The General Loves to Collect Little Red Flowers

Chapter 4

Special medicine? The first thing Le Yao thought of was the forbidden medicine for gland damage taken by the original body when he fled, because in addition, the original body has not eaten any special things in recent time.

Le Yao carefully recalled that after the original body ate the medicine, he had no reaction at first, but felt that his pheromone smell seemed to be very weak, almost nothing, and he could escaped without being found.

Later, the gland on the neck began to heat up, and then turned into acupuncture like pain, after a while it became more painful, the pain spread to the whole body until he ran to the woods, and when he couldn’t bear the pain, it caused a direct faint to him, then died.

Now after he thought of it, the original body must have been helped by someone to escape so smoothly into the woods like that. Hmm.

Xu Yao has been observing Le Yao’s expression. When Dr. Hu saw that Le Yao’s face was gradually become pale and seemed to fall into some kind of memory, he looked very uncomfortable. He whispered, “Mr. Xiao Le?”

Le Yao suddenly reflected: “Ah?”

“Doctor Hu asked you if you have taken any special drugs recently,” said Xu Yao.

Instead of answering the question head on, Le Yao asked, “Doctor, can I first ask if this low OTR index will have any significant impact on me?”

“Of course,” said Dr. Hu. "The overall low OTR index first means that the glands are in an unhealthy state, and your OTR data prove that your glands are likely to have abnormal pheromone secretion, abnormal heat cycle and other conditions maybe happen in the future. It won’t be good for you…” Dr. Hu looked at Xu Yao and said, “It may have a strong attraction to your partner, or it may not have enough attraction to make you less likely to be pregnant, or your own mood may be unstable. Secondly, generally speaking, each Omega’s heat cycle is relatively stable after the first one, and it is fixed for a certain period of a month in the first and second half of each year. But you may enter the heat period at any time. Can you understand me? At any time, it means danger.”

Of course, Le Yao understood that sudden heat period was dangerous, and soon he just wants to go and cry.

He took a deep breath and asked, “Can this problem be treated?”

Dr. Hu said, “It can be treated. But just as it is impossible for a person to regenerate from old age, this gland can only be made more active through treatment, but it is unlikely to return to its former state. ”

At this time, Le Yao really has the heart to chop Jiang Xinduo.

He doesn’t care if the pheromone secretion is too low and it’s not easy to attract his alpha, but what if the pheromone secretion is too strong?! And if it is possible to enter the heat period at any time, doesn’t it mean that he will always be with Xu Yao in the future? Otherwise, in case of sudden heat, what should he do? Suppressant doesn’t always work.

Xu Yao also concerned about this problem, but he was more curious about what kind of medicine he took.

Dr. Hu also wanted to know, but Le Yao didn’t mention it at the first time. In addition, this kind of thing was prohibited in the market, so it’s necessary to investigate why Le Yao ate it – although he asked Le Yao a question at that time, he was sure that Le Yao had eaten it. But the identity of the other side is special, so it’s not proper to ask.

“This is the situation at the moment,” Dr. Hu said. "You can go out and discuss about this matter again, because in this case you have the right to object the marriage.”

Le Yao was depressed and didn’t want to think much about it. Subconsciously, he said, “Ok, thank you Dr. Hu.”

Doctor Hu gave Le Yao a slightly unexpected look. They all know that this young man is going to be married when he was in age recently. He also heard that this young man was very difficult to get along with, but how can he not seem to be like that at all?

Le Yao then went out. Xu Yao stayed and asked doctor Hu, “Who else knows the result?”

“I’m the only one,” Dr. Hu said.

Some things need to be kept secret, let alone the people who are married here are people with excellent genes, most of them have a certain social background, so the examination results are always only for doctors to know.

Xu Yao nodded, said in a low tone: “This matter keeps it a secret. I don’t want a fourth person to know.”

Dr. Hu felt cold on his back and nodded: “Don’t worry, I understand.”

“Thank you very much.”

Dr. Hu waved his hand repeatedly. He was not unfamiliar with this cold and fierce Hell’s King.

After Le Yao came out of the doctor’s office, he didn’t see Xu Yao behind, so he knew that Xu Yao must have something to say to Doctor Hu. And he guessed that he wasn’t able to go to Huaxia star by marrying Xu Yao.

People here attach great importance to reproduction, especially alpha people, as if they are born with great importance to the breeding of excellent children. There must be no exception to Xu Yao’s powerful genes. However, there are too many variables in his body now. He’s afraid that Xu Yao can’t accept it. But what can he say to let Xu Yao take him to Huaxia star no matter whether he is married or not? And if he can’t get married now, what should he do with his next heat period?

Le Yao was pacing back and forth in the corridor of the waiting area, biting his coat sleeve. There is also a door at the end of the corridor, which is the hall. At the moment, Wang Hao and Yan Jie should stay in the lounge, so at present, there is only Le Yao in the corridor.

Today, Le Yao is wearing a thin white coat and a pair of light colored jeans. He looks like a student with a white and delicate face. But the twisted brow in his face makes him looked more worried than the parents whose children got zero in the exam.

The door of the doctor’s office is a smart electronic sliding door with good mute effect. After Xu Yao came out, he didn’t make any special sound, so Le Yao didn’t know that he was here staring at him. Xu Yao looked at Le Yao quietly at the door for a moment.

“What are you thinking?” Waiting until Le Yao came back from the other end, Xu Yao stopped Le Yao’s step.

“Thinking…” Le Yao once gnawed his lips, “I wonder if we can’t register, can I go to Huaxia star with you?”

“Do you want to go to Huaxia star very much?”


“Why?” Xu Yao looks at Le Yao deeply. It seems that he wants to take every expression into his eyes.

“Because, because I want to find a friend.” Against the invisible but powerful sense of oppression, Le Yao said, “He is in the Huaxia star, so I can’t find him if I’m here.”

“Since it’s in Huaxia, tell me his name, and I can help you find him.” Xu Yao said, “There’s none in the Huaxia star that I can’t find.”

“You can’t find him.” It’s not a human, it’s a creature. How to find it? People in this era hardly understand metaphysics, and just few believe in it. What’s more, even he doesn’t know whether Ji Fengyu has reincarnated here or not. Moreover, when he gives him a name, Xu Yao must ask about his gender and age. He can’t tell him that Ji Fengyu will be more than 500 years old if he is still alive.

He’s afraid that Xu Yao will treat him as a mental illness patient.

Le Yao’s face was tangled. After a moment, he looked up and asked Xu Yao, who didn’t know what he was thinking: “If I can’t go with you, what other way can I go to Huaxia star?”

Xu Yao didn’t answer this question, but he bent slightly and sniffed deeply at a side of Le Yaos neck. At this moment, he is like a beast sniffing at roses. His action is very ambiguous, which makes Le Yao rigid in place and turns red again.

When Xu Yao saw Le Yao’s reaction, he said in his ear, “Can’t you just go with me?”

Le Yao said: “Umm, but…but my glands… Don’t you mind it?”

Xu Yao stands straight again and looks down at Le Yao. He smiled for a slight second, then put his hands in his pockets and walked out without saying a word.

Le Yao’s brain was blank for a moment because of the sudden smile. When he realized, Xu Yao has been walk away, he hurriedly followed: “Hey! Where are you going?! ”

“Registration,” said Xu Yao.

The staff who handled the registration information learned that Xu Yao and Le Yao had filled in the form and completed the physical examination, agreed to form a husband and wife relationship, so they took photos of their certificates and generated a marriage barcode. The two saved the barcode to the light brain, and then left the marriage center, adding it up for less than 15 minutes, faster than before.

When they arrived at the aircraft parking place, Le Yao still didn’t believe what he just do today. He hasn’t been here all day and now he’s registered as a wife of man he just met! It’s like a dream!

Xu Yao then said to Le Yao, “I have to go shopping, prepared something to visit your father. Are you going with me or with Wang Hao to go home first?”

“Come with you. I haven’t been out for a long time,” said Le Yao.

In fact, since the marriage center issued the marriage arrangement, the original body has been trying to find a way to get rid of the fate of marriage, so it’s true that he hasn’t been out for a long time. But strolling is another thing. Le Yao and Xu Yao went out this time mainly because they had something to do.

Wang Hao said, “I’ll go back first. Third young master, you…” After hesitating, Wang Hao said, “Don’t make trouble.”

Le Yao stares at him fiercely, turns around and gets in Xu Yao’s flying machine.

It’s no wonder that some people say that Xu Yao is the local tyrant of Huaxia. This aircraft is not only large but also very luxurious. It’s better than the aircraft that his father using. It’s like a small conference room, not only with a complete set of sofas, large screens, tea tables, green plants and so on. There is also expensive red wine on the tea table.

Le Yao receives a sign from Xu Yao and sits down opposite him. There is Yan Jie not far away, but Yan Jie’s expression is not very good-looking.

Le Yao found that Yan Jie seemed to have a little prejudice towards him. Although he didn’t say anything, it was not friendly to look at him occasionally.

But then again, these people should all know what he was like. Unexpectedly… Xu Yao even knows that he ran away last night. It’s impossible for Le family to spread the information outside. More likely, it was Xu Yao whose so concern about his affair and investigated him.

Xu Yao then poured himself a glass of red wine. He took the cup in his hand and put his pair of long and powerful legs on the tea table. At this time, it’s probably because there’s no outsider to see, his behavior was not like a major general at all. He looks very casual, leisure and idler than his image before, it’s not the same with the him in the picture.

Le Yao couldn’t tell that the man in front of him was the real Hell’s King of Empire or not.

Out of curiosity, he pointed to his glass and legs, and asked casually, “Are you not disciplined?”

Who knows after he said this, Yan Jie suddenly looked at him fiercely. If the knife like eye can kill people, hes afraid he has died three times already.

Xu Yao’s expression remained unchanged, but he was still so indifferent. He put his arms and elbows on the sofa, propped up his head, and asked with a smile, “Why? As my wife, will you beat me if I do this? ”

Le Yao looks at his joking smile and doesn’t speak. Actually he wants to say something but still afraid to open his mouth.

“What are you thinking?” Xu Yao asked curiously.

Le Yao said carefully, “I’m thinking… You can’t hit me after I say it, ok? ”

Xu Yao just nodded: “Ok, Im not going to hit you. Just say it.”

Le Yao: “Actually, I think the person in the picture I saw before is more likely the real major general and you look more like his subordinate.”


There seems to be something cracking in the air!

Little opera:

Xu Yao: I feel praise and contempt, that’s still me right?

Le Yao: I’m serious!

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