The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 1947 – Devilish Training (6)

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Their speed went up to an extreme point, which greatly surprised the group of teenagers.

"Do you know what the difference is between you and that group of embroidered pillows under Luoqiu?" Shen Yanxiao looked at the shocked teenagers and asked with a laugh.

For a time, the teenagers were silent. No matter how much they had improved, they still thought in their hearts that there was a big gap between them and Naken's group.

"Your difference lies in your death energy. But in this coming competition, I don't need you to use death energy. I want you to use the skills you have accumulated over this period of time. Although death energy is strong, it takes a certain amount of casting time before one can launch an attack. Your current speed is the best way to counter the attacks of death energy. In the world of martial arts, being fast alone can enable you to win against your opponent." Shen Yanxiao earnestly said.

"When I dealt with Luoqiu before, you were on the scene. I was just a low undead with little death energy. On the other hand, Luoqiu was not only a pure undead, but also a powerful one. But what about that? I could still get close to him without much difficulty."

Shen Yanxiao's words let Zhanye and the others rekindle their hope.

That's right. When Shen Yanxiao dealt with Luoqiu that day, her ghost-like figure was imprinted in their hearts. Although Luoqiu's attack was fierce, Shen Yanxiao could easily escape and was even able to rush behind him in a very short time. If it weren't for Kehr appearing in time, it was likely that Luoqiu would have been knocked down by Shen Yanxiao that time.

With this in mind, they could not help imagining that if it were them, if they could also have the speed of Shen Yanxiao, then they would not be without the strength to fight back.

"The ones you are facing at this time are the students of Luoqiu. Their attacks are much slower than Luoqiu's. As long as you can calmly judge the direction of your enemy's attack and avoid it, you can use your speed to attack them up close." From the very beginning, Shen Yanxiao had no intention of letting Zhanye and the others fight with Luoqiu's students using death energy.

In this situation, it was a foolish practice to use one's own weaknesses to fight with the strength of others.

In the final analysis, death energy attacks were very similar to the attacks of human Magicians. Only a few of the undead would use physical skills to fight.

After the battle between gods and devils, the undead retreated to the Howling Abyss, where they had no chance to fight with other races, resulting in the dearth of abilities to deal with other kinds of attacks. Shen Yanxiao grasped this point and made a huge effort to produce a group of undead that could attack at melee range with swift strikes.

As long as her students got close to the opponents, Shen Yanxiao believed that it would be easy to kill the other party with their physical skills.

"In the next few days, I will give you the essentials of killing with one blow. I don't need you to carry out too many attacks. What I want you to do is to strike your opponents with a single blow, and that one strike will instantly make the other side lose its combat strength." Shen Yanxiao's mouth evoked a self-confident smile. In her past and present life, she was best at close-up attacks, and she knew very well the methods for dealing with long-range enemies.

What was more? Their goal this time was not an adult purebred undead, but a group of half-old teenagers.

Death energy attacks were powerful, but at such a close distance, if you want to save yourself, you have to attack physically, which was almost impossible for the young undead who had almost zero experience in actual combat.

"Kill with one blow..." Zhanye and the rest of the students sucked in a breath of air. These four words were engraved in each of their souls.

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