The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss

Chapter 2741 - Chapter 2741: Battle of the Mixed-race (2)

Chapter 2741 - Chapter 2741: Battle of the Mixed-race (2)

Chapter 2741: Battle of the Mixed-race (2)

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“One day, you will understand everything that I have done.” Ouyang Huanyu regretted that Shen Yanxiao did not agree with him. Even though her mixed-race identity had not been discovered, Ouyang Huanyu knew that Shen Yanxiao did not have a good time in the Vermilion Bird Family before she went to Saint Laurent Academy. She was often bullied by her family members. Such an experience should have distorted Shen Yanxiao’s mind and made it easy for her to accept his point of view. However, Shen Yanxiao’s attitude had disappointed Ouyang Huanyu.

He with the blood of the two most powerful races in the world and Shen Yanxiao who had been forcefully integrated with eight bloodlines represented the peak strength of mixed-race beings. In the end, they would clash in an intense manner.

A dazzling light blossomed from both of them, and the glaring light completely enveloped them. The others on the battlefield could not see what had happened under the light.

However, countless energies continued to splatter from the light. Anyone who approached would be instantly torn into ashes by the leaking energy.

The powerful force spread to the entire battlefield.

During his fight with Satan, Xiu suddenly noticed that two unusually powerful forces were colliding crazily not far away.

Before this, the battle between him and Satan had already caused a huge impact. No creatures around them dared to approach, but now, he felt the two new forces were not inferior to him and Satan at all.

“Damn it. That bastard Ouyang Huanyu, is he trying to destroy my vessel?” Satan could not get rid of the control in his body, but like Xiu, he noticed the changes on the battlefield.

“She was never yours.” Xiu’s golden eyes narrowed slightly, and his attacks on Satan became increasingly fierce.

However, deep down, he was worried for Shen Yanxiao.

No one knew how powerful the son of a god and a devil was.

Ouyang Huanyu, who had fused the blood of the two most powerful races in the world, had been carefully concealing his strength. Moreover, what flowed in his body was the powerful bloodline of the gods and devils, second only to the two gods of creation.

The sister of the Devil God and the first War God.

There was no need to explain how powerful these two were.

With Ouyang Huanyu’s intellect and powerful strength, his appearance was a nightmare.

This was the first time Ouyang Huanyu had displayed his true strength in public, and the display shocked everyone.

What Xiu was worried about was whether Shen Yanxiao ls mixed-race blo could be completely integrated.

As an experimental subject, Xiu believed that the bloodline Ouyang Huan used on Shen Yanxiao was the most powerful among all the races. Howev these powers were not innate to Shen Yanxiao. They were forcefully integ into her body, which was clearly different from natural mixed-race blooc

Shen Yanxiao’s God race bloodline had just awakened. Could she utilize tl power of the eight races to perfection?

Could she compete with Ouyang Huanyu?

Xiu could not be sure. In a sense, Ouyang Huanyu’s strength was enough compete with him and Satan. Even if he, Satan, and Ouyang Huanyu were fight, all of them would suffer heavy losses.

Ouyang Huanyu was definitely the most powerful mixed-race in history..

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