The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 2601 - Final Preparations (2)

Chapter 2601: Final Preparations (2)

The Barren Land ushered in the busiest climax in history.

Human beings and other races nally came together again after ten thousand years of separation.

There was a mixture of delight and surprise as all the races came together in this piece of land beneath

the sky.

Amid the excitement, a large number of foreign troops also entered the Barren Land. Lord War God made

all empty cities in the Barren Land available for the armies of all races so that these large troops were

eventually accommodated. Those upright soldiers with sharp blades, clad in military uniforms, marched

past like a gust to wake up all the human beings who had indulged themselves.

The arrival of the armies of all races meant that the war was about to begin.

Before long, the devil army would rush from the underworld to the Radiance Continent and plunge the

people into misery and suering!

In the City Lord Residence of The Rising Sun City, representatives of each major race were sitting in the


Handsome and elegant, the Elf King was like the bright moon in the night sky; the corners of his mouth

were raised into a smile as he sat on one side. Sitting opposite him was Mengmeng Qi, the King of the

dwarves, nodding at him with a gentle smile on his mouth.

There were also somewhat young and inexperienced youths in the group. One was a lad with light golden

eyes. He was the new generation Dragon Emperor of the Dragon Race, and also the eight-winged golden

dragon ghting alongside Yang Xi— Doudou… Another was a petite girl sitting on the same side as

Doudou. She sat awkwardly in the chair, clutching a trident in both hands. Her long blue hair hung on her

thin shoulders. It was Xi Yan, the new leader of the Merfolk.

Meanwhile, an undead, dressed in black, sat alone with his long legs crossed and his black cloak casually

draped over his chair behind him. He had a condescending attitude, as though the other four foreign

rulers present were not worth giving his attention to… It was Yaksha.

The leaders of the ve races gathered together, waiting for the only individual who could summon them

to wait here.

The leaders of the ve major races were all holding the life and death of one race in their hands. All of

them had a supreme existence. However, at this moment, they had reined in their pride, held back their

temper, and sat here quietly, waiting.

Suddenly, a gure came slowly from the back hall.

His whole body was donned in golden armor, his satin-like black hair was casually draped on his back, and

those dazzling golden eyes, like the sun, branded themselves in everyone’s soul.

“Lord War God!” The ve rulers, who had been waiting for a long time, immediately got up and greeted

the arrival of the War God, Di Xiu, in the most devout manner.

Xiu’s golden eyes slightly swept over the several individuals in the room before he went to sit at the lord’s


Shen Siyu and the Dragon God followed closely behind Xiu and sat on the chairs to the left and right of

Xiu, respectively.

Yaksha, Xi Yan, and the rest sat down one after another. They were waiting, waiting for Xiu to open his

mouth. They had been in the Barren Land for some time. They did not have much to do each day, aside

from continuing to train their army. Today, however, the War God sent people to each city to gather all

ve of them together. There must be something to discuss.

Xiu took a faint look at Shen Siyu.

Shen Siyu wryly smiled. This old guy… He really knew how to use people. Looked like he still had to talk.

“We’ve invited all of you here today to announce one thing.”

The ve rulers immediately focused their attention.

“Just three days ago, I sensed that the seal on the underworld entrance had been completely destroyed,

and now, the devils have no further obstacles to reach the Radiance Continent.” Shen Siyu, with a

dignied expression in his eyes, told the shocking news to the individuals present.

No one would question Shen Siyu’s perception. After all, it was his godhood that had sealed the

underworld entrance in those days!

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