The General Loves to Collect Little Red Flowers

Chapter 18

The resentment that lingered on Xu Yao has not yet dissipated when they came home. Le Yao has already thought about the punishment at night. Who told him to always make fun of me! Le Yao even made dinner according to the standard of “the last meal of life”. He cooked steamed fish, cabbage roll meat, broccoli with shrimp and cold cucumber. He also made corn soup with minced chicken, cut yellow peach into small pieces, and put them on the table in a plate with strawberries.

Four dishes, one soup, two bowls of rice, and one fruit plate, so delicious and nutritious! The more Xu Yao saw it, the more he realized that his wife was so good at cooking and it was worth to marry him.

When Yan Jie came to ask something to Xu Yao, he saw several delicacies on the table. He was very confused, “Brother Xu, did you order these dishes from the cafeteria?”

Xu Yao said, “Is there such a delicious dish in the cafeteria? These dishes? Of course it’s made by my wife.”

Yan Jie: “…” Seriously?

In fact, Le Yao knew that Yan Jie didn’t like him from the first time they met. But this person was Xu Yao subordinate and surely would come here often. So, he still hoped that everyone could get along peacefully, so he said, “Otherwise, will you eat dinner here? The food is enough for the three of us.”

Yan Jie was a foodie. He couldn’t believe Xu Yao's words that the dishes were made by Le Yao. He still stood here, stared at the dishes and didn’t leave. But he always been suspicious of Le Yao, so he was embarrassed to accept his offer. When he wanted to refuse, Xu Yao suddenly said, “Don't mind him. He must have eaten dinner in the canteen. Besides, I can eat all of these things by myself.”

Le Yao : “…” Could you give him some face?

Le Yao was feeling embarrassed for Yan Jie, how could Xu Yao said something like that?

Yan Jie forced his eyes away from the delicious food, “Thank you for your offer, Mr. Xiao Le, but I have eaten. Take your time. I have something else to do.” He said that and went out.

When the door was closed, Le Yao said, “Why are you so mean to him? It just a little bit of food and you became picky with your subordinates.”

Xu Yao said, “If someone else cooks it, I won't be stingy. But my wife cook this food, can it be the same?”

Le Yao’s face was hot, “When you were in school, did you take a 'sweet-talk' major? Just say if you want to eat all of this!”

Xu Yao smiled, “So you know that I want to eat it by myself, why did you ask Yan Jie to stay? Next time, don't cook more than eight dishes on the table and you're not allowed to invite another person to eat, got it?”

Le Yao said, “I got it. Come on, you have to eat quickly.”

After eating, take a bath and go to sleep!

Xu Yao ​​knew what Le Yao was thinking. But when he saw the Le Yao's expression, he thought it was strange. When they came back from buying vegetables and fruits, he was so angry as a puffer fish. How came he seems fine now?

Le Yao’s portion was not big. At least it was much fewer than Xu Yao’s, so he finished the dinner in a short time. He forked a few yellow peaches and strawberries to get rid of the grease, and then went to pick up two branches.

The branches were something that grew outside. He was not sure if there were any insects on it or not, so he put it in the yard temporarily after they brought it back. Before made it to incense, it has to be cleaned and dried thoroughly, and then crushed into powder.

Le Yao took some small branches and thought that he can break it with a little effort, but his strength didn't seems enough. Sigh. The branches couldn't be cut by his small scissors either, but there must be a saw blade or an axe in this place, otherwise he couldn’t cut the bigger branches.

“General, do you have a saw blade or axe at home?” Le Yao shouted at the house.

“…” The person inside was silent and didn't answer him.

“This damn general!” Le Yao called to the other courtyard, “Uncle Ming! Are you busy at home?”

“I'm not. What can I help you, Mr. Xiao Le?”

“Do you have a saw blade or axe over there? I want to borrow it if you have.”

“Yes, I have. Just a moment.” Uncle Ming went back to the house and soon found an axe for Le Yao. He saw Le Yao tossing the branches on the ground and asked, “What will you do with that?”

“I just want to make something to play with. Thank you for the axe, Uncle Ming.” said Le Yao.

Uncle Ming said nothing more and went back to his house. When Le Yao took the axe, he found that it was heavier than he thought. He waved it to a few times to the small branch and it didn’t cut a big gap. Although the sun was already setting, the outside temperature was still 32 degrees. He was sweating all over and very tired. Maybe it was because he never used to do some heavy work like this, it was still difficult.

When Xu Yao finished his dinner and went out to stand at the door, he found that his wife was holding a heavy axe and looked very tired. In fact, the work itself might not be too tired, but it wasn't the same when the temperature was so high like this.

Sigh. He couldn’t stand it anymore. Xu Yao came down and held Le Yao's hand. He took the axe away carefully, “How do you want to cut it?”

“I want to cut it about twenty centimeters long.” said Le Yao.

The branches also need to be put into the intelligent chef for processing, so they couldn’t be too long, no matter how big they were.

Xu Yao raised his chin toward the room, “Go inside and get me my cigarette. It was on the table.”

As soon as Le Yao saw that the man seemed to want to help cut the branches, he hurried into the room to get the cigarette and even light it.

Xu Yao rubbed Le Yao’s head, “It’s hot outside. Just wait inside and I'll cut this for you!”

Le Yao indeed felt a little hot, so he went back to the house to make some mango shaved ice. Before, the mango fell on the ground. The part that landed on the ground was a little damaged, but it grew so big that many places were still intact. He was going to make mango shaved ice, which was just perfect to relieve the heat.

Le Yao cut the mango and looked outside from time to time. He could see that Xu Yao was busy cutting the branches. Xu Yao was wearing a white I-shaped vest and a thin but opaque dark blue linen household pants. Every time he wielded the axe, his movements were very neat. As long as the axe went down, it would cut out a piece of branch about 20 cm, neat and tidy.

Human beings have the psychology of admiring strong people. At this moment, even Le Yao has to recognize his husband strength. Sometimes this man was really attractive. When he wielded the axe, the muscles on his shoulders and back were tight and looked very strong. Now some sweat slide down from his forehead, making the honey skin more sexy.

After a while, Xu Yao felt hot and sweating all over, so he took off his vest. He just tossed it aside, stood up straight, spit out the smoke, took a branch and broke it with his bare arms.

Yes, it might take a whole day for Le Yao to do it. This man would finish it soon!

Le Yao put more mango into the big bowl of shaved ice, and said in a low voice, “For your hard work, I'll give more pieces of sweet mango for you~”

“What are you muttering about there?”

Le Yao was so surprised, “I… I made mango shaved ice. Do you want to eat?” When did Xu Yao come in? So immortal, how could I didn't hear his footsteps?

Xu Yao said, “I’ll wash my hands first.”

After that, they sat at the door side by side, eating mango shaved ice and chatting. The big bowl for Xu Yao and the small one for Le Yao. Suddenly, Le Yao became serious and asked, “Will your army stay here for a long time?”

Xu Yao said, “Hmm, It’s hard to say. But it's more likely. Why did you ask?” Xu Yao turned his head to Le Yao, “Do you think it’s not good here?”

Le Yao shook his head, “No. I like this place. It’s hot here, but it’s better than in Xingdu.”

No matter how bad it was, this star was also my hometown. Moreover, there was no pesky white lotus and green tea bitch here.

Xu Yao wanted to find something to cover Le Yao’s eyes. No matter what he thought, Le Yao’s eyes were full of his real feelings. What he said was the truth. Although it was not clear why he thought this way, it was hard to find someone who has the same idea with himself. Xu Yao was very pleased with his wife.

Xu Yao then took a few big mouthfuls of mango shaved ice in his bowl, and then scooped most of the mango pieces in the small bowl into his own bowl. Le Yao originally looked at the distance and thought about things, and soon found that his bowl became very light. He looked down to his bowl. What happened ah? Why there were only a few mango left? He looked at the big wolf beside him.

“You have enough mango to eat in your bowl! Why did you rob mine?” Le Yao covered the rest of the mango in his bowl to death. He wanted to call all the ghost brothers and hold a party on Xu Yao’s back!

“You’re an omega. It’s not good to eat too much cold food.” Xu Yao held back his laughing and quickly turned around and enter the house.

“Then you can scoop up the ice! Why do you scoop up my mango?” Le Yao quickly followed him in, but Xu Yao was already entering the bathroom. He banged his hand on the door and shouted, “You are a bully!”

Someone’s low laugh came from the bathroom.

Le Yao was so angry and too lazy to care about him, so he went back to the kitchen to study the other functions of intelligent chef. When he got to know more or less, Xu Yao has finished bathing. Because of his grievances, he slept very early today.

After thinking about it, Le Yao decided to let go of Xu Yao temporarily. When he was sleeping, he could feel that Xu Yao was sleeping uneasily. He was probably having a nightmare. In fact, it was pretty miserable. Thinking of this, he began to wonder what Xu Yao had done.

The next day, the weather was not so bad. It was not so hot as the day before. In the morning, Le Yao had just got up to prepare the breakfast. Soon, Xu Yao rushed out from the bedroom and went out.

“How about your breakfast?” Le Yao shouted.

“You eat first, don’t wait for me.” The word “me” just jumped into Le Yao’s ear and Xu Yao was already gone.

This was the first time Le Yao saw him in such a hurry and worried face. It was a pity that it already morning. He couldn’t find his ghost brothers to follow him. He simply took the Tianxiang elm branches and put it into the belly of the intelligent chef, then chose the baking and crushing function. Then he went to find Uncle Ming.

“Uncle Ming, do you know how to contact the supermarket's boss? I want to ask her if they have glutinous rice.”

Uncle Ming said, “I don’t have her communication code. Moreover, you have to go to the canteen if you want to buy rice, noodles or seasonings. Everything here was centrally supplied to the cafeteria and not sold in the supermarket. We didn't have time and skill to cook, so mostly people here didn't need these ingredients.”

Le Yao recalled that the Flying Wolf Division had a cafeteria and he had never been there. He asked Uncle Ming, “Can you call me next time you want to go there? I want to buy some ingredients.”

“You can make a list of the ingredients that you want to buy and I will bring it back for you. Soon, it will be breakfast time, there are so many people in the canteen and the cooks may not be able to come to see you. Or if you’re not in a hurry, I’ll send you there when breakfast time is over.”

After thinking about his own situation, Le Yao was really uncomfortable to appear in the place where alphas were piled up. So he said, “Then I’ll just make a list for you. Sorry to trouble you, Uncle Ming.”

Le Yao not only wrote glutinous rice, but also milk, eggs, light cream and other ingredients to make snacks. After that, he gave the list to Uncle Ming and transferred the money to him.

Uncle Ming accepted the list and went to the cafeteria to have breakfast. When he came back after breakfast in the morning, he bought all the things that Le Yao wanted, except for some special spices.

There were star anise, cumin, and common spices, but there was no sandalwood.

When Le Yao wrote the list, he purely wanted to try his luck, what kind of spices would he get here. It was okay with just these spices, at least he could still make the incense.

Seeing that Uncle Ming was not in a good mood, he asked, “Uncle Ming, is there some urgent matter in the military? The general left in a hurry this morning.”

Uncle Ming said, “It’s nothing urgent. It’s common for someone to get hurt when they are on a mission. Don't worry about it.”


After said thanks to Uncle Ming, Le Yao came back to the house to soak up the glutinous rice and continued to prepare the other incense material.

It took about an hour and half for the intelligent chef to make a powder from the Tianxing elm branches. Le Yao looked at the branch powder and thought it was good. After that, he also baked the washed glutinous rice and made it into powder. Because there was no glue, he planned to make the glue with the glutinous rice flour.

He found a clean small electric pot and poured in some water with the glutinous rice flour and turn it on with minimum heat.

When the glutinous rice glue was cook, he took a small bowl, and then added the Tianxing elm powder and cumin powder and mixed it. Because there was no suitable fragrant spice in this time, he could only deal with the cumin first! Let's see if the incense could be shaped or not.

After adding a certain amount of Tianxing elm powder and cumin powder, the dough became hard to stir, so he began to knead it by hand. Le Yao kneaded the dough into a ball like dough, then kneaded the ball one by one. He put it to the table for some air drying and then took it to the intelligent chef's stomach.

Later that night, the fragrant smell-like barbecue was blowing all over the house!

The author has something to say:

Xu Yao: My wife, did you cook barbecue?

Le Yao: No, I'm burning incense!

Xu Yao: Incense? It’s a piece of poop!

Le Yao: (╯‵□′)╯︵┴─┴

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