The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: 002 Dead pigs aren’t afraid of boiling water

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What did she mean by that?

The woman seemed unbothered; one could even describe her with the phrase ‘dead pigs aren’t afraid of boiling water.’

Butler Xu’s face darkened as he spoke to her, “Young Mistress, just because you are the granddaughter-in-law that Master Zhan hand-picked himself, doesn’t mean he will let you off the hook in this situation. Our third young master is his favorite and no one is allowed to harm him! If he’s convinced that you’re in the wrong, Master Zhan will never forgive you. So I’m advising you, just tell me the truth. Do you have a lover? If it’s true, let me know and I can help.”

When she saw Butler Xu speaking nonsense with such a serious look on his face, the woman couldn’t help but laugh.

The moment when she laughed, she was shocked herself.

Her depression…

Had she recovered from it when they swapped?!

After realizing what was happening, the woman who hadn’t cared much about her rebirth, having been ready to throw everything away and leave, decided then and there to value her new identity.

Since she was no longer depressed and there were no suicidal thoughts present, life was actually pretty great.

Her new identity was that of a woman called Jing Qian, who was married to Zhan Lichuan, the paralyzed third young master of the Zhan Family. Since her ‘Ba-Zi’* matched his, they had given her family 100 million yuan and brought her over as his wife. They had also promised her that as long as she was loyal to Zhan Lichuan, they would give her an additional 100 million yuan each year.

However, if she was caught cheating or betrayed their young master in any way, the Zhan family would take back all the money they had given her, along with any profit that she made during this time as a result of that money.

She had only been married for three weeks and already she’d ended up getting caught by her rival-in-love, who had a video of her talking on the phone with her so-called ‘lover.’ Although that lover was actually her ex-boyfriend, the rival planned to expose her in front of the old man.

Frightened, she had accidentally fallen down the stairs while trying to snatch the phone away from her rival and died as a result.

“Young Mistress, why are you laughing?”

She had already betrayed the third young master, but now she had the audacity to laugh?! This woman knew no shame! Butler Xu became infuriated, his face turning completely black.

“You said it yourself. If he found out that I betrayed the third young master, he would chase me out of the family. In that case, why would you ever offer to help me? Since you work for grandfather, that means you’d be betraying your own master. Well, it’s either that, or you’re trying to fool me.

“Butler Xu, I’m not gullible. I hope you know that.”

A pair of seemingly amorous, peach-blossom eyes smiled up at him, but the smile was actually accompanied by a cold, sharp look.

When he made eye contact with such intriguing eyes, Butler Xu secretly became shocked. Who would have thought a young woman like her, who came from a small family, would have such aura and charisma?

However, he quickly explained, “The Feng Shui Master mentioned that your ‘Ba-Zi’ matches that of our third young master’s perfectly. As long as you marry him and stay by his side, the third young master’s life will improve. I’m simply hoping that the Zhan family becomes better under his leadership.

“That is why I’d like to believe that all of this is simply because you married into the Zhan family in such a hurry and didn’t have enough time to properly settle matters from your past. As long as you let me know who it is, I will be able to get rid of this person before you’re even discharged from the hospital.”

After hearing what he said, Jing Qian raised her eyebrows, a look of excitement appearing on her previously indolent face.

Getting up from the bed, she put on her slippers and walked past the butler.

“Looks like this Feng Shui Master is quite an expert. Why don’t you bring this master here in the future so that I can meet him? I want to know if I’ll make a fortune, surprise the world, and end up the richest person on earth.”


**TL note: the term ‘Ba-Zi’ that was mentioned in the text is also known as the four pillars of destiny. A Chinese astrological concept, it’s the idea that a person’s destiny or fate can be divined by the two sexagenary cycle characters assigned to their birth year, month, day, and hour —sourced from Wikipedia.

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