The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant

Chapter 808 - An Idea

Chapter 808 808: An Idea

When Jing Jie realised that he didn’t have to give a long speech, he let out a sigh of relief.

Seeing how Jing Jie was reacting, he caught the attention of another huge group of female fans. Everyone was captivated by how cute he was.

“Due to his condition, we have prepared a short video clip about our champion of the Chloe Contest this year, so that you get to know him better.”

The video showed Jing Jie’s daily life.

He liked basketball and read martial art comics like an ordinary teenage boy. He was also a great esports player and would be representing his team in the finals of Country Strike Z16 two days later. If he won the match, he would be representing the country, but at the same time, he was a shy kid. He didn’t like talking with others and did not like to be in public. He loved being alone in his one world and would draw whenever he was bored, which helped him achieve his result today.

He was still young and there were many more opportunities to grow. It would be great if everyone else could give him more space and kindness, so that he could tell the world what he thinks and feels through his designs.

Jinqian was the one who prepared the video. She thought she had done a great job, but when Zhan Lichuan saw it, he decided to help her with it.

The effect of the video was much better than the one that she did. It had recorded a lot of clips regarding Jing Jie in his daily life and managed to bring out what it was like to be an autistic child with talented art skills.

Most of the audience was touched.

Those that were in love with the designs were fans of Jing Jie as well and started doing their research about the esports, and those who knew Jing Jie from the esports, started reading up about fashion designing.

Two professions that were completely opposite somehow just blended perfectly in Jing Jie.

When the contest ended, most of the media wanted an interview with Jing Jie, but Jingian rejected all of them. He was just a child, one that was extremely shy. He wouldn’t be able to answer the continuous questions, which was why Jindian stayed in the room with him.

Initially, she wanted to leave immediately, but Zhan Lichuan, who had just finished his incredibly busy schedule, wanted to pick them up. That was why she had no other choice but to wait.

Di Ranle went back to her room, so angry that she swept every day onto the ground.

When the participants had finished giving their speeches, the judges were allowed to comment on their design. That’s when she realized that the two judges that she had bribed were no longer among the panel of judges.

When she got off stage, she was told that the two of them had been asked to leave because they had messed up the contest.

If they were asked to leave because they had given Jing Jie low marks, she would still be able to accept it, but these two were dumbasses. The thing that angered her the most was that they had only given her 9.1!!!!


“Princess, please don’t be mad. Think about it. It’s fortunate that they left. If they didn’t, your scores would have been much lower. If the committee took their scores into account, you wouldn’t even be in the top three. At least we’re still in third place now!”

“Did I say that I only wanted third place?” Di Ranle glared at her assistant. “I wanted first place!! Only first! But look at where I am now?!

“I didn’t even win first place! I ended up third! I even embarrassed myself in front of the audience. Great grandfather would definitely be disappointed in me, and my parents will kill me!”

The assistant looked at Di Ranle and suddenly an idea popped inside her head, “Princess, there’s something that I thought about. I don’t know if I should say it.”

Seeing how Di Ranle didn’t stop her, the assistant continued, “Look… You have so many talented people working for you. Did you defeat all of them on your own?”

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