The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: 017: Are you free to talk?

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Zhan Lichuan had received a doctorate for business administration from Harvard University when he was only 20 and directly entered Op Corporation as the Executive Chairman.

Within five years, he managed to turn Op Corporation into one of the richest corporations in the country. Other than the technology industry, they also owned several others, such as property, entertainment, hospitals, department stores, hotels, etc. He was the complete package when it came to being an established businessman.

However, an accident changed his entire life. The injury to his spine had turned him into a useless quadriplegic.

No one would be able to accept this, let alone Zhan Lichuan himself.

Even Jing Qian found the change difficult. When she saw Zhan Lichuan in his current state and compared it to the attractive scene from when she first saw him at the dinner for when he became the executive chairman, she couldn’t help but sigh.

He was a phoenix with a broken wing.

But being alive was the most important thing. Without that, you’d have nothing.

For now, though, Jing Qian drove around the mansion in the Zhan family shuttle bus. She admired the beautiful, ancient scenery under the moonlight as if she had teleported back to the olden days. With the moon shining bright above her, she took a deep breath of air, which was filled with freedom and vitality. Although it hadn’t been long since her rebirth, she had already started questioning why she wanted to kill herself in her previous life. Why couldn’t she jump out of it?

Wasn’t life beautiful?

Wasn’t it nice having so much money?

She had fortune, fame, power, and good looks, so why was she still so depressed?

She had no idea how she became depressed when she had this sort of personality, but by the time she realized that something was wrong, her emotions were already out of control.

This was why she was always looking for ways to die. She was always trying to make others livid at her so that they would try to kill her.

Once a perfect life reaches a dead end, it is hard to come out of it.

Luckily, God gave her a second chance. Now that she had changed the core and was no longer depressed, life instantly became wonderful.

The mellow and radiant moonlight shone onto the ground. It was so bright that it looked as if mercury had spilled all over it. Jing Qian’s shadow stretched long and thin as she picked out flowers from the garden.

There were a lot of plants in the Zhan mansion. She picked those that she needed, placed them in the shuttle bus, and went to the next location.

Just when she got everything that she needed, her phone rang.

She looked at the phone, which used to be fully bedazzled, and saw that it was an unknown number.

As she picked up the phone and answered, a man’s voice appeared on the other end.

“Qianqian, are you free to talk now?”

It was an unknown number, but the person on the other end was speaking to her with familiarity. Jing Qian couldn’t tell who it was but answered the person shortly, “En.”

“What happened this afternoon? Was there someone outside? Did they find out about us?”

The other person’s voice sounded anxious and nervous.

Jing Qian’s brain, which was confused at first, instantly realized who this person was.

This person was called Qin Yi, who was supposedly in a relationship with the previous owner of this body. During freshman year, Qin Yi was recruited by an entertainment company and became a member of a group called Funik.

Initially, Funik was a flop. They weren’t a big hit until last year, when a director took a fancy to the beauty of the previous owner and decided to give her a role as the second lead in his drama. The previous owner even introduced Qin Yi to the director.

This drama was based on a classic novel, but due to certain reasons, it didn’t get released and could only be placed online as a web series. There weren’t many investors for it, which caused dissatisfaction amongst the fans, who had rejected the idea of turning it from a novel into a web series in the first place. The fans felt that there were no celebrities good enough to be the male lead for the series, which was why anyone who decided to take up the role of the male lead would be hated before shooting even began.

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