The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: 011: Euthanasia

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When Master Zhan pushed the door open and saw Jing Qian standing next to Lichuan, his mood brightened up and he smiled.

“Qianqian, you’re here!”

“En.” Jing Qian nodded.

“What are you both chatting about?”

“We’re talking about the areas controlled by the peripheral nervous system and the sympathetic nervous system along with how they influence each other.”

Master Zhan was shocked.

He was caught off guard when he suddenly heard the usually simple-minded Jing Qian talk about such a deep topic.

Looking at Master Zhan, who usually did not speak much, suddenly become so active in Zhan Lichuan’s room, Jing Qian decided to be generous towards her ‘boss’ and said, “If Third Young Master doesn’t eat, he’ll feel hungry. He’s already unwell to begin with, so why torture himself and make things even more uncomfortable? Additionally, when your nerves recover in the future, if you have enough muscles, it’ll be easier for you to regain your strength during physiotherapy.”

Master Zhan, agreeing with what Jing Qian said, instantly lectured his grandson, “Ah Chuan, did you hear what she said? Even Jing Qian said that once your nerves recover, you’ll need the strength for physiotherapy. If you don’t eat, your stamina and muscles will be depleted.”

Zhan Lichuan opened his eyes and looked at Jing Qian with his pair of deep, pitch-black eyes that were unmoved. He said emotionlessly, “Is she a doctor?”

Master Zhan was speechless.

Jing Qian maintained her smile and said, “You mustn’t look down on other people, Young Master. I may not be a doctor, but there are all sorts of excellent doctors and masters in this world. Who knows, it’s hard to say that you will be a lucky one and get to meet one of them.”

These words pleased the old man’s heart, and he quickly said, “She’s right, Ah Chuan. I was just…”

“Grandfather, I need to talk to you in private.”

Zhan Lichuan was aware of how Jing Qian became his wife; he was also clear as to why she was here in his room, saying all of this to him.

He knew it was all his grandfather’s good intentions, but he really didn’t want the concerns of a stranger who came to him because of money.

“Grandfather, I’ll leave so that you can both talk.”


Master Zhan suddenly looked unpleasant and there was a look of struggle in his eyes; he didn’t want Jing Qian to leave. He had a bad feeling after hearing what his grandson said.

As Jing Qian walked out of the room, followed by the guards, only Zhan Lichuan and Master Zhan were left in the room. Before Zhan Lichuan could say anything, Master Zhan immediately broke the depressing atmosphere in the room, which was unbearable. “What do you think about Jing Qian? Master Jingyuan said that your lifeline is too tough, which is why it’ll break very easily, and not to mention that it’s also deadly. Jing Qian, however, is your opposite. Her life is of extreme ‘yin’, which is a perfect match to yours, since you are of extreme ‘yang’. With both of yours combined, you’ll be able to overcome all sorts of obstacles in life. Master Jingyuan has always been very accurate about this. Ah Chuan, now that she has become your wife, I’m sure that you’ll get better soon.”

Zhan Lichuan’s throat moved. His deep, dark eyes looked gentle, but he still spoke the cruelest words. “Grandfather, the doctor has already declared my impending death. Why are you being so stubborn? For the past three months, I have been trying my best to rehabilitate because I didn’t want to disappoint you. But… It hurts so much. Please, just euthanize me.”

Although this was a plea, Master Zhan could hear the determination and despair in his voice.

With that, the entire room went into pin-drop silence.

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