The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: 018: Betrayed

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The original male lead that was cast became frightened by the crazy fans. When the director saw that Qin Yi fit the role and he could cut down on expenses, he decided to bring him on as the main lead.

Fortunately, the web series was a hit. After that, Qin Yi continuously appeared in two other variety shows. Now, he had become the hotshot of the entertainment industry in the country, gaining 11 million fans within a year.

When the Zhan family found Jing Qian and asked her to marry their quadriplegic grandson to help counteract his bad luck, the previous owner had originally refused. In the end, however, she ended up agreeing to the marriage, one of the main reasons being that she wanted to help Qin Yi.

Qin Yi was a handsome, sunny young man, the type of guy that was most popular among younger girls these days. He already had a certain amount of fame and a fanbase; the only thing he lacked was resources. If he could act in a few more hit series, he would be able to successfully transform from an idol into an actor. Then, if he got noticed by any of the movie investors, his life would be smooth sailing from then onwards.

Since the Zhan family’s Op Corporation owned Zhongbo Entertainment, which was one of the top three entertainment groups in Country Z, they had the most resources.

Qin Yi had his eyes on the high-end resources that the Zhan family possessed. The previous owner was duped by Qin Yi and ended up marrying into the Zhan family for the sake of her boyfriend’s career.

She, on the other hand, was not the previous owner at all. There weren’t many memories left between the two of them. As a result, she didn’t remember how this bastard had convinced the previous owner into marrying herself into the Zhan family.

The only thing she could remember now was how much the previous owner had done for him. Not only did she agree to the marriage in order to get him more resources, but she had also spent quite a lot of money on him.

However, now that she had taken over this body, the previous owner’s money was her money.

For someone like her, who used to not care about her life, money was currently her top priority.

“Did you borrow fifty million yuan from me before?”

Although the man sounded anxious on the phone, the truth was that he was lying naked in bed. As he rested his head on the side of the bed, a quilt covered the private parts of his body, and a lustful scent permeated through the air, matching the look of pleasure on his face.

He was hugging onto a thin, fair, weak woman with one hand, and in the other, he held onto his phone along with a lit cigarette. He looked extremely comfortable in this position.

Just as he was about to drop the cigarette butt onto the ashtray, he heard that earth-shattering question. His entire body was stunned, and his hands shook. The hot soot from the cigarette butt fell from his hand and onto his neck, causing him to immediately gasp and jump up after being burnt.

The woman who was in his arms became frightened by the sudden movement, her breathing becoming heavy as well.

When she saw what happened, she quickly swept off the burning soot that was present on his neck.

All of these little movements and actions were clearly audible over the phone.

Jing Qian couldn’t help but raise her brows.

What the f*ck?!

The previous owner was betrayed and sold out while she was busy helping them earn a fortune!

Unable to believe his ears, he asked again, “Qianqian, what was it that you were asking?”

Jing Qian repeated in a kinder manner, “Did you borrow fifty million yuan from me?”

“When did I borrow money from you? Qianqian, what are you talking about? Are you sure you’re free to talk right now?”

“Yes, I’m sure. Remember when I first came to the Zhan family? You told me that your mom or one of your relatives needed money, which was why you borrowed fifty million from me.”

Qin Yi remained silent.

He did borrow money from her, but it wasn’t fifty million. It was only twenty million, and he hadn’t planned on returning the money to her anytime soon.

Years of habit allowed him to develop a consensus between the two of them — anything that belonged to Jing Qian was his as well.

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