The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: 007 Remember who you are

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Jiang Yuxi couldn’t wrap her mind around it. Other than her face, which was as beautiful as a vixen, what else did Jing Qian have?

However, Master Zhan no longer wanted to continue discussing the matter.

“Yuxi, I had no objections to your closeness with Lichuan when he wasn’t married. But now that he is and Jing Qian is his wife, I hope that you’ll abide by your role as a guest. Stop trying to come between Lichuan and his wife. This is not something I’d like to see in the future when going forward.”

Tears stiffly hung on her face. She stared blankly at the old man, no longer able to cry.

This was the first time Master Zhan had ever talked to her so unceremoniously.

Even though Jiang Yuxi’s heart was filled with intense grief and dissatisfaction, with her understanding of Master Zhan, she knew that she could no longer say another word about it.

If she continued, he would most likely chase her out of the house earlier than planned.

But that particular sentence he said—’to abide by her role as guest’—truly hurt her heart.

To her, she had become a part of the Zhan family from the moment she stepped into their household.

She fell in love with Brother Chuan when she was 17 years old. Even now, when he’d become a quadriplegic, there was never a moment where she disliked him.

She even felt fortunate that he had been paralysed, because someone as brilliant as Brother Chuan would never have turned his attention to her.

She had already lowered herself to this point, so why wouldn’t grandfather see how good she was?

She has been working hard, putting in so much effort to become the perfect woman. She had spent a great amount of time getting Brother Chuan to regain his hope and confidence. How could it simply be wiped out and forgotten?

Jiang Yuxi had thought that what Master Zhan said before was harsh, but she soon realized that he could be much more ruthless.

“When you first came to the Zhan family, you yourself mentioned that you wouldn’t mind staying in the guesthouse. Since there were no young mistresses back then, I relented and had Butler Xu arrange a room for you in the main building. However, the matter that Qianqian just brought up is sound. Now that Lichuan is a married man, it’s indeed inappropriate for a single, unmarried girl to be allowed to enter and leave as you please in the main building. After finishing your meal, you should go pack up. I’ll get Butler Xu to arrange an individual guest house for you.”

Jiang Yuxi froze; it was so cold that she felt numb.

Tears fell down her face like pearls off of a broken necklace.

What had she done to deserve this?

She wasn’t the one who had an affair! Why was she the one being punished in the end?!

However, Jiang Yuxi did not dare say another word.

She never thought that Grandfather would be this muddled.

But no matter what, she could only rely on him.

Jing Qian’s appetite suddenly became much better when watching Jiang Yuxi cry her eyes out.

When Master Zhan and Zhan Yuheng came back to their senses, they were left speechless, realizing that most of the dishes on the table that were full before this had been cleared out within a short period of time.

As Master Zhan looked at the woman eating elegantly, his head started to hurt all of a sudden. “Qianqian.”

“En?” Jingqian responded to him while continuing to eat. Her actions were so natural, just like those of a granddaughter responding to her own grandfather.

“How’s your head?” Master Zhan asked.

“Just a small wound. I’m fine.”

Master Zhan nodded his head and continued, “While you were at the hospital, Lichuan returned from his physiotherapy session as well. He seems to be in a bad mood. Since you’re his wife, you should really spend more time caring for him.”

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