The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: 010: He no longer wanted to speak

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If it had been the former Jing Qian, she would have jumped at the sight. However, the one standing before him was a different person.

She gave Zhan Lichuan a friendly smile, saying, “You’re awake? I’m guessing you haven’t eaten dinner yet. Are you hungry?”

As soon as a sound came from inside the room, both of the bodyguards guarding the living room dashed inside the bedroom.

When they saw that it was Jing Qian, they looked extremely surprised.

“Young master, we apologize. We didn’t think Young Mistress would simply come in from the other door.”

Everyone knew that Jing Qian’s room was attached to Zhan Lichuan’s room, but for the past three weeks, she had not stepped into the Young Master’s space once, which was why the guards didn’t bother guarding the balcony. Instead, they guarded the living room, so that Jiang Yuxi would not be able to disturb their Young Master with all sorts of ridiculous excuses.

No one expected that today, it would be Young Mistress who came barging into the room.

Zhan Lichaun stared at Jing Qian.

He figured that this woman must have accepted something from his grandfather, which would explain why she was coming in here to complete the mission she had been given. Initially, he couldn’t be bothered to respond to her, but when he saw the friendly smile on her face, he realized that the look in her eyes was now different from the disgust, resistance, and avoidance from before.

This time, her eyes were filled with kindness. A pair of charming, clarity-filled peach-blossom eyes were looking at him, with the vulgar look from before no longer present. However, she still managed to give off the seductive feeling that was coming from her bones.

She was the same person, with the same smile as before, but this time, it showed a different level of flattery. The difference between low-grade and high-grade flattery was clearly distinguished and vividly interpreted.

No wonder she had become an actress. She was really talented in acting in accordance with how much money she had been given.

When he saw the bright, hopeful smile on her face, much like the sun during spring, Zhan Lichuan felt the urge to tear apart the facade with his bare hands.

His future was dark and ruined; he wouldn’t be needing this flattering smile, especially if it was a fake one.

While looking at Jing Qian, Zhan Lichuan slowly responded, “I’m not hungry.”

The calm voice filled the spacious bedroom.

Perhaps it was because it had been a long time since he had spoken, but he had a deep, hoarse voice with a sense of laziness to it, managing to sound powerful at the same time. It was like a voice that had traveled through the ancient Nile River, as it sounded ethereal, yet tangled with sadness. It gave off an unrealistic feeling, as if he was far away in the galaxy when he was actually right in front of them.

When the bodyguards heard Zhan Lichuan talk, their eyes widened.

This was the first sentence that Young Master had spoken in a few days. How could they not be happy about it?

However, the sentence that followed once again brought the temperature of the atmosphere back to zero degrees.

“Don’t you know that a quadriplegic doesn’t feel hunger?” Zhan Lichuan slowly asked.

His glare was like a sharp knife; not only did it hurt the ones around him, it also hurt himself.

His glare was like a demon-revealing mirror, intended to immediately break the perfect expression that Jing Qian had sculptured.

But when she heard what Zhan Lichuan said, Jing Qian was unbothered. The friendly smile that she had put on was still there, not going away despite his words.

The pair of charming eyes glistened, her voice soft yet captivating as she replied, “Who said that a quadriplegic can’t feel hunger? You injured your spine, which means that your peripheral nerves are injured. In other words, only the ones supplying your skeletal muscles are affected. Your sympathetic nerves, which control the movement of your digestive tract, are still intact. Therefore, even if you’re a quadriplegic, you can still feel hunger.

“If you’re hungry but refuse to eat, your body’s metabolic rate will fall and start breaking down the proteins in your muscle, using it as the body’s energy supply. This will result in your bones and muscles becoming atrophied. This is why it’s very important for you to eat.”

Zhan Lichuan was left speechless.

He didn’t see the broken expression that he had expected. Rather, this woman was still looking at him with that flattering smile, which was very startling. It was so bright, it almost blinded him.

Zhan Lichuan closed his eyes once again. All of a sudden, he no longer wanted to speak.

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