The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: 006 Where’s the video?

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“But anyway, don’t you think you’re a little too much? You even threatened me, just so you could get rid of me! You said that you would make yourself trip down the stairs, then place the blame on me just so that grandfather would know what a horrible woman I am. I tried to pull you up, but instead, you pushed me down the stairs. Did you really think that if I died from falling down the stairs, you would be able to ruin my reputation and then become the next rightful Young Mistress of the Zhan family?”

Jiang Yuxi jumped up from her seat, triggered by what Jing Qian had said. She shouted furiously, “Jing Qian, you bloody liar! Did you really think that I would defame you without any evidence? You think grandfather would actually believe all the lies that you’re spewing?”

Then, she quickly walked over to Master Zhan and said in a resentful and urgent tone, “Grandfather, I’m telling the truth about what happened this afternoon. I clearly overheard Jing Qian talking to her lover about taking advantage of the Zhan family’s resources. She promised him that he would be a famous actor with her help. Jing Qian even bought things for her lover. I have a recording of it, listen! She was trying to delete this recording, which was why we were fighting when she tripped and fell down the stairs.”

As she spoke, Jiang Yuxi unlocked her screen to try and show Master Zhan the video she had taken.

Jing Qian let out a cold laugh, ignoring Jiang Yuxi as she continued to elegantly enjoy her food.

“Where did it go? That’s strange… Where’s the video? What—What’s happening? It was right here!”

Jiang Yuxi’s face turned green as she searched for the video on her phone. She went through each interface on her phone but she was out of luck, as the video that she had saved was nowhere to be found.

The video had disappeared into thin air!

“Hmmm… You’re studying fashion design, I’ve heard. Was it because you realized that you’re too ugly for acting and decided to give up on that? With your acting skills and the Zhan family’s resources at your back, I’m pretty confident that you can win the next Oscars.

“You don’t have to be extremely pretty to be an actress, you know. Why don’t you go for an audition? I’m pretty sure that there will be directors who would appreciate having such a talented actress on set.”

“Jing! Qian! It was you, wasn’t it? You were the one who deleted my video!”

“You’re right, it was me. I was talking to my paramour and you recorded it all. Becoming angry, I decided to start a fight with you then threw myself down the staircase and hit my head. While I was in the hospital for my head injury, I found someone to hack into your phone and delete all your recordings, which is why you can no longer show us the video that you clearly had before this.”

Jing Qian said these things on purpose in order to further trigger Jiang Yuxi. Even if it was all true, she no longer had the evidence needed to prove it. It wouldn’t matter if it was true or not.

A smart person would have already realized what was happening.

However, that was not the case for Jiang Yuxi.

Her eyes widened and her entire face flushed with rage as she screamed, “SO IT WAS YOU!”

Jing Qian didn’t know how to respond to that. This woman’s brain must have been kicked by a mule for at least … three times?

Jiang Yuxi then turned around and cried to Master Zhan, “Grandfather, did you hear what she said? She admitted to it! It was her!”

Zhan Yuheng, who was sitting by the side, couldn’t take it anymore and put down his chopsticks as well.

Before this, he had always thought that Jing Qian and Jiang Yuxi weren’t on the same level when it came to intelligence.

Today, they still weren’t on the same level, but it was Jing Qian who unilaterally crushed Jiang Yuxi.

“This matter shall end here. No one is allowed to mention this anymore.”

Master Zhan was tired of it as well and immediately put an end to the conversation.

Jiang Yuxi stared at him with her huge, tear-filled eyes. Her face was filled with disbelief and humiliation.

“Why Grandfather, why? She already admitted that it was her! Why don’t you punish her instead of asking me to shut up?!”

Wasn’t she just some woman who had a Ba-Zi that matched Brother Chuan’s? Who gave her the right to flaunt herself in the Zhan family?! She was the one who had betrayed Brother Chuan!

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