The General Loves to Collect Little Red Flowers

Chapter 28

The next morning, Le Yao washed his hands and intended to make noodles for breakfast. He saw that Xu Yao also woke up and walked to the kitchen.

“Good morning ~”

Xu Yao said, "Hmm. What do we have for breakfast?"

It seemed that everything was almost the same as usual. But Le Yao could feel that it was slightly different. Hmm, what is it? Then he did things unconsciously with more care.

Obviously, Xu Yao soon saw the difference, but didn’t remind him deliberately. He usually went out after eating in the morning and came back after finishing his work in the evening. Sometimes he came back for lunch, but he didn’t have much time to stay with Le Yao. So, after living together for several days, they found out each other’s personality to some extent, but they still knew nothing about many details.

If it was the former Le Yao, he could guess some difference by analyzing the growth track. But this Le Yao was a new one, and the people who know him weren't living anymore. Only some of the dead may know about the present Le Yao, but those dead couldn’t communicate with Xu Yao for the time being.

“I just found three places according to your requirements. I’ll see if there are any suitable places for you later.” After eating, Xu Yao changed his clothes and said, “In addition, your aircraft is not suitable for flying here. If you want to use it, I can ask someone to modify it for you, so it will be more convenient to travel in the future. But try not to leave the camp, okay?”

“I’ll trouble you to modify it. It’s alright if I just use it in the camp. The camp is big enough.” Le Yao said, “Then we'll go to see the best place to set up the tomb, and in the evening I might have to go home to pick up something for the offering, so I have to…” Le Yao played with his fingers and said, “I have to trouble you twice.”

“Who am I?” He asked abruptly.

“Ah?” Le Yao was a little confused. “General Xu Yao.”

“And what else?” Xu Yao comes closer and stood opposite to Le Yao.

“Old man? Husband?”

“Who's husband?”

“Mine.” Xu Yao, you are such a funny person! What are you trying to say?

“It's not a trouble for your husband.” Then he slowly rubbing Le Yao’s neck, “If you really see it as a trouble, you’d better give me something as reward. For example… ” He lowered his head and kissed Le Yao’s lips.

It was not like the first gently kiss, or the second time with a bite. He started with a peck, licked and slowly grinding for a long time.

Until the slightly pale lips of Le Yao were sucked deep red, and his breathing was unsteady, Xu Yao stopped and whispered in Le Yao’s ear, “Baby, help me button up.”

Le Yao was still a little dizzy from the kiss. Hearing this, he asked foolishly, “What buttons?”

Xu Yao grabbed his hand and put it on his bare chest.

It was hot outside and the light was so strong. Because of that, Xu Yao needed to wear long-sleeved clothes to go outside. He wore a long sleeved white shirt in his military uniform. When he kissed Le Yao, he didn’t fasten a single button. At this moment, when Le Yao raised his head a little, he could see Xu Yao’s strong and firm chest muscle and when he lowered his head, his eight strong abdominal muscles came into view. What a strong visual impact!

“I… I won't do it!” Le Yao said that and wanted to draw back his hand. He hasn’t buckled it yet, but his heart already beating rapidly. If he buckled the buttons, he would surely explode ah!!

Xu Yao, you old fox! Always bully me!

“If you don’t button it up, I won’t take you to the cemetery.” Xu Yao said, “I just need to bully you again at home…”

“What are you saying?” Le Yao glared, “Did you forget what you promised me yesterday?”

“So, you want to button it or not?” Xu Yao still holding Le Yao's hand and drew circles on his smooth skin.

Le Yao was not as strong as him. He couldn’t escape if Xu Yao wasn't let go. In addition, Xu Yao was so close that his pheromone taste seemed to become an entity, surrounding him in a narrow space. At the end, he could only obey this “evil forces”!

"I'll button it!"

Le Yao’s hands trembled slightly, but he still fasten them all up one by one. He was nervous and his fingertips touched Xu Yao’s hot skin from time to time. He just touched his skin a little and quickly moved away. But the heat on Xu Yao’s body seemed to flow through his fingertips to his entire body.

“That’s all!” Le Yao stepped back and keep staring at Xu Yao with his red face.

“Um.” Xu Yao said, “But you can’t stare at others like this in the future. You have big beautiful eyes. Just like a deer that make people want to bully more.”

“How many people like to bully me like you?” Le Yao picked the clothes that Xu Yao had threw on the floor and ran to the bathroom. There was a mirror in the bathroom. He saw his red mouth that just being sucked. He raised his hand and touched it, then whispered to himself in the mirror, “It's… so good.” After a while he realised and said, “Ah, ah, ah! What are you thinking?”

“Le Yaoyao? Why don’t you come out?” Xu Yao shouted outside.

“Just a moment!” Le Yao quickly put the clothes in the washing machine and left the bathroom.

Xu Yao’s aircraft has been waiting outside for a long time. After he went up with him, Le Yao sat down in his usual position and then looked out of the window. Anyway, he didn’t want to see Xu Yao for the time being.

Xu Yao faintly felt that his little wife was being shy, so he just poked him several times, but he didn’t tease him like before. Until they arrived at the first place where he thought it was qualified, he asked Le Yao, “Do you want to go down and have a look?”

“Is this the closest place to the camp among the three places you picked?” Le Yao asked.

Xu Yao said, “Yes. At the beginning, we had planned to build the camp here, but it was too flat and the concealment was not good enough, so we chose the current place.”

Le Yao said, “If you do the usual training, will it have an impact on this place?”

“No.” said Xu Yao.

Le Yao said with a smile, “That’s great. I don’t need to go down here. This place is good enough. We'll come back when the sun is set. I’ll have to trouble you then… ” As soon as Le Yao said this, he found that Xu Yao was looking at him. He quickly changed his words: “By the way, husband, you have to bring me the stone tablet!”

Xu Yao said, “Um, I know.”

The man habitually put his leg on the tea table, bent up his fingers and gave a rhythmic knock on the armrest of the sofa. His eyes fell on his little wife’s face, which was a little excited looking out of the window. There was fondness in his eyes that he never showed to anyone.

When Le Yao got home, he cooked some steamed buns with the dough he had made before, some stir vegetables, and then went to the supermarket to buy two bottles of white wine and some sausages. He also selected three brushes to give them the blessing.

For the best result, only three brushes could be blessed at a time. But as long as they were well kept, these three would be enough for him to use for a month. This time, he would make small offering that could be held on the 30th every month of the lunar calendar. There was also another offering that could be held every year on the 30th of the twelfth month, and the blessing brush could be used for a whole year.

When the sun was about to set, Xu Yao came back on time from work. According to Le Yao's request, he also brought Tang Ye, who had not fully recovered yet, but was able to walk. Next to him, Tang Ye followed by Uncle Ming and Yan Jie. Then five of them got on the Xu Yao's aircraft and flied to the place selected by Le Yao.

During this period, Tang Ye has been looking at Le Yao from time to time, always thinking that this “little sister-in-law” was a little strange.

After sleeping that night, he woke up the next day and thought the talisman was disgusting, and he threw it away! As a result, he began to have nightmares during his short nap. In fact, he had been used to nightmares for so many years and would feel magical if he didn’t have it one day. But, he was actually slept when Le Yao said he should sleep that night. So, he reluctantly picked the talisman from the garbage can.

When the triangle talisman was under his pillow, he had to admit that he didn’t have nightmares when he was sleeping on it!

It’s just unbelievable!

However, it wasn't the only reason that he accepted this invitation when Xu Yao asked him to see some graves. He wanted to see with his own eyes, what the “little sister-in-law” wanted to do.

Le Yao also noticed the curiosity in Tang Ye’s eyes. At first, Xu Yao was still calm, but a moment later, he held Le Yao in his arms. And then Tang Ye didn’t look at him anymore.

Tang Ye said, “I just curious. Can you control your damn possessiveness?”

Xu Yao said directly without thinking, “No.”

Le Yao couldn't explain why he felt something sweet inside. Cough.

They got off the plane and saw the sun wasn't setting yet. Xu Yao and Yan Jie started to dig a hole in the place designated by Le Yao. Then Le Yao put the little ugly doll he sewed at home into the center of the hole.

“Fill in the soil again.” Le Yao said, “Take more soil from other places and pile it higher here.”

“Don’t you need to bury the food?” Xu Yao asked. Although he didn’t know how they eat when the dead had no physical body.

“The food is not buried.” Le Yao said, “That’s an offering for ghosts and gods.”

“Mr. Xiao Le, is that enough?” Yan Jie has made a lot of efforts in digging and filling the soil. In fact, he didn’t want to come at all! It was Uncle Ming who dragged him here. He said that it always right to know more, which made all of them come here. He has to do something. What if some of the dead thought he didn’t work and then attached to him? He was superstitious now!

“It's enough. You can put the tombstone in this position in a moment.” Le Yao pointed to a certain position in front of the grave.

They finished the grave in a moment. Le Yao looked at the good and solid grave, and he took out the steamed buns, stir vegetable and sausage he had brought and distributed five dishes like snacks in front of the grave. By this time, the sun had set and just enter the dark. Le Yao squatted down in front of the grave and drew something on the ground. He said: “The land is the most spiritual of the gods. It can reach the heaven and the earth. It can go out of the seclusion and into the hell. Please worship with my spirit. Rong Gui, if you hear this sacrifice, come here quickly!"

“Hoo ~” there was a cool wind in front of the tombstone. With just a little effort, Rong Gui stood on the newly built grave.

Yan Jie was next to Uncle Ming! Of course he couldn’t see it, but he felt the temperature around them dropped significantly!

Although Tang Ye didn’t say anything, he also looked tense. This kind of invisible feeling was particularly bad, and he really couldn’t understand why Le Yao specially asked Xu Yao to take him here.

“Coming?” Le Yao smiled and took three sticks of incense to light it. Then he took the paper house and lit it with incense. “Rong Gui, lend me your place to bless my brushes. This house and the incense are my offering. I hope you will accept them.”

“And the brushes too?” Asked Rong Gui.

“Yes.” Le Yao said, pointing all the three brushes up and inserting them in front of the stone tablet. When he had finished inserting, he sat down in front of the stone tablet.

“Mr. Xiao Le, is it done? ” Yan Jie asked in a low voice. What do you mean by sitting down here?

“Not yet. Let's have a drink with him.” Le Yao said to Rong Gui, “Do you want to drink? I have some wine.”

“Um, I want.” Rong Gui said and sat cross-legged opposite to Le Yao.

Le Yao poured five cups, gave three cups to Xu Yao, Uncle Ming and Yan Jie. Then he would drink one by himself. He touched his cup with three other people, drank one by himself, and put it gently in front of the incense post. Rong Gui sat next to him, taking a deep breath and looking satisfied.

Le Yao asked him, “Would you like another drink?”

Xu Yao, Uncle Ming and Yan Jie: “…”

Tang Ye was so brave that he frowned and asked directly, “Did he want more even if he hasn’t finished this cup?”

This "play house" is too realistic ah!

Rong Gui “Hmm” and Le Yao said, “He has drunk ah. If you don’t believe it, you can taste it, Vice Commander Tang. It won't be the same.”

Tang Ye: “…”

Uncle Ming said, “Mr. Xiao Le, Vice Commander Tang hasn't fully recovered. It’s better not to let him drink.”

Le Yao said, “It’s fine for him to drink this cup. Why did I let him come for then?”

Tang Ye was really brave. He picked up the cup on the ground and drank it in one go. He was stunned: “Isn’t this just a water?”

Xu Yao, Uncle Ming and Yan Jie: “…”

Are you kidding? It’s all poured out of a same bottle. What we drink is clearly white wine. How can you drink water?

Seeing that these people didn’t believe it at all, Tang Ye stressed and said, “What I just drank is really water. Are you drinking wine?”

Yan Jie rubbed his arm: “Brother Tang, are you serious?”

Tang Ye frowned and his blue eyes were glared dangerously, “Do you think that I'm kidding?”

Several people confusedly stared on Le Yao. Xu Yao asked Le Yao, “Will the taste of food for the dead disappear?”

“Yes.” said Le Yao. "If the dead or the God really accept it, the taste will disappear. It’s not just wine, it’s the same with these foods. You can try to eat them later, but they’re all tasteless.”

Who wants to eat what ghosts have eaten!

Tang Ye was in a complicated mood. Could he say that he didn’t believe in the dead just now? That was the reason why he went for that drink. And now he was afraid that the wine has been “drunk” by the dead!

“Mr. Xiao Le, what you said about Rong Gui… He, he’s here now?” Yan Jie said this in a low voice, as if speaking louder would be heard by Rong Gui.

“Yes. The food was meant for him and he was the only one who can eat it. So if the taste is gone, it must be him.” Le Yao’s expression was very relaxed. “Yan Jie, you can talk normally, because Rong Gui is right next to you. He can hear what you say.”

“Ahh?” Yan Jie jumped up and stepped back for several steps.

“Pfft! Don’t be afraid. He won’t hurt you. We're just here to set up a new house for him, otherwise it’s not good for him to wander around. What’s more, it’s true that our people broke his house, isn’t it?”

“Then he will live here later?” This was what Uncle Ming asked.

“Yes, if you want to find him later, you can come here in the evening. If he is willing to meet, he will come out naturally, provided that he is at home.” Le Yao said, “I’m here tonight to bless the brushes. I'll leave it for now and come to pick it up in the morning. In the future, the power of the brush will be more powerful. I can open your sight for a short time to let you see the dead.”

Tang Ye, Uncle Ming and Yan Jie: “…” I don’t really want to see it! Thank you!

Xu Yao asked Le Yao, “What about Ji Fengyu? Where is his grave?”

“He has no grave either.” said Le Yao. "I’ll have to get one for him later. When the printer arrives, I’ll get him a new house. I… made his house rather bad before.”

When Xu Yao thought of the cardboard box house he saw before, he vaguely remembered that there was a condom box on it.

“What do the house looks like when you burn them?” Xu Yao asked.

“Ah, it…” Le Yao said, “The size is calculated by me, but there will be no change in appearance. Why did you ask?”

“Nothing.” Xu Yao said, “I’ll accompany you if you want to burn them next time. I don’t feel at ease if you come out alone at night.”

“Um.” In fact, it’s safe for me to come out alone at night because I have many ghost brothers!

But when he thought that Xu Yao would come with him… well, it seemed that it would be better together with him.

Forget it, he didn’t mind another “tail” as thick as the general!

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