The General Loves to Collect Little Red Flowers

Chapter 5

It was only later, after Le Yao went to Huaxia star would he know that Xu Yao was the president of the Appearance Association, Yan Kong. Actually he can be exquisite in dressing up. As long as he doesn’t fight, he can wear that handsome military uniform in a coquettish way. And four years ago on the battlefield, there was no way to pay attention to his appearance at all. The orcs in Sarna not only were tall but also strong, they also had high-tech weapons. They were very hard to fight in the battle. Moreover, some orcs have special attack ability and were very strong.

That time, the two sides fought fiercely. Xu Yao was too busy to even know how many days he didn’t wash his face. In addition, the battlefield environment was bad. He was exposed to the scorching sun for several days and suffered some injuries. No wonder his face was swollen and dirty, which made him look like the ghost that Le Yao saw in the picture.

Le Yao thinks that the person in the picture looks more than 40 years old, and the one that registered marriage with him looks 27 or 28. Although his eyes are as sharp as in the picture, his face is thinner, without scars, and his skin color is much better. He is much more handsome than that in the picture, and the gap between the two is too shocking.

But it can’t be said anymore, because his words were angered this Hell's King just after they're registered their marriage.

They are in the mall now. Xu Yao is busy picking some things to bring to see his father-in-law. Although Xu Yao didn’t scold him for something he said before, Le Yao could feel on the whole body of this man was written 'I am angry with you!'

Le Yao did not dare to walk too close to him, just like a little young married woman that being scolded by his husband. Still, he wants to be stronger, but now he has no confidence.

Xu Yao didn’t see anything reliable, so he chose supplements in the supermarket. When Le Yao saw the expensive price, he thought it was embarrassing to speak his thought again. He said softly, “Well, in my opinion, because you'll take me to Huaxia star after this marriage, he, I mean my father, must be grateful towards you. So you don’t have to give him such expensive things, really.”

“Is it?” Xu Yao put his sight on Le Yao’s nervous face again. “It seems that you usually give him a headache?”

“No. I don’t give him a headache,” said Le Yao.

After a while, he said frankly, “I’m going to make him bald.”

“… So are you suggesting that I should give him a wig or give him a hairpin?” Xu Yao's lips slightly upward, showed a smile that didn't reach his eyes.

“How can you say that?!” Le Yao want to answer him again but happened to see something that he really wanted to find on the shelf not far away. He hurriedly walked over him and said, “If he kills you, I will be a widow just after our marriage! What value will I get then?”


How can you speak like this?! If this little wife didn't born at Le Feishan's family, you would have been killed long ago, you know?

“Do you know why the hero can’t pass the beauty?” Xu Yao said with a smile.

Le Yao thought for a moment and said, “Because the beauty is beautiful.”

Xu Yao said, “No, it’s because the hero is so angry with the beauty.”

Le Yao: “???”

Xu Yao looks down at the things that have been put back by Le Yao: “What do you want to do with the ink paste?”

“Nothing, I just casually look at it” said Le Yao.

Before, there were many cinnabar ingredients in the ink paste on earth. If there was no cinnabar solution, it would be alright to use the ink paste to draw runes when in urgent use. But the inkpad he saw just now is all made of plant extract. There is no cinnabar in it, so there is no need to buy it.

See that Xu Yao finally chooses the supplement to pay for it. Le Yao asked him, “Are you finished? If it's done, I want to go to the pharmacy.”

“What do you want to buy at the pharmacy?” said Xu Yao.

Le Yao said, “What else can I buy in the pharmacy? Buy medicine, of course. I’d like to ask if there’s any nutrition for the glands or something."

This answer is reasonable, so Xu Yao didn’t ask any more. Before leaving, he bought a white hat for Le Yao and forced him to wear it. Then he took Le Yao to the pharmacy.

Although there are too many in this world that replaced by smart tech, such as supermarkets, fast-food restaurants, car rental spots, and so on, almost all of them are robots. But because of its particularity, pharmacy also has human workers. Le Yao asked nutrition agents for nourishing Omega glands, carefully selected two boxes for themselves, and then took a bottle of spray medicine that could block pheromones. After buying these two, he asked, “Do you have cinnabar powder?”

The staff said, “Yes, excuse me can I ask what you want to do with that?”

Le Yao said, “It's a surprise.”

The staff packed it for Le Yao. He also asked for more packages of it if there was no problem. The staff looked at what he wanted to buy so much and said: “Before using this thing, you must remember to read the instructions carefully, because it has certain toxicity.”

“Yes, I'll remember that, thank you,” said Le Yao.

Back on the plane, Xu Yao teased Le Yao who seems still afraid of offending him, “Who is so brave that could scare you?”

“You,” said Le Yao. "If you look forward to finding out what your spouse looks like, and you suddenly found a picture of old killer with blood and evil eyes on his face! Won't you be scared then? ”

Xu Yao twitch his mouth, try to smile: “Old killer?”

Le Yao was acutely aware of his wrong words. Stupid mouth, he thought. He poured a glass of wine for him and handed it over. It can be said that he had a strong desire for survival.

In the past, when he got his master angry, he quickly poured tea for him. Obviously, this habit was also brought here.

Seeing his slightly flattering appearance, Xu Yao took over the glass, and his eyes flashed a glimmer of light. At the same time, his doubts became more and more serious.

As far as he was concerned, Le Yao was totally different from the person that he learned in his observation before. Although this little wife in front of him isn't as soft and gentle as most Omega, he is definitely not that bad. At least from today’s performance, it’s not as bad person as the internet says.

But if a person can really act to this extent, it’s excessively tricky. What if he wasn’t acting? How could the change of Le Yao's behavior so earth shaking?

It’s hard to ignore the fact that the marriage arrangement has been interfered with by someone.

At this time, Le Yao asked, “Shall we go immediately after meeting my father? Or shall we stay at my house first? ”

“What do you think?”

Le Yao said, “My father probably will ask us to stay for dinner. Can we go after dinner? I don’t want to stay at home any longer. ”


“Because I’m not well received at home,” said Le Yao. "I probably belong to that… Forget it, you may not believe it. ”

The aircraft just landed on the lawn of Le family's house and Le Yao didn’t talk about that topic anymore. The hatch opened, and he went down to the familiar but still strange house.

Wang Hao has already home and told the housekeeper of their arrival. The housekeeper made a gesture to Xu Yao, politely said: “Mr. Xu, this way, please.”

Xu Yao hands the things he bought to Wang Hao, and then follows Le Yao slowly to the main hall of Le family.

Le Feishan heard the sound of aircraft and walked down from the study. When he saw the door open, he just saw Le Yao came in alone. He frowns his eyebrows reflexively: “How can you came home alone?”

Le Yao said, “Xu Yao still at the back. I feel a little hot so I entered first. I want to change my clothes. I'll be back after a while.” Finish saying this, he strides up the stairs, before returning to his bedroom, conveniently took a bottle of white wine in the wine cabinet on the second floor, and hid it in the room together with the cinnabar. Then he thought about it, when he went out and stays at Huaxia, he will sprinkle a thin layer of cinnabar powder under the door and window of his bedroom.

When he got downstairs again, Le Yao slightly heard that Le Feishan was saying, “My eldest son actually is a bit reckless. Did he cause you some trouble at the marriage center?”

Xu Yao said with a smile, “You are worried too much. Le Yao is very sensible. You have educated him very well.”

Le Feishan: “…” How unconscionable you must be to say such a thing!

Even the housekeeper could not help but turn his head and look at Xu Yao. However, Xu Yao just show a straight face with a decent smile that a younger generation should have, as if he is telling the truth.

At the same time, Le Feishan felt relief that his son didn't cause that much trouble and asked Xu Yao to sit down: “Your aunt… Oh yes, it should be your mother-in-law. She has something to do outside, to pick up Le Yao’s younger brother. She will come back later. And Le Yao’s uncle and two cousins also will come later. Let’s chat first, and then you can stay to have dinner with us.”

Xu Yao said, “I’m giving you trouble. Besides, I’m really sorry that I can't take Le Yao to finish the wedding, because I’m really in a hurry this time. There are many things waiting for me to deal with at Huaxia star. But don’t worry. I’ll make up the wedding for Le Yao when I get my next vacation.”

Le Feishan said with a smile, “Of course, business matters first. For the wedding, it doesn’t matter a few days earlier or a few days later. ”

As soon as Le Yao saw the two of them chatting with such hypocrisy, he didn’t go downstairs at all. After standing on the stair fence for a while, he said, “Dad, please talk to Mr. Xu first. I’ll take a bath and pack up the clothes I need to bring with me.”

Le Feishan was suffering from so much trouble caused by Le Yao before. Now, he can see that his son would stop making trouble and furthermore cooperated so actively. Although he wonders why his son is so sensible suddenly, he still says, “Well, then you go prepare quickly.”

Le Yao said, “I know!” He was about to return to his bedroom, but suddenly listen to Xu Yao's voice in the downstairs said: “Le Le.”

Le Yao was shocked. Seeing that Xu Yao was looking at him, who he called should be him, right. He hesitated and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Xu Yao said with a smile, “Don’t let me wait too long.”

Le Yao: “…” Lean on! It’s not like you can’t be separated from me for a second. What the hell?!

Le Yao didn’t know what was going on in Xu Yao’s mind, but he hurried back to the bedroom and nodded: “Hmm.”

Uh! Huh?!

Le Feishan looked at Xu Yao in surprise: “Xiao Xu, you have your own way, huh. To tell you the truth, my son is usually being spoiled. He is very rash, but he listens to you now. ”

Xu Yao said, “He is quite well behaved.”

Le Feishan: “…” I'll listen to you!

Le Yao hurried back to his bedroom. He shut the door, opened the smart lock and saw if anyone had ever come in to his room, sure no. After taking out the cinnabar and liquor, he enters the bathroom and starts making the cinnabar solution in the mask bowl.

Because it’s cinnabar powder, it saves the trouble of grinding. Little by little, he poured the newly opened bottle of white wine into the cinnabar powder and stirred it. Soon, he mixed a small bowl of cinnabar liquid. It’s just that the cinnabar solution looks a little light in color, and there’s a little coarse precipitate in the bottom. So he went to take the original body’s red paint for painting and added a little in it. It seemed that the color was better, so he carefully filtered out the pure liquid part. After that, he washed his hands and went out to find a piece of paper and tore it into four parts.

After tearing the paper, Le Yao stood at the window to see if there were any people downstairs or any robots in the air, and after confirming that there were none, he knelt down and looks up to the sky devoutly.

“Achoo!” Jiang Xinduo, who is shopping with her son, suddenly sneezes hard.

“Mom, are you cold?” Le Tianyu is holding Jiang Xinduo’s arm. “Otherwise, let’s not buy it. Le Yao is going to Huaxia star soon. The environment there is so bad. I heard that the summer was very hot and the winter was so cold. Is it necessary for him to bring so many clothes?”

“Silly child! I didn’t buy it for him to wear. Of course I bought it for your father and General Xu to see, just bear it later.” Jiang Xinduo whispered, “Besides, is it better for him to wear these frail clothes over there? You said that the environment there was so hard. The army sure was suffering there. If he also suffers and making trouble for people, can General Xu still feels good to have him there? If they're not happy, they’ll have a rift in their marriage.”

“And what if he could bear the hardship?” Le Tianyu said, “Moreover, if they have trouble and divorce, how annoying if he ran back home again! I want to use his bedroom when he leaves. His bedroom is so huge, had a good light and has a separate bathroom, so comfortable. ”

“It’s impossible for him to stand the hardship. He’s used to living a good life, and he won’t feel wronged when he gets there. Don’t worry, mom knows. In a word, you will do what your mother says when we go back home in a moment. Don’t mention anything about the appearance of General Xu, do you know? Don’t concern about his scarred face, it has nothing to do with you. As long as you are obedient, you will move into his bedroom after Le Yao leaves. In another way, even if he really wants to run back from his relationship with General Xu, your father must be angry with him and won't let him move back to his house, right? ”

“You’re right, Mom.” Le Tianyu pulled Jiang Xinduo and said, “Well, let's walk around and buy him some skin care products, perfume or something.”

Jiang Xinduo sees her son's mood light up and happy to take him to buy anything. Anyway, it’s not the first time they spend much money just for shopping. 'I took my son back from school and said that I want to buy Le Yao some clothes to bring to Huaxia' No one can find out the problem.

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