Okay, I’ll show you around the mountain and look for the branches after we buy the vegetables.” Xu Yao said, “Let’s go. Don’t tan my little white rabbit.”

The little white rabbit stared with his red eyes and walked forward quickly.

This man must have been soaked in a million flowers before! All kinds of flirtatious experience, how could he say sweet words so smooth? And it made my heart beat faster. It was very annoying!

Le Yao felt that it was already hot enough outside. Now behind him, there was such a person who always light the fire and made his cheeks burning. So angry, ah!

Fortunately, the temperature in the cold shed was comfortable. Le Yao took off his hat and greeted the two staff members. Le Yao was originally good-looking. When he laughed so sweetly and call the staffs, who could bear to hate him? The staffs were also smiling and wanted to reach his hand, but surprised when they saw the general behind him.

“What kind of food is Mr. Xiao Le going to buy today?” The aunt beta, who was in charge of recording data in the cold shed asked.

“What would you like to eat?” he asked Xu Yao who was beside him.

He knew that Xu Yao could rest at home today. It turned out that the general was not busy every day.

“Everything you cook is delicious.” said Xu Yao. “You can buy what you like. Anyway, you look very energetic today.”

Hm, that was right. Today, he didn’t need to buy the vegetables by himself! How great! So he took the basket and went deep into the cold shed. The shed was so big and there were so many fresh vegetables in it. He really wanted to pick them all.

Later, he bought many tomatoes, as well as sweet beans, cabbage, broccoli and so on. Anyway, he also bought some red, green, yellow and purple vegetables. He felt that they would be good to serve later. He was not afraid of the remaining, because Xu Yao was a rice pit.

When Xu Yao saw all the vegetables that Le Yao had picked was pile up in the basket, he went to help him carry the basket, “Do you still want to buy more? I’ll get you an empty basket if you need it.”

“No, this is enough. In fact, it’s fun to pick, but we can’t finish the vegetables if I pick again,” said Le Yao.

“Okay. Let’s go pick the fruit then. There’s some fruit in the shed next to us. You can see if there’s anything you like.”

Le Yao was thinking about it, and then they walked to the next shed.

There was no staff in the shed. But not long after Le Yao and Xu Yao came in, four people came in from the door and shouted, “General, you are also there!”

It seemed that because all of the four was alpha, it made Le Yao felt a little uneasy. Alpha’s prestige was not in line with an omega. So, he went to stand behind Xu Yao unconsciously to seek some protection. Although he and Xu Yao didn’t know each other for a long time, after all, they lived under the same roof for several days and slept in the same bed. Naturally, Xu Yao was the first man he felt a sense of security.

When Xu Yao saw his reaction, he felt at ease in his heart. But he didn’t put a smile on his face and asked the boys at the door, “How are you coming here together?”

In fact, his heart was bright like a mirror.

Several subordinates also know who behind Xu Yao was, but they didn’t want to expose it. Zhang Xuwei said, “I just saw you and the madam on the way. They know it and come here to have a look at madam.”

Ke Yang, the head of the heavy machine armour division, said, “Are you hiding your wife too tightly, general? We haven’t been able to say hello for him.”

“If you want to see him, just say it directly. That’s so much nonsense,” said Xu Yao. Then he put his arms around Le Yao shoulders and touched his red ears: “This is my wife, Le Yao.” Then he told Le Yao, “From left to right, Zhang Xuwei, Ke Yang, Liu Yi and Li Chenfei. Each of light and heavy machine armour division, a pair of head and deputy for the division.”

Le Yao nodded and smiled appropriately, “Hello.”

They wanted to see how powerful the overlord flower was. The four old alphas were stunned by the gentle and polite voice of the omega. Subconsciously, they were also gentle at answering, “How are you, madam…”

“Have you finished taking a look at him? Since you aren't busy, I’ll arrange some work for you later.”

The four was so sure that it wasn't a good thing, but because the general has spoken, they couldn’t refuse. Le Yao saw the situation and wanted to pick the fruit faster. He wanted to get some snacks to fill a certain someone’s stomach that just like a hungry wolf when he came home, so as not to catch him if he was hungry! He could also send some to Uncle Ming. After all, he has brought him a lot of trouble from the first time he went here.

Le Yao picked some strawberries and some yellow peaches. He was running to mango tree now. This mango tree was so tall. He didn’t know whether it was genetically grew or not. He couldn’t reach it even with the long fruit pole in his hand.

When he was on earth, he used to be in the north and never seen a mango tree.

When Xu Yao saw his wife staring at the biggest and highest mango, he said, “Come, I'll help you. Take the fruit pole too.”

Le Yao, "What?"

The next second, Xu Yao hugged his waist and held him up!

“Ahh!” Le Yao was so far away from the ground and he was so surprised by it. Besides, there were other people around. He felt extremely embarrassed.

“Can you reach it?” Xu Yao asked.

“Just a little bit more! Ah, stand still!” Le Yao saw that the fruit pole could reach the mango he wanted. They were still hugged each other! If he didn’t really want the mango, he would not let this person to hug him! He pressed the scissor button on the pole and listened to the 'click' sound. The big mango fell into the fruit picking net.

“Anything else?” He asked again.

“No, I just want this one.” Le Yao felt that this one was big enough to eat together. He didn’t know what kind of mango it was. Goodness, this one was as big as a man's head!

“What a pity.” Xu Yao said this and looking for an angle the other four couldn’t see, he pinched Le Yao’s butt.

“Ahh. What a pity?” Le Yao was so angry that he didn't want to say anything.

“I just said to myself in my heart, I’ll pinch if you cut one. As a result, you just cut this one.” Xu Yao said in a low voice, “If you cut more, I can pinch you again right? Isn't that a pity? ”

It was a pity, my ass!

Le Yao held the mango in one hand and covered it with his other hand. He was very angry!

These four people indeed could not see what Xu Yao had done to him, but he just felt strange. He held the mango, took the fruit basket and hurried to the door. He was so embarrassed! For Xu Yao to do something like this outside, it was not proper, alright!

The beta aunt carefully helped Le Yao to settle the account again. After they had paid the vegetables, Xu Yao carried the things to his house. Who would have expected, when they walked half the way, Xu Yao asked him about the reason why he couldn't use the branches near the house.

It was only then, Le Yao remembered that he wanted to pick the branches.

In order to play a hidden role to the greatest extent, no matter in the living area or the command center, as long as most of the trees that were here grew without artificial transformation, it could be used. So he thought it would be better to pick trees in the back mountain than the living areas.

But Le Yao was a little worried because he didn’t know what trees were on both sides of the road.

“Is this tree poisonous?” Le Yao asked Xu Yao.

“No.” Xu Yao said, “This kind of tree is called Tianxing elm tree, which is quite common in the local area. What’s the matter?”

“It’s alright. I’ll break and smell it first then.” Le Yao put the mango on the ground and broke a small piece of Tianxing elm's branch, then he lifted his hat and smelled it. He thought it was ok to use this tree, so he decided to pick some and brought home for a try.

This time, Le Yao picked a thick branch, which may be too thick for him. He tried to break it several times, but the branch didn't even budge, and he was already tired.

Xu Yao couldn’t see it anymore. He grabbed his wife’s back neck collar and moved him to one side. Then he grabbed the branch with his right hand and yanked it hard. The branch with a big piece of bark was pulled down by him, and the trunk is almost twisted…

What a force! So strong ah!

Le Yao was dumbfounded and looked a little silly.

Xu Yao looked at his silly appearance and flicked on his forehead: “Say, which else do you want?”

Le Yao pointed to a branch at the other side. In fact, it was a bit too much of him, because this one branch was way thicker. But he didn’t want to see Xu Yao so arrogant! You were not an animal okay, I don’t think you can tear it down!

Xu Yao didn’t know what his wife was thinking. Seeing that the branch was really thick, he just kicked it up and then they heard the “Ka!” sound from the branch. It broke into two parts, then Xu Yao pulled and picked them up.

Xu Yao, “Is that enough?”

Le Yao: “…” I didn’t want to talk to animals!

With mango in one hand and a relatively small branch in the other, Le Yao turned back and didn't answer him. He was stumbling over a stone when he was just walking a while and fell not far from Xu Yao! When he fell, the mango was also flied out, roll out for a good distance with "gulu gulu" sound.

“Pftt!” Zhang Xuwei and his friends witnessed the scene of “lying on the ground” and couldn’t help but laughing.

"Are you alright?” Xu Yao went to help him but couldn't hold back his laughter. This scene was miserable yet funny. He covered Le Yao so that the people didn't see him like this.

“It's okay!” Le Yao quickly got up and stared back at him.

Xu Yao looked at the person in front of him. This person was small, but he still has momentum when he stared at people. Xu Yao thought that his little wife was like a rabbit when discussing and doing house works, like a puffer fish when angry, and a leopard when staring at him. It was very funny to see and he couldn't stop to tease.

When Le Yao looked at Xu Yao’s eyes, he knew that this guy must have ill intention. But he couldn’t counter-attack now, the sun was yet down so he couldn't do anything.

Wait for the evening! As soon as my brother arrives, you would be done!!!

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