The General Loves to Collect Little Red Flowers

Chapter 27

Le Yao was probably inspired by his great ambition. He brushed the stone until the brush became bald. Later, he felt that it was not easy to brush one side clean. When he wanted to brush the other side, he was already tired. Fortunately, he now has an “omnipotent husband”. He then asked for help from Xu Yao.

After Xu Yao had come back from work, he not only washed the stone clean and spotless with the high-pressure water gun on the mecha, but also helped him to polish the stone into a cuboid and engrave words on it.

This big stone was for Rong Gui's tombstone. Before, Le Yao was worried, if he wrote Rong Gui's name with paint, it would be washed away by rain. Now, Xu Yao helped him to carve the words up, which was no less than the professional tombstone made by the stone tablet factory.

Le Yao quickly prepared delicious food for Xu Yao while he was still busy cleaning the stone. A large portion of cold noodles mixed with various vegetable shreds, sauced beef, a plate of mixed cucumber cold dishes and a fruit platter. He pushed the big plate sauced beef and fruit platter to Xu Yao: “My husband should eat more. It’s really hard for you today.”

As soon as Xu Yao saw that his wife was so cute and even called him "husband", he thought that in the afternoon he said that he was “great husband”. Suddenly, his mouth overflowed with a smile and said, “Why is your mouth so sweet?”

Le Yao said, “Sweet? Well, thank you very much for today.”

“You're welcome. And… who said I was a great husband before?”

Le Yao: “…” Fuck! How did you hear that?

Xu Yao saw the small face became red like a ripe tomato in a flash and felt it was funny. He couldn’t help but pinching his cheek.

Le Yao quickly lowered his head, but it was so low that he almost plunged into the food plate.

Just… He was not used to… being so close to people.

He never fell in love with someone in his last life, and Chinese people were implicit in expressing their love to their elders, lovers and children, especially the older generation. So although his master was very kind to him, he didn’t hold him or kissed him when he was little. Not only for him, but also for his two brothers. As an emergency department doctor, the master’s wife was busy in the hospital all year round, she has no time to be affectionate to him.

At the beginning, when he was close to Xu Yao, Le Yao always felt nervous. In fact, it had something to do with his life experience before. But now, when Xu Yao pinched his chin, his face and even his buttocks, he was not as nervous as before, instead he felt something strange in his heart.

He was embarrassed at the thought of what Xu Yao did to him on the day when they picked the mango.

“What are you thinking until became red like that, hmm?” Xu Yao said, “Your ears are red again. Are you a rabbit?”

“I'm not thinking anything! I’m not as perverted as you!” said Le Yao.

“If I was really perverted, I would make you cry long ago, and I'll eat you instead of the food here! Give me your plate. You should eat more too!” When Xu Yao said this, he stroked Le Yao’s back neck slowly.

Maybe it was related to the habit and physiological characteristics of Tarot people. People here couldn’t touch other people neck easily. Only very close people could do such things. It was not the first time that Le Yao was touched by Xu Yao on his gland, but every time he was touched there, he would have an unspeakable feeling. If he was forced to describe it, when he was stroked by Xu Yao, his body would become a little soft, crisp, numb, and felt a little attached to him.

He didn’t know if it was Omega’s instinctive response to his alpha partner or his own feeling.

Xu Yao hasn’t bitten his gland yet, but because they slept in the same bed every night, they had many skinship. Moreover, Xu Yao has bitten his mouth once, so he has more or less the pheromone flavor of Xu Yao.

It was a strange feeling.

Anyhow, Le Yao didn’t think he could reject his affection, and because of that he felt embarrassed. When he was embarrassed, he wanted to blow up his hair and showed "I don’t care" expression!

“Are you finished? Let the intelligent chef clean up slowly. I’ll take you out for a walk.” After finishing the last piece of fruit, Xu Yao got up and said, “Don’t you want to see if there is a place suitable for making a cemetery?”

“Right now?” Le Yao subconsciously looked at the sky, “It’s too late now. If we want to look for the cemetery place, it’s better in the day. Moreover, we can’t see clearly at night.”

“Well, first of all, what do you want the place look like?” Xu Yao lit a cigarette and sat down on the sofa. He waved to Le Yao, “Let's talk which place is suitable.”

“Well, it’s better to near the mountains and river, no light blocking at the front, high reliability at the back, well ventilated all year round and no noise.” Le Yao said and sat down next to Xu Yao. “That’s about it. It’s mainly a place that won’t be affected by your daily training. Otherwise, if it’s too noisy or temporarily occupied, it’s not good. And we should find the place quickly, because tomorrow is the 30th day of the lunar calendar. If I don't give blessing to my brush tomorrow, I have to wait another month.”

“Yes, I will take you tomorrow to find the best place. As for now… ” Xu Yao looked at Le Yao with a smile, “Le Yaoyao, your husband has worked hard for you all day. Should you give me some rewards?”

“Ah? What reward? Didn’t I just make you dinner?”

“It wasn’t made just for me. You ate it too, right?" Xu Yao closed the distance between two people and let each other’s breath blend together. He lightly licked his lip and said, ” I want something else."

“What is it?”

Le Yao was looking at Xu Yao’s eyes, but now he didn't dare to continue to look at them. He felt that Xu Yao’s eyes were deep like a pool, you couldn't get out if you drown. Every time Le Yao stared at them, he would be very nervous. When he was nervous, he wanted to grab on to something. Then… Then he grabbed the sofa fabric unconsciously.

Xu Yao smile, “There is no long and big fish on the sofa, why do you grab it ah?”

Le Yao shouted, “I don’t want to touch the fish!” then he slapped on the sofa, “There are only mosquitoes!” and he ran to the bedroom quickly.

Xu Yao looked at his little wife's back that ran like a squirrel and sniffed the faint fragrance in the air.

The sweet taste of jasmine and lemon. So sweet and fresh.

After entering the bedroom, Le Yao took a change of pajamas, went to the bathroom to wash the dirty clothes and then went to the bed again. The bedroom was cool, but he put himself in the quilt and wrapped himself like a cocoon. Then he pretended to sleep with his back facing Xu Yao.

In the past, Xu Yao would go to bed directly or did something else related to work. But today, after taking a bath, he came out from the bathroom and lay on the bed. His heart itched a little. Then he fished the little wife into his arms.

This was the first time that Xu Yao held Le Yao in his bed when he was still awake. Le Yao was shocked, but he didn’t open his eyes and kept pretending. But his shivering eyelashes were so obvious! He hoped that the general would understand his means and let him go quickly!

However, Xu Yao pretended not to see it, and said, “Asleep? It’s a pity, actually I want to ask if you have picked out any handicraft materials and add it in the shopping cart, so I can pay it. It seems that the materials can only wait another time then.”

“Who said I was sleeping?” Le Yao wanted to keep pretending, but when he heard that Xu Yao wanted to check out the shopping cart already, he sat up and said, “I’m not sleepy at all!”

“Is it?”

“Yes!” Le Yao’s eyes widened to prove that he was not sleepy at all. However, he just looked at Xu Yao and could see through everything.

Fuck! He knew I was pretending!

The bad things were that he didn’t load anything into the shopping cart because he was busy with stone tablets and paper house design today!

As Le Yao knew before, even if it was just to transport one item, as long as it was from Tarot star to Huaxia star, the freight was the same, 800.000 yuan. Xu Yao said that he bought an intelligent 3D printer, but the printer was less than 100 kg, so it would be better if he could buy more things.

So, Le Yao opened the online shopping mall and calculated the weight to ensure that the total weight of the purchased goods was not more than 100 kg, while trying to buy more. From gold foil paper to cinnabar, scribble paper, brush, color pen, edible rubber powder, hand pressed noodle machine, etc. At last, the total weight was less than 80 kg, of which the heaviest one was the 65 kg printer.

The ones he bought were very light, so even if he added more, they will not take up much weight.

It's still 20 kg free and I don't want to take a loss!

“Don’t you have anything to buy anymore?” Le Yao asked Xu Yao.

“Hmm? Then help me pick out some underpants.”

“Just choose it yourself!” Le Yao thought that Xu Yao didn’t lack underpants at all. This man was intentional. He washed and folded his clothes every day. He knew exactly that this man wasn't short of these things!

“Before I came here, didn’t you buy it yourself?” Le Yao despised a certain general.

“I just bought it random in the supermarket, and they were uncomfortable to wear.” Xu Yao flicked lightly on the Le Yao’s forehead, “Will you pick it for me or not?”

“O…Okay!” I'm fucking scared of you!

The two of them were now in a particularly ambiguous position. Le Yao laid down on the bed, holding the light brain which showed the online shopping mall. And Xu Yao's half body was on him… Although his half body was on Le Yao, the pressure he put on it was less than one-third. Otherwise, a small body like Le Yao couldn't bear Xu Yao strong and big body. Then two people were looking at the same light brain.

Xu Yao's left arm was on Le Yao's shoulder. Le Yao thought it was surely his punishment. He deeply suspected that Xu Yao was deliberately playing tricks on him, saying that he wouldn't bully or punish him because of the "holding fish" matter the day before. But in fact? Hmph!!!

This hypocritical man!

So when Le Yao chose the underpants, he deliberately picked some strange styles, such as those with a tail on the back, or some other that either hollowed out or embroidered. Anyway, they were either special or indeed a naughty styles.

Xu Yao was not stupid, of course he could see that his little wife was intentional picking the underpants. But he didn’t say anything. When Le Yao finished picking, Xu Yao said that he wanted to pay, took away the light brain and quietly changed the big size into the small size. Just wait for it my little wife!

Le Yao didn’t know about it, instead he thought that the iron plate had finally been removed. Xu Yao’s body was so hot and heavy. He felt out of breath when he was being pressed under him. Finally, he was free now.

Le Yao could not help twist his neck and moving around. At this time, Xu Yao asked him something.

“Le Yaoyao……” Xu Yao put the light brain at the bedside table. “When are you going to properly fulfill your duty as a wife, hmm?”

“Ah?” Le Yao was shocked for a moment and said, “I do it every day, ah. I cook you three meals a day, wash clothes and do the housework. In addition, I just picked out underpants for you. Aren’t these all?”

“I mean in bed.”

“Underpants is just for you in bed!” Le Yao said with a particularly exaggerated yawn, “Oh no, I’m so sleepy. My eyes hurt and I have to sleep.” Then he closed his eyes and started snoring.

Xu Yao: “…”

Xu Yao felt that his little wife had insulted his intelligence. But when he was about to pinch Le Yao again, he found that Le Yao was curled up and did not move. Then, the raised hand was put back in silence.

Most of the animals in this world, when they were curled up or huddled together, often represent uneasiness and defense. Although human beings were advanced than animals, they were no exception. It was just a bit different when humans do this in bed, the discomfort might come from their partner.

The other person didn’t give him enough reliability and Le Yao's matter added another thing about it. This new world didn’t give him enough security.

It was true that Le Yao was a little nervous with Xu Yao every time when he was awake, but he didn’t think as much as Xu Yao. His thought was very simply and it could be summed up by eight words, that is: his size is not suitable, not good cooperation.

Generally speaking, it was like an ant that married to an elephant. The elephant wanted to have a round at night. If you are the ant, you must be afraid!

There was something in the memory of the original body that impressed Le Yao. If omega was combined with an alpha for the first time in non-estrus period, the process would be very painful!

In fact, Le Yao understood that he didn’t hate Xu Yao and even liked him a little. Just a little. But the important thing, he was not prepared now. If possible, he still hoped that when the estrus period came, he could make use of the special physiological changes during the estrus period to become a couple and doing it with Xu Yao, or it would happen naturally when their feeling was strong, rather than just do it now to solve his desire.

Anyway, he still needed some time!

Fortunately, after waiting for a while, the sound of steady breathing came from Xu Yao.

Le Yao breathed a long sigh of relief and then went to sleep after a while. He didn’t notice that in the dark, the man who breathed steadily, suddenly opened his eyes and rubbed his head affectionately.

The author has something to say:

Le Yao: In front of the holy shopping cart, all the ghosts from the Qing Dynasty should give a way, including my sleepiness!

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