The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 2602 - Final Preparations (3

Chapter 2602: Final Preparations (3

In an instant, everyone’s face turned pale.

The seal on the underworld entrance had been broken, and the devils would march straight in any time


The Radiance Continent was in danger!

For a long time, they had been mentally prepared to ght the Devil Race to the end, but when this day

really came, the shock in their hearts could not be described with any word.

War meant blood and death. Their clansmen, their relatives, and their friends would shed blood and tears

in this battle.

Victory begat life; defeat begat death.

They had no other choice!

“Has the Lord not returned yet?” Xi Yan looked up slightly, staring blankly ahead without focus.

Shen Siyu moved his lips. Shen Yanxiao had been away for three months and had still not come back.

Now that the seal of the underworld entrance had been broken, would she be returning?

Xiu’s downcast eyes suddenly lifted. His gaze went past the crowd and toward the entrance of the hall.

There, a dusty gure suddenly appeared, walking towards the hall step by step. There was a tired smile on

her face, and her cheeks were stained with dust. Even so, it couldn’t hide her beauty that was capable of

causing the downfall of a city.

Xiu’s hand clenched the handle of the chair and he resisted the impulse to rush over and hold her in his


Now was not the right time.

Shen Yanxiao had returned. She had returned from the underworld alive. Looking at the tired but

gratied smile on her face, Xiu knew that she must have completed her purpose in going there. From now

on, she would be the demon lord of the Barren Land, leading mankind to ght against the Devil Race

together with the rulers of the other races.

Seeing Shen Yanxiao’s return, all the people in the hall had dierent expressions.

Even though Xi Yan could not see, she was able to sense Shen Yanxiao’s approach. She was still young and

had no thought of anything else. She got up excitedly and rushed to Shen Yanxiao, directly throwing

herself on Shen Yanxiao’s arms.

“Elder sister!”

Shen Yanxiao looked at the young mermaid who threw herself into her arms, and the smile on her mouth

grew stronger.

She raised her hand and rubbed Xi Yan’s seaweed-like, curly long hair and whispered, “Xi Yan is a good

girl. Your elder sister has something very important to say to all of you. Go back and listen rst.”

Xi Yan nodded obediently.

Shen Yanxiao returned to the hall with Xi Yan. After Xi Yan was seated, Shen Yanxiao did not care about

her dusty appearance; she looked straight at the rulers of the ve races in the hall and said, “Everyone, I

have just returned from the underworld. Now, I have some news to tell you.”

As early as the arrival of the rulers of the ve major races, Xiu had already hinted that Shen Yanxiao was

not in the Radiance Continent, but had gone to the underworld.

Such a crazy move as sneaking into the underworld had never crossed their minds in the slightest, but

Shen Yanxiao actually did it. And not only had she done this, but now she had returned safely, without any


For this, even Yaksha, who was once close to the devils, was very surprised.

What method did Shen Yanxiao use to safely spend these three months in the territory of the devils?

This was a miracle!

“Good news or bad news?” The Elf King asked with a gentle voice. The girl in front of him was very

dierent from the one he had met in Moonlight City. The Elf King felt a very powerful force in her body.

In just a few years, she had undergone such earth-shaking changes!

Shen Yanxiao said slowly, “There is no good news. Everything I learned is the worst news for us.”

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