The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss

Chapter 27 - Thief God Strikes Out (3)

Chapter 27: Thief God Strikes Out (3)

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There was indeed a goddess-level thief that was not affiliated with the Silver Hands, and that particular thief had probably not even heard of their name.

While everyone else was at their wit’s end with the theft from the day before, a certain thief beamed with smiles as she returned from her rewarding journey. She sat on top of the big pile of loot and enjoyed herself as she looked at her harvest with deep appreciation.

A person with Shen Duan’s status clearly had no lack of money. However, the main bulk of their vast wealth had been stored in a bank, and they did not have much on hand. Therefore, the amount of cash that Shen Yanxiao looted was not really a huge sum. The goldware and pieces of jewelry that she managed to steal turned out to be the main attraction of the show.

The problem that plagued her then was that she did not know how to turn those items into cash.

The only thing that she could consider was an auction house. If she brought those items to the auction house, they would give her cash that was equivalent to the value of those items.

However, she realized that she had another problem. Even though she had tried to avoid any unique-looking items, she was not convinced that the owners of the things that she had stolen would not recognize the pieces as theirs. Although she was confident that the Vermilion Bird Family would not reveal the theft to anyone outside the family, it was still possible for them to ask the auction houses in private.

For the ordinary auction houses, even though they had some protection for the seller’s personal information, they might still succumb to the Vermilion Bird Family’s influence to reveal some information to them.

If she had wanted to sell those items, then she would have to find an auction house that the Vermilion Bird Family could not question nor get any information out of them.

There were dozens of auction houses in a city as big as the capital of Longxuan Empire. Out of those, there were only three reputable auction houses and one of them was run by one of the five great aristocratic families, the Qilin Family which was named as the Qilin Auction House.

Both the Vermilion Bird Family and the Qilin Family were part of the five great aristocratic families. However, from Shen Yanxiao’s observations, she deduced that both families privately itched to fight the other and only look polite and amiable on the surface.

She knew that if she brought those items to the Qilin Auction House, the Vermilion Bird Family would not stoop so low as to inquire about their stolen items there. They knew that the Qilin Family would not reveal a single piece of information even if they had asked.

Xiu was not interested in the humans’ wealth. His only interest was whether those items could be exchanged for sufficient demonic cores.

As for Shen Yanxiao’s goddess-like thieving skills, he did not intend to question her even though he had his suspicions.

Since she had chosen the Qilin Auction House as her target, Shen Yanxiao had no choice but to prepare something else beforehand.

Even though most people had never seen the ‘trash’ of the Vermilion Bird Family, there was no guarantee that the Qilin Family would not recognize her in the future. To protect her identity from discovery, Shen Yanxiao decided to head to another auction house to purchase a few bottles of disguise potion with the money that she had.

Disguise potions were a rather common potion and were categorized into three different grades: low, middle, and high. The grades of the disguise potion determined the duration of the disguise, and there was also a huge difference in terms of the prices.

That night, Shen Yanxiao snuck out of the Vermilion Bird Family’s compound with a huge cloak and ran to a small auction house in the capital to purchase five low-grade disguise potions. Even though they were low-grade potions, five small bottles had cost her five hundred gold, and that caused the cash-strapped Shen Yanxiao some heartache.

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