The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 1946 – Devilish Training (5)

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"It's too early to thank me. After you win against those embroidered pillows under Luoqiu, it won't be too late to thank me." Shen Yanxiao waved her hand. She didn't feel that she had done much. She just gave them a direction, and it was their own beliefs that kept them going.

"Mentor Yan Di, you stopped our training; is it to increase the weight on our bodies again?" A group of teenagers looked at Shen Yanxiao with their eyes shining.

What about hundred kilograms?!

They could still go on, come on!

Under Shen Yanxiao's mobilization, Zhanye and the rest of the students seemed to have been injected with chicken blood. Nevermind one hundred kilograms. Even if the weight on their bodies were to be increased by another fifty kilograms, they still dared to give it a try.

Looking at a group of clamoring undead teenagers, Shen Yanxiao laughed involuntarily.

"Mentor Yan Di, quick ah! Ten kilograms and twenty kilograms are not strong enough, forty more kilograms is also not good enough!

"Fifty kilograms! It should be no less than that! "

"Hurry ah! I feel like I'm full of strength right now!"

The wolf blood within the teenagers was boiling. They had completely forgotten their fatigue. For half a month, they unexpectedly gained such great progress, now they had nothing to fear!

"Calm down." Shen Yanxiao helplessly extended her hand to calm down the hyperactive teenagers.

"From now on, I will no longer add more load to your bodies. Instead, I want you all to take all the weight off your body now." Shen Yanxiao said.


At this moment, the hot-blooded teenagers were a little dumbfounded.

"Mentor Yan Di... We can still afford to…" The expressions of the teenagers were somewhat tangled. They did not seem to want to take off the loads on their bodies.

To be honest, since they started carrying these sandbags with them half a month ago, they had never separated from these things for twenty-four hours a day, even just for a second. Now, they were suddenly asked to take them down. They really had no idea how Shen Yanxiao would train them afterwards.

"Take it down now." Shen Yanxiao repeated.

Shen Yanxiao's insistence left the teenagers with no choice but to obey. They clenched their teeth and took the sandbags off their hands and legs one by one with their eyes filled with reluctance. It seemed that the sandbags had already become a part of their bodies; the eyes of some teenagers had turned red while taking them off.

Shen Yanxiao simply didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She just had them take off the load on their bodies. Was it really necessary for these brats to make such a scene as if their life and death depended on this?

After all the teenagers took the sandbags off their bodies, Shen Yanxiao pointed with her fingers.

"Now, go and run ten laps around the periphery for me. Use your fastest speed."

A group of teenagers blinked their eyes. Ten laps, such a number was a child's play to them; it was really not enough to fill the gap between their teeth.

It was not clear to them what exactly Shen Yanxiao had in mind. The undead teenagers could only line up and run madly.

However, as soon as they lifted their feet, they felt that things were not right!!!

Their weight seemed to disappear in an instant, and thy were more than three times faster than before.

What was called having a body as light as a swallow's? They really knew it now!

One by one, black shadows passed by at an incredible speed. Even they themselves found such an astonishing speed hard to believe.

All the teenagers spent only one third of their usual time to finish ten laps of high-speed running. Even until they completed the ten laps run, they still had not come back to their senses.

"This is my current speed?" Zhanye incredulously lowered his head, looking at his two legs. When he was running just now, he thought that his legs were not his own. This speed was simply so incredibly fast that it frightened people to death!

"I can run so fast?" Shile swallowed his saliva and found it hard to accept his newfound running speed.

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