The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant

Chapter 807 - Jing Jie Got First!

Chapter 807 807: Jing Jie Got First!

(I just wanted to ask… Am I the only one who’s curious about the little brother who is about to break his finger from twisting it?]

(I think I just realized something big- The first participant is J God from the Shadows!!!)

The comment section of the live stream immediately exploded.

However, Di Ranle did not know this.

She remained motionless on the same spot, looking extremely lost.

Third?! Why was she third?!

These two commoners that fought with her had places that were higher than hers. How was this even possible?!

She had already bribed two of the judges here. They had promised to give her the highest scores, and to mark down those that were better than hers.

She had already planned it. With her own abilities, it wouldn’t be an issue for her to get to the top three, and with the bribery, she would be able to get first.

How was it possible that she was in third place now?

Perhaps… Even with the bribery, the two of them still had better scores than hers?

This was impossible!

“Princess Ranle, could you excuse me?” Since this was the center of the stage, Di Ranle was still standing there and was blocking her way. Jiang Yuxi was not planning on being nice to this arrogant woman.

So what if she was a princess? She wasn’t the princess of Country Z. She was just a princess from a small country that no one had heard of, but she still had the audacity to act arrogant here.

When Di Ranle came back to her senses, she could no longer maintain her smile and quickly turned around.

Jiang Yuxi was confident with her designs and she thought that she would be able to get first. However, this result was satisfactory. As long as she could get to the top three of the contest, she would be able to participate in the finals in the Chloe headquarters, which would be held in Country I. This would be something beneficial to Siemo.

Jiang Yuxi’s speech was pleasant. It was filled with confidence and elegance. Although she wasn’t as beautiful or charismatic as Di Ranle, she was still an experience white lotus b*tch. She had perfected the skills of being pitiful and sad, which caught the attention of the audience as well.

The last to walk on stage was Jing Jie.

Before asking Jing Jie to give a speech, the announcer had briefly told the audience about his condition.

The audience finally learned that Jing Jie was only 18 years old and was autistic.

He had autism! Plus, he was only a child!

The netizens who were previously mocking and teasing Jing Jie finally shut up, and the audience at the scene gave him a big round of applause.

Most of them had seen the products of participant number 7 and thought that he deserved first place.

That bridal collection was absolutely gorgeous!

As Jing Jie walked onto the stage, he was already blushing and his veins were about to pop.

(Please be nice to him! Look at how afraid he is now!)

(AHHHHHH!!!! This boy is so cute!!! I like him!!!!]

[Although this little brother doesn’t know how to speak, he has the gentlest heart.]

In the comment section, everyone was discussing Jing Jie.

Before Jing Jie said anything, he had already accumulated a large number of fans.

“Jing Jie, congratulations on getting first.”

The announcer smiled at Jing Jie and read his lines according to what was given by the committee.

“Than- Thank you…”

Jing Jie was still blushing. Although he had difficulty speaking, his voice still sounded great.

“Are you happy with the result?” the announcer continued asking.

“Yes… Happy….”

“I didn’t think that you would be able to design such beautiful gowns at such a young age. Do you only design bridal gowns, or nightgowns as well?”

“I design… Both…”

* was

Jing Jie realized that the announcer was asking questions that were relatively easy. As he was answering the question, he was able to tell the audience how and where he got his ideas.

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