The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss

Chapter 2740 - Chapter 2740: Battle of the Mixed-race (1)

Chapter 2740 - Chapter 2740: Battle of the Mixed-race (1)

Chapter 2740: Battle of the Mixed-race (1)

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Shen Yanxiao frowned. Even though Ouyang Huanyu was crazy, it was the truth. The world did not accept mixed-race people.

If not for that, her mother would not have been forced to leave the Moon God Continent.

Wen Ya’s situation was already the best case scenario.

There were actually more mixed-race beings in the world. But after they were born, they would be thrown into the water by their clansmen and drowned to death. There were even some who threw mixed-race beings into the fire in a vain attempt to burn the sins of mixed-race beings with flames.

In order to protect their children from being killed, some interracial couples died tragically under the butcher knife of their people. Even if those young mixed-race babies were not killed at birth, they would be abandoned and thrown into the wilderness without any care. In the wilderness, they would still die either by violent weather or by those ferocious beasts.

There were too few mixed-race people who could safely grow up to adulthood. Shen Yanxiao wandered around many continents and had seen countless foreign races. However, the only mixed-race she saw was her mother.

It was not that there were no mixed-race people in the world, but the path of survival of those mixed-race people had been cut off after they were born.

It was as if they had been abandoned by the world. No one would lend them a helping hand or save their lives.

Every mixed-race people who could grow up through hardship to adulthood would feel as though their hearts were being squeezed with hatred for this world.

Ouyang Huanyu was one of those people.

Shen Yanxiao did not know what Ouyang Huanyu had experienced, but his hatred for all races in the world was obvious.

He wanted to destroy the eight races and control the entire world!

“Do you still wish to save those ignorant souls?” Ouyang Huanyu looked at Shen Yanxiao and asked.

“No,” Shen Yanxiao said.

Hearing this, Joy surfaced in Ouyang Huanyu’s eyes.

However, Shen Yanxiao’s next words made Ouyang Huanyu’s smile fade.

“I’ve never thought of saving anyone. I’m not as great as you think. I just want to live well. I want the people I care about to live well. What’s the difference between a mixed-race and a pure-blood? If someone is dissatisfied with my existence, then let them fight. I’ll let my fist tell them that their point of view is nothing to me!”

“Why should I care about their opinions? What do those people say have to do with me?” Killing was not the solution to everything.

Shen Yanxiao did not know why pure-bloods hated mixed-races, nor did she want to know.

As long as she let everyone know that she, a mixed-race, was not someone to be trifled with, that would be enough.

She was happy to help mixed-race people, but she did not intend to slaughter other races.

Without other races, mixed -race people could not exist.

Ouyang Huanyu hated all races because of his hatred for them.

Because she had no hatred, Shen Yanxiao only wanted the world to accept the existence of mixed-race people.

They were both mixed-race people, but they came to two completely different conclusions.

The decisive battle between Ouyang Huanyu and Shen Yanxiao seemed to indicate the future of all mixed-race people in the world. Should they kill all living beings, or should they use their strength to make the world accept their existence?

“Naive.” Ouyang Huanyu sneered.

“We don’t get along well. There’s nothing more to say between us. If you want to fight, I’ll fight!” Shen Yanxiao no longer talked nonsense with Ouyang Huanyu. Pure and holy aura covered her entire body.. She was prepared to fight!

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