The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant

Chapter 804 - Rage

Chapter 804 804: Rage

It’s either that they finish the contest and then leave the company on their own. This way, the company would also consider moving on from this issue.

Or, they could choose to allow the contest to proceed. Chloe would only take into consideration the scores given by the other 8 judges, giving up theirs. At the same time, they would also expose all that judges had done.

This way, they would no longer be allowed to stay in the company. The other companies would not accept a designer who had a bad reputation as well.

In fact, they had only done something to one participant that they thought was the best. As for the rest, they were fair and square.

Di Ranle’s team was still quite talented. They might not be known internationally, but they could be still considered alright. Plus, the designers from Country Z liked their culture more than anything. Therefore, their skills when it came to designing international gowns were not as great as the others. Given such, Di Ranle’s gowns would definitely get great scores. The only thing that they had to do was to ensure the other participants’ scores gets pulled downwards. After reading through the messages, both the judges started having cold sweats. They were regretting doing such a stupid mistake that could have ruined them.

They were designers of major fashion brands, and the status itself would already bring a huge amount of income within a year, but they were greedy and ended up ruining their entire career.

“I would like to know that when number 7 came out earlier, most of the judges had given him a high score except for the both of you. You even commented saying that the gowns were not up to standard. However, for number 22, they have used the best materials for the dress and even used real pieces of jewelry for it, and their design looks exquisite. Can we know why you still gave such low scores?”

The answer to this question was something that everyone wanted to know—the announcer, the audience, as well as all the other judges from Chloe. All of them felt that this was done intentionally? Everyone in the crowd was looking at both the two judges, and there was anger in their eyes.

These pieces were like a child to the designer, but these two weren’t even taking it seriously. They shouldn’t have been allowed to be judges.

“I just think that the design was alright, but there were too many stones on it, causing the dress to look heavy and overwhelming. There is still room for improvement.”

“That’s right. I agree with him as well.” The other judge quickly added on.

However, how would they be in the right mood to judge?

They just wanted this contest to end so that they could disappear in the public’s eyes.

As for the judges’ comments, most of the audience did not agree with what they had said.

They couldn’t help but feel that there was something wrong with the judges’ brains. They were born to sabotage the best pieces in this contest.

How could these people be allowed to be judges?

So what if they were one of the best designers? They didn’t deserve it at all.

The audience on the stage couldn’t help but start complaining, and the voices were getting louder by the minute, which was why they had to stop the contest.

The judges went backstage, and the rest of the judges decided to ask them for a reason why they had given such scores.

These two judges immediately raised the issue of wanting to leave the contest.

The committee agreed as well since their scores had greatly affected participants number 7 and number 22, which may lead to a grave mistake in the final placing.

When the contest was resumed, the announcer told the crowd that they will be removing the other two judges from the panel, and everyone was extremely happy with it.

No matter what they did, they would have been kicked off by the committee since they were being unfair towards both number 7 and number 22.

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