The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: 032: Oh great motherly love

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When being chased out by Master Zhan, Jiang Yuxi flushed from anger and embarrassment. However, when hearing Zhan Lichuan’s cold words, the colour in her face drained away and turned pale.

She was still in cloud nine a minute ago when Brother Chuan looked at her, but the next minute, she got a huge slap across her face. The contrast was so drastic that Jiang Yuxi’s mind went blank and her ears started ringing.

“Miss Jiang, our young master is asking you to leave.” Yunzhou emotionlessly walked towards Jiang Yuxi, his voice robotic.

When Master Zhan saw Jiang Yuxi’s weeping, he still felt guilty for this poor child. Just as he was about to speak up to comfort her, Jing Qian, who was next to them, chuckled sarcastically.

“Oh no, this came so abruptly for you, didn’t it? Looks like your Brother Chuan doesn’t care much for all your love and care after all.”

Zhan Lichuan’s gaze turned meaningful as he looked at the woman who was humiliating the other party, unafraid of making another scene.

As for Jiang Yuxi, she might be unhappy with Jing Qian, but she had never hated Jing Qian this much.

This b*tch was horrible and disgusting.

She didn’t know when to stop and didn’t have the basic courtesy to keep a line between them for amiable meetings in the future. Even with grandfather and Brother Chuan here, she was still trying to stir up trouble. Absolutely unbelievable!

Although she was already burning with rage, Jiang Yuxi took two deep breaths and smiled.

“I understand that Brother Chuan may be in a bad mood, so I can tolerate it. You don’t have to try triggering me further by saying horrible things.”

With that, Jiang Yuxi showed a caring smile on her face and said, “Brother Chuan, I’m leaving now. Have a good rest. I’ll come by again soon.”

“Infinite tolerance is only found between a mother and son. So, you’ve been treating the third young master as your son? Wow… what great motherly love.”

Jiang Yuxi was already by the door when Jing Qian’s voice rang behind her. She got so angry that she almost exploded on the spot.

However, she still managed to calm herself down.

She didn’t want Brother Chuan to see her ill-mannered fighting with Jing Qian.

Jing Qian may not love him, but she sure did. She didn’t want the man she loved to think that she was someone as petty as Jing Qian.

Once Jiang Yuxi left, Master Zhan said, “Qianqian, you were asking about the orchids just now. Are they related to the death of the rats?”

Since the horrible person had already left, Jing Qian no longer had any reason to continue being a b*tch. Therefore, she directly answered his question —

“Ghostorchids are among the most priceless orchids in the world. They’re like priceless jewels for a collector, but there are dozens of them inside the third young master’s room. Do they all belong to him, or were they a gift?”

“Only two of them were his. As for the rest, his sister and I are the ones who placed them there. There are a total of 13 Ghostorchids now. Is there something wrong with them?”

Jing Qian shook her head. “If you only plant Ghostorchids by themselves, it won’t be a problem, but it would be if you placed them with Osmanthus and Henbit.”

“Henbit? What’s that?”

“The green plants by the wall that are used to beautify these flowers.”

Master Zhan didn’t know what it was, so Jing Qian went to the sunroom, plucked out one of the Henbits that were next to the orchids, and brought it back into the room for Master Zhan to see.

As he looked at it, his face turned dark.

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