The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss

Chapter 26 - Thief God Strikes Out (2)

Chapter 26: Thief God Strikes Out (2)

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Inside the main house, Shen Feng’s face was as black as a pot.

Shen Duan and Shen Yifeng, who represented the second-generation the third-generation members respectively, stood with him and all of them looked as if they had no color on their faces.

Everyone, other than Shen Feng, had had their wallets wiped clean and it was probably because he was the most important member of the Vermilion Bird Family. Some of their goldware collections had also disappeared without a trace.

Out of everyone, the one that suffered most was Shen Jing.

Shen Jin had purchased a lot of pearls and jewels because he liked to gift them to the beauties, so that he could undergo a ‘deeper interaction’ with them. He had also bought a large batch of high-quality gems from the jeweler just a few days ago. However, before he could gift them to those beautiful women, they were emptied from the jewelry box.

What infuriated him most was that heartless little thief also dug out the few gems that were embedded in the jewelry box!

Shen Jing did not dare to calculate his losses. He only knew that in the subsequent months, he would have to bid farewell to those beauties.

Ever since the Vermilion Bird Family was founded, they had never once suffered a massive loss like this!

The sum of money that they had lost was only like a drop of water in the ocean. However, it was the thief’s attitude that enraged them!

In just a single night, the thief had managed to rob all of the important members of the Vermilion Bird Family, and none of them noticed anything throughout the entire process, and even allowed the thief to plunder a considerable sum of money. It was as if the thief looked down on them!

Shen Feng could not ignore the matter because it escalated from a monetary issue to a matter of their prestige.

“All of you are good for nothing! Someone snuck into your room and stole all of your money, and you slept through it all?” Shen Feng was very angry with the situation. Even though the Vermilion Bird Family could not awaken the Vermilion Bird for over hundreds of years, but the strength of his offspring had not been a disgrace for the family.

However, it seemed as if they were all idiots to allow someone to infiltrate their rooms and stole all of their money, while none of them sensed a single thing.

“Father, how can we be blamed? That person must have come prepared. Furthermore, their skills are comparable to the ringleader of Silver Hands. Even Second Brother did not notice anything was amiss, and so that proves just how skillful that person was.” Shen Jing, who had lost the most, explained bitterly.

Shen Feng frowned when Shen Jing mentioned the Silver Hands.

The Silver Hands was an organization of thieves in the Brilliance Continent with the most widespread reputation. All of their members were reported to have exceptional skills, and the ringleader was purportedly the most proficient. It was rumored that he could steal anything that he had set his eyes on.

“Don’t tell me that it was people from the Silver Hands,” Shen Yifeng muttered to himself. The thief had taken a lot from him too.

“Impossible.” Shen Feng waved his hand and said, “The Silver Hands are established in the faraway God Wind Alliance. Even if they have members lurking in Longxuan Empire, there would only be a few of them, and with no great skills. It’s impossible for them to steal from beneath our noses.”

“Then could it be the ringleader of the Silver Hands?” Shen Yue asked.

Shen Feng shook his head.

“Although he is arrogant, he would not be so unbridled to oppose the Vermilion Bird Family in Longxuan Empire. Furthermore, he has a habit of informing his targets if he intends to steal from them.”

Everyone was perplexed when Shen Feng excluded the Silver Hands from their list of suspects. Was there another thief, one that had exceptional skills, but yet to be taken in by the Silver Hands?

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