The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant

Chapter 805 - Congratulations Princess Ranle

Chapter 805 805: Congratulations Princess Ranle

When the contest ended, all top ten participants were invited on stage to talk about their designs.

Those who were invited to this contest were excellent designers. Even if they did not get to join the finals, Chloe would still give these designers a chance to showcase their talent.

These designers would be able to introduce themselves to the public. There were some of them who had fashion lines and stores, and this opportunity would allow them to reach out to more people in the public with their brands and design.

Jing Jie, Jiang Yuxi, and Di Ranle were all on stage as well.

Jing Jie was looking extremely nervous as he stood on the stage.

He was either playing with his finger or pulling his pants with his eyes wandering around.

The audience could clearly see that Jing Jie was different from ordinary people.

Everyone else, who was watching it live, started asking questions as well.

“Who’s that boy?” “I’m not sure. Is he a designer as well?”

“Such a pussy! It isn’t even his chance yet, but he looks like he is about to cry now.”

“I still think that the princess is still the best. She looks so poised.”

“Even that one! Third from the right! She looks gorgeous as well.”

“She looks alright, but the princess is much better.”

“This is a designer’s contest, not a beauty pageant. It doesn’t matter what they look like. Their designs are more important.”

Following such was the announcement of the placing, as well as their acceptance speech. The committee had already turned off the lights other than those on stage, and none of the participants could see what was happening off stage. Di Ranle plastered her signature smile, and she was looking gorgeous. The way that she carried herself was definitely not something that the other participants could hold a candle to.

“The fourth and the tenth participants had already finished explaining their design. Thank you for their participation. Thank you.”

The announcer had just made the announcement, and the rest of them got off the stage. Back on stage, there were only three of them left.

Jing Jie, Jiang Yuxi, and Di Ranle.

After standing on the stage for so long, Jing Jie was so nervous about it that his body was trembling.

When he was on stage for esports, he wasn’t as afraid even when there was a large crowd in the audience because he only had to do things on his own. As for those in the audience seat, they would help him do things even better.

But now, he was facing these audiences directly, and his heart was about to burst as it was racing.

He was also worried that he would forget the speech that he had memorized earlier.

In order to prevent himself from forgetting it, Jing Jie kept mumbling to himself. Therefore, in the audience’s eyes, they only saw this little boy who looked lost as he didn’t know where to place his hands and kept moving his mouth.

“We have the top three here with us, and they will be representing our country a month later in the finals. Congratulations.” The audience gave a round of applause. Di Ranle maintained a smile on her face, but it was less bright than before.

This was not what she wanted. She was hoping that Jing Jie and Jiang Yuxi, who had bad blood with her, would leave the stage. They shouldn’t even be in the top 10.

If that happens, she would be able to flaunt herself in front of these two peasants.

Who would have known that these two would be the ones joining the finals in Country I? Di Ranle was feeling irritated.

“….Di Ranle! Congratulations, Princess Di Ranle!”

The announcer had just called for her name when Di Ranle was still judging the other two. She turned towards the announcer and was confused as to why her name was being called. She was also pissed that both the peasants had disturbed her, which embarrassed her.

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