The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: 031: Get out

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This… this was the first time Brother Chuan had ever directly looked at her.

Jiang Yuxi, clearly misunderstanding the gesture, was now completely filled with happiness.

She didn’t want much. She only hoped that Brother Chuan would pay a little more attention to her. She believed that with all the hard work and effort she had put in for the past few years, Brother Chuan would definitely appreciate her as long as he noticed her. When he realised her good virtues, it would be like an interesting book. He would want to know more about her. She firmly believed that Brother Chuan would realize that she was the best choice and the most suitable for him. Since even when he became a quadriplegic, she was still there for him no matter what.

Then, he would choose her.

In her eyes, she believed that Brother Chuan was the best even if he was to remain paralyzed for the rest of his life. He was even better than Zhan Yuheng.

This was true as long as he wanted it.

“Ah Chuan, are you okay?”

When Master Zhan saw that Zhan Lichuan’s condition was better than yesterday’s, he let out a sigh of relief.

“What happened?” Zhan Lichuan’s voice was still very calm; however, when compared to the tone he used yesterday while pleading for euthanasia, the one today seemed a little bit more cheerful.

Master Zhan had no idea what was happening. He quickly turned to Jing Qian and asked, “Qianqian, what’s happening? Why did the rats outside die? Would Ah Chuan be affected?”

While being questioned by Master Zhan, Jing Qian looked at the orchids that were planted in Zhan Lichuan’s sunroom. Then, she asked, “Third Young Master, do you like orchids?”

Master Zhan was clear about his grandson’s personality—he wouldn’t answer Jing Qian even if he weren’t paralyzed. Now that he was, it would be worse. For this reason, Master Zhan was prepared to answer her question on his behalf.

However, before Master Zhan could say a word, Jiang Yuxi had already opened her big mouth.

“Orchids are Brother Chuan’s favourite. Can’t you see that there are so many expensive orchids placed in the sunroom?”

Oh my lord, this temper of hers!

Jing Qian was completely speechless.

“Miss Jiang, were you born extremely thick-skinned or do you have amnesia? Grandfather already warned you to stay away from the third young master to avoid any misunderstandings, yet here you are. Why are you in our bedroom? I was asking third young master a question. As an outsider, don’t you think you’re a bit too much of a busybody?”

Jiang Yuxi, having still been immersed in the overwhelming joy from before, had not planned to argue with Jing Qian. However, when the other party suddenly insulted her, she looked at Jing Qian as if she had been unreasonably bitten by a stray dog.

Then, Master Zhan spoke. “Yuxi, you shouldn’t be in here. Why don’t you wait outside?”

Master Zhan knew what Jiang Yuxi’s thoughts were, but Jing Qian was someone whom he had brought into the family to bring luck to Ah Chuan’s life. Although he had raised Jiang Yuxi for several years and had feelings for her, this matter involved Ah Chuan. Nothing else was as important as this.

Jiang Yuxi flushed and bit her lips. She replied in a pitiful voice, “Grandfather, I’m worried about Brother Chuan. I just want to know why Jing Qian placed those dead rats outside of his room.”

“I don’t need you to worry about me. Get out.”

No one had expected the person lying on the sick bed to open his mouth; even Jing Qian was surprised. Then, she looked at Jiang Yuxi and prepared herself to enjoy the show with a bowl of popcorn.

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